A Local’s Getaway: Gallatin River Lodge

A Local's Getaway - Gallatin River Lodge

On a stunning property next to the Gallatin River and just west of Bozeman, you’ll find the tucked away gem, Gallatin River Lodge. After Kendall and I spent our quick day around downtown Bozeman, we drove the short distance in the late afternoon to the winter hideaway and discovered one of the most beautiful spots of Southwest Montana in the process.

The Gallatin River Lodge is one of the highest rated hotels in the Bozeman area, and as we continued our time walking around the lodge and grounds, I could definitely see why.

Every room and cozy nook around the lodge struck me as the perfect writing spot, the perfect place to take a break from a busy life schedule.

Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana

Surprisingly, the lodge is most popular with Bozeman locals, for those couples who want to experience a romantic staycation only about 13 miles from home or have a nice dinner at the restaurant.

The Gallatin River Lodge even offers up a winter romance package that includes dinner for two, wine, lodging for one night, and breakfast for $275.

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The Room

As soon as I walked into the lodge, there was an immediate feeling of comfort. Leather chairs and stark wooden floors, a fireplace, and the classic taxidermy trophies I grew to expect in Montana establishments.

We met a friendly couple of women at the check-in counter who graciously offered to help us with our bags if needed and lead us to our room.

Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana

Our mouths stood agape as we walked into our room and took in our surroundings.

Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana

Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana

This was by far one of the fanciest hotels rooms I had stayed in, we even had our own jacuzzi, plush bathrobes, and fireplace in our room.

I’ve become partial to river views after my time in Montana, and our room at the Gallatin River Lodge had the perfect view out over the snowy landscape and not too far from the Gallatin River.

Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana

Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana


There were various amenities throughout the lodge that were at our disposal. As I mentioned before, some of the rooms have a built-in jacuzzi and fireplace.

The bath products were all BeeKind, which is not my favorite smelling beauty product (I find it smells too much like citrus Lysol cleaner), but I do appreciate their natural ingredients and sustainable practices as a company.

Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana

There was also the option for an in-room massage if I so desired, although I didn’t quite have the budget to add that on to our stay with personal massages starting at $110 an hour.

Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana

In addition to the room, the rest of the lodge had multiple lounge-type rooms to relax in. There was a library with chess out to play and actually good books to read.

The living room area downstairs near check-in was super comfy as well with the fireplace roaring next to leather chairs.

Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana

Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana

Fly Fishing

If there’s one fact that I took away from my time in Montana, it’s that I need to try fly fishing at least once in my life. It’s HUGE in Montana and the Gallatin River Lodge is known to offer some of the best guided tours in the state.

Whenever I’m back in the Bozeman area, I would love to try my hand at fly fishing in the Gallatin River, a popular spot for both tourists and locals who come to Southwest Montana.

Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana

My friend from California was joking the other day that when she comes up to Oregon every guy on Tinder has a picture of himself holding a large fish – I really wouldn’t be surprised if that was even more of the norm in Montana.


We made sure to eat at the restaurant for our one night at the lodge and it was an impressive feed with pork confit lettuce wraps as the starter and a melt-in-your-mouth Montana Wagyu burger for my main.

I also had the most amazing chocolate cheesecake experience of 2016 as my dessert.

Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana

What was great about the dining room was the view of the freshly fallen snow outside and the friendly service we received from our waitress. It’s a 5-star restaurant so expect the prices to be spendy but the food to be delicious. And even with the higher prices, the portion sizes didn’t suffer, they were just the right amount to fill us up fully.

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Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana

Breakfast comes free with accommodation and it’s held in the adjoining dining room that faces the front of the lodge. We could choose anything from the menu, so to celebrate our last day in Montana we went for the pancakes with fruit and orange juice.

It was just what we needed to start our long travel day back to Oregon.

Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana


The location of the Gallatin River Lodge is in a word, ideal. It’s situated just west of Bozeman, only about a 20 minute drive into town, and resides near the beautiful Gallatin River.

It’s also close to popular ski resorts Bridger Bowl and Big Sky Resort. The famous Yellowstone National Park is only about an hour and a half away.

Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana

There is also the option for horseback riding, hiking, white water rafting, zip lining, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, and even hot air balloon riding in the area as well.

If you’re into the outdoors at all, this lodge is a prime spot to stay at for access to all things nature-related.


The Gallatin River Lodge was probably the most relaxing and rejuvenating spot we could’ve found for our last night in Montana. I love boutique hotels that have their own personality but still represent the local culture, and the lodge had a perfect combination of both.

I also enjoyed how hidden away the property was in a highly attractive part of Montana, while still being relatively close to civilization and various activities.

Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana

With rooms starting at around $150/night it’s a place that’s more of a splurge (at least for my budget), but well priced with how much you get for your room, location, amenities, and the free breakfast in the morning. More that that, it’s a great place to indulge for a romantic getaway with a loved one or even a pampered girls weekend away.

It was hard not to love the Gallatin River Lodge, truly a local’s getaway in southwest Montana.

Click here if you want to check rates and current availability for Gallatin River Lodge

Note: Gallatin River Lodge generously hosted me for my stay, but all opinions, as always, are my own. 


A Local's Getaway: Gallatin River Lodge - Bozeman, Montana

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  1. WOW. That place is beautiful. There is just something about curling up by a fireplace with a good book that makes me happy (bonus points if you have that view!) As simple as that breakfast is, it looks so so good!

  2. I LOVE staying in cabins. I love even more that the cabin has an in lodge massage. My husband and I LOVE getting those together. The breakfast even looks fabulous. I can’t wait for us to move back to the states so I can travel here. It looks so beautiful.

    1. They’re awesome, right!? An in-lodge massage is pretty much the best thing ever, when I have more of a budget I will want to indulge in that at some point. I’m moving out of the States again at the end of this year so I’m trying to fit in as many travels as I can, it’s so much more of a versatile country than I ever realized when I was growing up here. You’ll have to check out Montana when you’re back, it’s a great state!

  3. Definitely a splurge, but it’s great to stay in a truly nice place once in a while! We usually stay in ultra-cheap Airbnb places, and on our last trip I was saying that sometime soon I want to splurge on an actual beautiful hotel. 🙂 Looks like it was a beautiful night away!

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