“He said, ‘Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it'” // Roald Dahl


My name is Mimi and I am a travel writer – you could also say, I’m a traveler who just happens to love oversharing through my love of writing.

The Atlas Heart - Sydney, Australia

I’ve always been passionate about a whirlwind amount of things, but never truly a master at anything. I find this works well for travel, to be elusive and quick on my feet, while always being interested in the next culture I come across.

There has been the constant presence of a wide-eyed glamorous view of the world since I was a little girl. I would check out every country specific book in the library for “light” reading during my tween and teen years, and look up at the sky to imagine it was me on that plane flying over me. You could say I’ve always been the dreamer type.

The first time I was able to travel abroad was when I was 18 and I had saved up enough to fund my own two week backpacking trip through Costa Rica.

Travel soon became the essence of what made life tick. 

Since then, I’ve traveled to 35 countries and lived abroad in 4 foreign cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington, Lisbon) and 2 islands on my own (Koh Lanta & Crete).

I focus on finding that little daily dose of beauty everywhere I go. I prefer slow travel when possible and I love seeing a culture through the eyes of a local. I also love craft beer – and if you give me enough of it, I may even sing you a serenade or two on the guitar.

I created The Atlas Heart not only to share my personal experiences around the world, but to inspire more adventurers to go out and see the world while they’re still young at heart. This is a community that’s meant to open up a discussion about travel, the world, and the basic aspects of what makes us human.

It’s about enjoying the best parts of life in your own unique way.


The Atlas Heart is open to company & brand collaborations in the form of guest posts, accommodation reviews, destination spotlights, tourism boards, advertising, and more! Make sure to check out my Work With Me page for more information, and email specific inquires to hello@theatlasheart.com

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