Atlas Weekly: December 27th (LAST ONE!)

Christmas in California - USA Travel

I can’t believe this is my last Atlas Weekly! I started these in the summer as a way to reflect on each week in detail, to track any progress I made, and to be able to look back on daily life for at least part of 2015. I hope you all have enjoyed these weekly updates as well and the little touch of insight they give into my life right now.

That’s not to say that these updates are going away completely, I’ll just be transferring them to the newsletter I’ve created for 2016. I figured it was about time to get on the MailChimp bandwagon, and I hope some of you will continue to follow along on the more personal side of my journey on there. You can sign up here if you’re interested!

This week was Christmas and thus involved a lot of quality family time. I was able to see my brother and his girlfriend, Sarah, and my papa (or grandpa for those not in my family), which was wonderful. I made vegan cookies with my mom and watched Elf, as well as 3 other movies that my sister got for Christmas. I received actual gifts under the tree, which I don’t think I’ve really had since the beginning of college – and it was so much fun having presents to open for the first time in a long time.

Xmas Time in Santa Cruz - The Atlas Heart

Xmas Time in Santa Cruz - The Atlas Heart

Before Christmas, I had the opportunity to work with an adorable local B&B called Adobe on Green. I stayed there for a couple nights, right near downtown Santa Cruz, and I’m looking forward to sharing with you my experience there!

Adobe on Green - Santa Cruz, California

I also met up with so many of my old friends around town. Rebecca who just moved back to Santa Cruz after going to school in New York City, and now has her own exciting travels coming up for 2016. My friends Ben & Brian from college who I both hadn’t seen for probably close to 3 years. Brian is finishing up his graduate studies back in San Diego, and Ben is teaching English in Japan. Today, I’m seeing one of my best friends from high school for burritos, Cat, who’s living in Washington D.C. and working the political realm. In a word, it has been awesome to be home.

Friend Meet-ups in Santa Cruz, California

Some of the more exciting gifts I received this year included two lenses for my iPhone, isn’t that crazy? They make lenses to put on your iPhone now, and they’re actually really cool. I have a wide lens and a macro one now, and I’m looking forward to trying both of them out on here and on Instagram.

I also received some new warm accessories, a scarf, gloves, and cute hat, that will be highly appreciated for my upcoming trip to Montana. I’m also ecstatic about the large amount of new books I have now! I haven’t been reading lately as much as I like due to how busy I’ve been, but for 2016 I really want to work on making this more of a priority. My goal going into 2015 was to read 30 books, which I fell very short of, but I’m hoping to at least read more than the paltry 16 that I read this year.

Xmas Time in Santa Cruz, California

I’m heading back to Portland tomorrow with a better mindset and a positive attitude. Sometimes all you need is a little home time to get back on track. This week I’ll be sharing with you some of my best and worst moments from 2015, and even a glimpse into what’s coming for next year.

Santa-Cruz, California Surfer Vibes

I’ll miss these little updates on my blog, but I’m excited for starting off my newsletter and bringing you all into my inner circle. Again, if you’re interested, please sign-up here for future personal anecdotes from me and new posts in your inbox.

Ciao, bella!

With <3,


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