Best Allbirds Alternatives: 16 Cozy Shoes Like Allbirds

Allbirds Alternatives

Short on time? Our pick for the best alternative to Allbirds is Baabuk shoes.

If you love the comfort and sustainability of Allbirds, but you’re in the market for something different, this article is chock-full of the best Allbirds alternatives.

Allbirds is a San Francisco-based, New-Zealand-founded sustainable shoe brand beloved by travelers for their lightweight, super comfortable wool shoes.

Their sporty, athleisure-style shoes are not only made from renewable and recycled materials, but the company offsets their carbon footprint through its investments as well. 

Since being founded in 2014, Allbirds has been a trailblazer in the sneaker industry, focusing on quality and sustainably-made shoes that are affordable.

Although Allbirds are excellent shoes with many advantages, there are still a few reasons why you might seek out alternatives to Allbirds.

Perhaps you’re looking for something cheaper, or something warmer, or something with more support and durability. 

Maybe you love Allbirds’ carbon-neutral business model, but you’re looking for a slightly different aesthetic. 

Whatever it might be, we’ve put together the ultimate list of the best Allbirds alternatives that fit any budget or sneakerhead style.

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Main Pros and Cons of Allbirds

Before we launch into the best Allbirds alternatives, let’s run through some of the main pros and cons of Allbirds.

Main Pros

Main Pros and Cons of Allbirds

Eco-Friendly and High-Quality

Allbirds is committed to making top-quality shoes with minimal environmental impact. 

Allbirds shoes are made from entirely sustainable materials: luxurious merino wool, moisture-wicking eucalyptus fiber, laces made from recycled plastic bottles, and TrinoXO™, a fabric made from discarded snow crab shells. 

The company also invests in environmental initiatives to offset its carbon footprint, making each pair of shoes carbon neutral. 

For instance, in 2020, they helped fund Capricorn Ridge Wind, which develops wind energy to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

They also funded Sichuan Clean Cookstoves, which grants energy-efficient stoves to low-income families in China. And that’s just to name a couple.

Every aspect of their operation has the environment in mind, from packaging and shipping to how their products will biodegrade after they’ve worn out. 

Lightweight Construction and Streamlined Design

Avid travelers love Allbirds because they’re super light and flexible. They can easily slip into carry-on luggage without packing on a bunch of extra pounds. 

Their sleek design eliminates the clunky bells and whistles that other sneakers sometimes have.

No Socks Required

I have to admit, I hate wearing socks. I’m always on the go, and I love a shoe that I can quickly slip on as I’m running out the door. 

Allbirds are specifically designed for people like me. They’re breathable and made with moisture-wicking fabric that keeps your feet from getting sweaty, even without socks.


With inserts constructed from castor bean-based foam and merino wool cushioning, Allbirds are ultra-comfortable. 

Not only that, but the breathable material keeps your feet dry and at a comfortable temperature, making them some of the most comfortable wool shoes on the market. 

Machine Washable

Sneakers can collect a lot of dirt, especially if you’re wearing them all the time. Unfortunately, many sneakers are made with glue that deteriorates in a washing machine, causing them to fall apart.

That’s not the case with Allbirds. 

Allbirds can withstand a run through the rinse cycle and won’t shrink as long as you wash them in cold water and let them air dry.

This is a huge plus for people who don’t want to worry about getting their sneakers permanently dirty or smelly. 

Main Cons

Disadvantages of Allbirds

Don’t Always Come in Half Sizes

Most Allbirds don’t come in half sizes, including their most popular styles.

This means that it might be difficult for some people to find a perfect fit unless they’re going for the Allbirds Tree Breezers, Allbirds Tree Dashers, Allbirds Wool Dasher Mizzles, or Allbirds Trail Runners SWT.

Mesh Stains and Some Styles That Rip Easily

Even though they’re marketed to be highly durable, the eucalyptus fiber mesh of the Allbirds Tree Runners, for instance, is prone to tearing and staining.

So, they might not be the best investment for zealous walkers who like to explore more rugged paths, especially if you’re going for a lighter color.

With that said, Mimi, our founder at The Atlas Heart, has taken her Tree Runners all over the Bay Area for the past year and a half and hasn’t had any tears or stains yet.  

Read her full review of Allbirds Tree Runners and Allbirds Tree Runners vs Wool Runners.

No Entirely Waterproof Options

Allbirds offers one water repellent style – the Mizzle – but water repellent is not the same as waterproof. 

The Mizzle holds up in light rain but might not be the best in heavy rain or snow. 

If you live in a particularly wet and cold climate, you may want to look at some Allbirds competitors that sell fully waterproof options.

Price Tag

Allbirds are pretty reasonably priced, considering their commitment to superior materials and sustainable practices. 

That said, they still aren’t exactly cheap, with their most inexpensive styles starting at $98. 

For young backpackers and travelers on a tight budget, one-hundred-dollar shoes might not be a great fit. 

Luckily, this article is packed with more economical Allbirds alternatives if you’re on a tighter budget!

Only Moderate Support

If you have particularly high arches or other foot problems, even Allbirds’ foam rubber sole and cushioned insert might not be enough for you. 

If that’s the case, you might want to take advantage of the removable inserts in Allbirds and replace them with a more supportive option. 

Or, you might just want to look into getting similar shoes to Allbirds that have more built-in support.

Sporty Aesthetics Might Not Fit Everyone’s Tastes

Allbirds are designed to be worn every day, but the Tree Runner, Wool Runner, Tree Dashers, and the Mizzle have a distinct casual sneaker look. 

Depending on your personal style, this may or may not go with what you already have in your wardrobe.

If you love Allbirds’ sustainable practices but you’re looking for an alternative that will blend better with your fashion sense, read on for our favorites below. 

Shoes Like Allbirds (My Top 3 Recommendations)

Baabuk Shoes

Baabuk Shoes

Baabuk shoes and Allbirds shoes share a whole lot in common. 

First off, they’re both certified B-Corporations. This means they’ve met a rigorous list of criteria to be considered a company that uses their business for the good of humanity. 

And like Allbirds shoes, Baabuk shoes are made of wool. In fact, Allbirds and Baabuk are considered the two best wool shoes on the market these days.

Baabuk’s founders were inspired by traditional Russian felted booties, and they source their wool from New Zealand and Portugal.

The wool upper in their shoes is naturally water-resistant, breathable, and machine washable. 

And, thanks to a merino wool lining, Baabuk shoes are intended to be worn without socks. Pricewise, they’re also pretty comparable.

Baabuk shoes, however, have a slightly different look than Allbirds shoes.

They have a squared-off sole that doesn’t extend past the heel, which makes them less sporty-looking compared to the Allbirds Tree Runners. And their styles as a whole look more like skate shoes or traditional sneakers.

With Baabuk, you’re getting similar materials and the ethical advantages of Allbirds in an aesthetic that may suit your personal style better. 

Woolloomooloo Shoes

Woolloomooloo Shoes

Wool is an excellent material for sustainable footwear because it’s 100% renewable, cruelty-free, and biodegradable. 

Woolloomooloo is yet another company that realizes this, making ethically-manufactured shoes made from wool. 

What sets Woolloomooloo shoes apart is the knitted wool upper in their shoes. 

Rather than felting or creating a tight-weave wool fabric, Woolloomooloo digitally knits their merino wool in a more open weave. This gives the wool fabric superior softness, flexibility, and a comfy, sweater-like look.

Woolloomooloo offers limited styles: a running shoe called The Belmont and a slip-on laceless wool sneaker they call The Suffolk.

The Belmont looks like a cross between the Allbirds Mizzles and the Allbirds Tree Runners

It has all the advantages of the wool Mizzles, but the breathable mesh of the Tree Runners, so they’re a good choice if you can’t decide between the two shoes.

Woolloomooloo shoes are all about wool, all the time. Not only do they have a merino wool outer, but also a merino wool lining. 

Even the insole is made from wool, and it’s designed by an orthopedic surgeon with maximum arch support in mind. 


Giesswein Shoes

Giesswein offers a wide variety of wool shoes with some striking similarities to Allbirds. 

Giesswein shoes come in many different styles, including runners, sneakers, wool-knit, sports shoes, and high tops.

The color and style options for their wool shoes are vast; the runners come in 21 different shades to give you an idea. 

Geisswein also makes runners out of eucalyptus fiber, just like Allbirds Tree Runners

Then Giesswein goes above and beyond. 

In addition to wool sneakers and wool sports shoes, they also make sneakers from vegan cactus leather, which has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any manufacturing material. 

With a padded anti-blister heel, Giesswein shoes can also be worn without socks, similar to Allbirds.

Additionally, Giesswein offers flats made from recycled plastic that has been knitted into a 3D stretch material. 

So if Allbirds feel limited to you, Giesswein might be what you’re looking for. They offer a wide variety of styles made from creative and sustainable materials. 

The prices are comparable to Allbirds, if perhaps a little higher. Still, their variety of choices leaves competitors in the dust.

Other Shoes Like Allbirds


Kyrgies Shoes

Kyrgies interpret wool shoes in a different direction. These aren’t running shoes, nor are they sports shoes. 

Rather than look toward new technology to create sustainable manufacturing practices, they look to the past. 

Kyrgies uses ancient felting techniques to craft soft, all-wool slippers and shoes. 

If your aesthetic is more natural, hippie-bohemian than sporty and clean-cut, then Kyrgies shoes might be for you.

Kyrgies are also artisan-made by hand in Kyrgystan, and they’re a zero-waste and carbon-neutral company. 

They’re a member of 1% for the Planet, which, in their own words, “brings dollars and doers together to accelerate smart environmental living.” 

A portion of their profits goes to One Tree Planted, an organization that plants one tree for every dollar donated in places that have been devastated by forest fires. 

And they go one step further: every product page on their website includes a button to quickly donate $1 to either One Tree Planted or to the International Rescue Committee to support Afghan refugees. For every dollar you donate, Kyrgies matches that donation. 

In terms of Kyrgies shoes, there are about ten different style options for men and women, ranging from soft slippers to hard-bottomed walking shoes. Their most affordable option retails for $59. 

So if you’re looking for something with a more natural, old-world style, Kyrgies shoes are a great way to help save the planet while enjoying the benefits of wool footwear.


Nootkas Shoes

Perhaps you’re not in the market for walking or running shoes. Maybe you’re just looking for something comfortable, cozy, and sustainable to keep your feet warm at home. 

If that’s the case, Nootkas shoes might be what you’re looking for. 

Nootkas makes just one style of slide slippers for men, which comes in seven earthy color options. 

For women, there are more choices with slippers offered in nine different colors. There are also house shoes with more heavy-duty soles available in heather grey. 

Like Allbirds, Nootkas slippers and shoes are made from merino wool, so they’re eco-friendly and offer the same temperature control and moisture-wicking benefits. 

As a bonus, if you’re on a budget, all of Nootka’s offerings are under $100.

Emu Australia Barkly Shoes

Emu Australia Barkly Shoes

If you’re looking for shoes like Allbirds with a lower price point, then Emu Australia’s Barkly shoes are a great pick. 

These shoes are visually very similar to Allbirds Wool Mizzles, but at $69.95, they’re just over half the price.

Barkly shoes are a merino wool style with a supportive memory foam insole that has been anatomically formed to fit your feet. Similar to Allbirds, they’re also super comfortable. 

The downside is that they only come in black and grey and there aren’t any half sizes. 

However, if you’re looking for Allbirds alternatives that won’t break the bank, the Barkly shoes could be the way to go.

LeMouton Classic Women’s Wool Shoe

LeMouton Classic Women's Wool Shoe

LeMouton Classic Women’s Shoe is a minimalist wool runner with a synthetic rubber sole for excellent traction. 

These shoes are a somewhat simplified design compared to Allbirds. Still, they offer an excellent alternative to Allbirds at a slightly lower price. 

When comparing LeMouton vs Allbirds, they’re pretty similar shoes. The main difference is LeMouton is slightly lower quality compared to Allbirds. 

In terms of options, LeMouton shoes come in 10 different colors, all of which are heathered. 

Allbirds Women’s Tree Runners also come in ten different colors. Still, LeMouton provides some additional shades that aren’t available from Allbirds. 

LeMouton shoes range in price, but all come in at a lower price point than Allbirds shoes. 

206 Collective Women’s Tracy Shoes

206 Collective Women's Tracy Shoes

The Women’s Tracy Shoes from 206 Collective is the perfect pair of shoes if you’re looking for an Allbirds shoe alternative on a very tight budget. 

With that said, some disadvantages come with the Tracy shoe. 

Color options are pretty basic; they’re only available in black, charcoal, and grey. 

They’re also not made with 100% wool but a blend of wool, polyester, viscose, nylon, and other fibers. 

This detracts from wool’s moisture-wicking capabilities and therefore isn’t a great option for people who want to go sockless or who tend to get sweaty feet. 

Lastly, the outer sole is made from synthetic rubber, so you’re also losing out on the sustainability features that a pair of Allbirds boasts. 

However, the 206 Collective Tracy Shoes are comfortable and stylistically similar for half the price, so they’re an ideal option if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Allbirds shoes. 

Ad Tec Lightweight Fleece Merino Wool Shoes

Ad Tec Lightweight Fleece Merino Wool Shoes

Ad Tec offers an excellent option for those who are looking to save money on an Allbirds alternative. 

Their casual, lightweight wool runner is made out of 100% merino wool from Australia. 

This means it has the same moisture-wicking, temperature regulating, and odor management capabilities as Allbirds shoes. 

The Ad Tec Lightweight Fleece Merino Wool Shoes come in a limited range of black, charcoal, grey, and blue. 

And like Allbirds, half sizes aren’t available. But the good news is that the black option, especially, is very affordable. 

So if you’re looking for Allbirds alternatives that won’t break the bank and still deliver the benefits of pure wool, the Ad Tec shoe is an ideal choice.

Urban Fox Men’s Parker Wool Sneakers

Urban Fox Men's Parker Wool Sneakers

Urban Fox offers yet another budget-friendly Allbirds substitute. 

Like many inexpensive shoes similar to Allbirds, these Urban Fox Parker Wool Sneakers don’t have many colors to choose from. Additionally, the manufacturing practices aren’t quite as eco-friendly. 

The upper is made from a wool blend with some polyester, and the foam rubber sole is synthetic rather than made from sugar cane. 

On the plus side, the Parker Wool Sneakers are stylish look-alikes that boast a high comfort level. And at such a low price, they’ll fit into even the tightest budget.

Clarks Step Urban Mix Sneakers

Clarks Step Urban Mix Sneakers

If your criteria for Allbirds alternatives is primarily aesthetic, then Clarks Step Urban Mix Sneakers are a solid option. 

These sporty running shoes boast features such as a knitted fabric upper and an impact-absorbing rubber sole. 

Although the material isn’t wool, it’s breathable, comfortable, and flexible. 

Their design is also slightly more dressy-looking than your typical athleisure shoe. And, in addition to the standard black and grey, they come in a lot of interesting but muted colors like blue-grey and olive. 

And unlike most Allbirds, Clarks are available in half sizes and come in at a much more affordable price. 

Sperry Men’s Striper II CVO Wool Plaid Sneaker

Sperry Men's Striper II CVO Wool Plaid Sneaker

Stylewise, the Sperry Striper Sneakers go in a different direction than most Allbirds shoes.

However, they’re very similar to Allbirds Wool and Tree Pipers with a style that closely resembles Vans or other skate shoes. 

But unlike those other sneakers, they’re made from 100% wool and come in a unique brown plaid, with a padded collar and rawhide laces.

Sperry Striper Sneakers are an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a similar style to the Allbirds Loungers and want to enjoy the benefits of 100% wool shoes at a lower cost. 

Hihuhu Merino Wool Sneakers

hihuhu Merino Wool Sneakers

The Hihuhu Sneakers feature a woven 100% merino wool upper that’s super soft. 

What’s unique about this wool fabric is that it looks like sweatshirt material. And, since these shoes are made of wool, they’re washable and can be worn without socks.

This pair of shoes is available in seven attractive colors, including pink and sky blue. 

They also offer both men’s and women’s sizes but, unfortunately, they don’t offer half sizes. 

Unlike most other shoes similar to Allbirds available on Amazon, the Hihuhu Sneakers are entirely eco-friendly. 

The foam rubber soles are produced from materials such as castor bean oil and recycled plastic bottles. 

Even the packaging is made from recycled cardboard, so you can still do good for the planet if you choose this alternative. 

Although they don’t offer a very deep discount, they’re slightly cheaper than Allbirds.

Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

The Adidas Cloudfoam Running Shoes feature two main advantages over Allbirds running shoes. 

First of all, they’re available in a whopping twenty-five different color combinations. 

And, coupled with their low price, these shoes are a solid option for someone looking to save money and explore more choices. 

The downside to these shoes is that they’re made with all synthetic materials, so there is nothing particularly eco-friendly about them. However, the mesh fabric is pretty breathable and flexible. 

Lastly, these shoes provide a similar look to Allbirds, and they’re made by a trusted and well-known brand. Their cushy, memory foam insole is an added bonus.

Wildling Shoes

Wilding Shoes
Photo credit: Wildling Shoes/Sandra Chiolo

If you’re looking for other brands like Allbirds with ethical and sustainable practices, you might want to check out Wildling Shoes: a German company with a unique philosophy. 

Wildling believes that the typical shoe shape constricts the muscles in the feet and can lead to poor foot health. 

Their shoes are shaped so that they mimic being barefoot. Thus, the foot muscles are free to move and exercise more naturally. 

Beyond being a foot-friendly company, Wildling is also an eco-friendly one. They use a wide range of sustainable materials, including wool, cotton, cork, linen, and hemp. 

Wildling also specifically supports landscape preservation projects by sourcing their materials from them.

They also deliver when it comes to variety; Wildling carries many different styles of shoes and interesting colors like “elderberry” and “fir.” 

The company makes runners, but also sneakers, boots, and even sandals. Their shoes come in European sizes and they carry shoes for women, men, and children. 

Fine craftsmanship and high-quality, sustainable materials do come at a price, however. Their cheapest shoes are around $90, and prices range up to roughly $175. 

But the advantages for the planet make both Wildling (and Allbirds) worth the cost.

8000 Kicks

8000 Kicks

Among the many companies like Allbirds, 8000 Kicks stand out. Their shoes are similar to Allbirds, but instead of wool, they’re made from hemp fibers. 

Their $130 price tag is reasonable when you consider all the beneficial features they brag about. Most notably, the fact that their shoes are both waterproof and breathable. 

Hemp is a renewable resource that grows quickly. It also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which means a hemp shoe stays smelling fresh. Hemp, like wool, is also naturally temperature regulating.

8000 Kicks shoes are sustainable all the way down to their foam rubber soles. The foam is made from algae blooms, which are harmful to the ocean. By turning the algae into shoes, it’s removed from the environment. 

These shoes only come in one style, and the construction is the same for both men and women. 

There are seven colors to choose from, including some interesting color options like light green. But, similar to most Allbirds shoes, they don’t come in half sizes.

Which Shoes Are the Most Comparable to Allbirds?

Which Shoes Are the Most Comparable to Allbirds

Whatever your shoe needs are, have no fear. I’ve narrowed it down to my two favorites that are worthy contenders for the top Allbirds alternative.

My choice for the best budget option is the Hihuhu Merino Wool Sneakers. They’re admittedly not as cheap as some other low-cost alternatives. Still, they don’t compromise sustainability in return for a discount. 

With that said, the company that’s the most similar to Allbirds would have to be Baabuk

Not only do they use natural, recycled, and renewable materials in their shoemaking, but Baabuk reinvests its money into projects that benefit the world.  

Conclusion: Which Shoes are the Best Allbirds Alternative?

Conclusion Which Shoes are the Best alternative to allbirds

Now is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Who’s the overall winner?

Ultimately, Baabuk shoes are the best alternative. As a company, and in terms of their environmental practices, they have the most in common. 

When you buy a pair of Baabuks, you know you can feel good about that purchase and about how you’re contributing to the world around you.

Baabuk has a little bit of everything: they use new technology and forward-thinking philosophy, drawing upon culture, history, and traditional techniques.

Plus, they’re stylish shoes similar to Allbirds that are around the same price point and quality (if not a little higher quality).


Elina Ansary

Elina Ansary

Elina Ansary is a writer, visual artist, and avid traveler. She grew up in San Francisco, CA, and spent her childhood camping up and down Northern California. These days, she visits artist residencies around the world and has lived in Amsterdam, Australia, and now Brooklyn, NY.

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