A day in indie paradise: King Street

Newtown has quickly become one of my favorite places in Sydney, from the Newtown Festival last year to working in town once a week every Saturday at the most adorable cookies and milk cafe, there is so much to love about the suburban Newtown.

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It’s a touch of San Francisco, a mini Melbourne, and even a little bit of the San Diego suburb, North Park. Basically, it sums up some of my favorite places in the world, where there is art, a rampant open-mindedness and eccentric aspects abound, from fashion and street art to basic ideals.

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As Newtown is known as the hipster capital of Sydney (I like to call it artsy), I decided to take all my pictures via Instagram. I threw on my yoga pants, put on my hipster shoes, and plugged The xx in on my iPod to prepare myself for a day in indie paradise.

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The thing I love about Newtown is the amount of locally owned shops and boutiques that line King Street, the main street in the suburb. Some are expensive, some are tacky and cheap, and some are just the right amount of both where you can find hidden unique gems. Also, I didn’t realized until yesterday that one of my favorite discount stores in Melbourne, called Clear iT, has a store on King Street as well. If you like browsing through second hand stores, owl-themed cutesy boutiques, or grungy record stores and antique shops, Newtown is the place for you.

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Besides the shopping, the street art is what really first drew me to Newtown. What I loved so dearly about Melbourne is the amount of street art to be found down any given alley, and that awesome feeling of actually stumbling across one of the infamous artists in the process of their epic wall mural. Newtown is much the same, it’s an art jungle, brimming with educated, opinionated, and sarcastic indie folk.

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The food and cafe culture, similar to Melbourne, is phenomenal. Some of the best Thai, African, and Vietnamese places can be found on King Street, as well as most other cuisines you could possibly think of. During my day in Newtown, I enjoyed my first reference to a real Taco Tuesday since I’ve been in Australia, stuffing myself with $3 delicious fish tacos.


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I unfortunately haven’t had a chance to have a proper night out in Newtown yet, but I’ve only heard good things about the bar scene along King Street as a few of my coworkers live over there.

On Saturdays, I work at a cafe called Cookies + Milk in Newtown, we sell the best milkshakes and homemade cookies in town. I would highly recommend coming in to say hi if you’re ever in the area!

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