Allbirds Tree Breezers Review: My Thoughts on Allbirds Flats

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TL;DR: After testing the Allbirds Tree Breezers for 3 years, I highly recommend them if you’re looking for comfortable, sustainable flats at a reasonable price. Here are the key takeaways from my Allbirds Tree Breezers review:

  • These are extremely comfortable flats crafted from breathable materials, including merino wool and eucalyptus fiber.
  • The toe box felt slightly narrow at first, but the knit upper molded well to my feet.
  • They’re one of my favorite flats because of the unparalleled comfort and eco-friendly construction.

I’ve tested out quite a few ballet flats at this point. From Tieks to Rothy’s and even Birdies slippers, I’ve spent the past few years looking for the perfect pair of flats. 

The reason for this is that ballet flats are my go-to type of shoes for nicer outfits or for dressing up my casual WFH wear. 

As a 5’10 woman who often travels, heels aren’t all that practical or enticing to me. Flats have always been my way of looking put together without needing to pack bulky heels or add even more height to a frame that doesn’t need it. 

So, when Allbirds released their version of flats a few years ago, I was intrigued. I finally bought myself a pair four months ago to test them out for myself and to see if they compared to some of my other favorite flats. 

This is my honest review of the Allbirds Tree Breezers and whether I think they’re better or as good as other flats on the market (believe me, I’ve pretty much tried them all by this point). 

review of Allbirds Tree Breezers

Allbirds Tree Breezers Review: My Experience With Allbirds Flats

My Experience With Allbirds Flats


Cozy comfort and built-in support

A huge plus to the Allbirds Breezers (that can’t be said for a lot of other flats) is that they’re extremely comfortable. 

One aspect that makes these flats so comfortable is the stretchy knit material that fits naturally to your foot. Another is the soft ZQ merino wool insoles that provide decent arch support. They’re easily some of the comfiest flats I’ve worn. Ever.  

Sustainably made

As with all Allbirds shoes, the Tree Breezer ballet flat is sustainably made. 

The Breezers are mostly made from eucalyptus tree fiber. The removable insoles are made from merino wool and layered castor bean oil, which is an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based foam. 

And if that’s not enough, the shoes also come in a recycled cardboard shoebox with no plastic in sight! 

If you care about purchasing eco-friendly shoes and supporting companies that care about sustainability and the environment, you really can’t go wrong with Allbirds. 

Reasonably priced

Although price can be subjective to the buyer, based on the quality of Allbirds ballet flats and comparing them to other flats on the market, they’re very reasonably priced at $98. 

When you look at other quality flats like Tieks and Rothy’s, you’ll notice their price tags are quite a bit higher, anywhere from $25-$80 or more. And honestly, Allbirds flats feel more durable than Rothy’s, even though they’re less expensive.  

Stylish and versatile 

Allbirds Tree Breezers flats have a simple and elegant shape. I especially love that the toe area extends further up than most flats so you don’t get that weird toe crack showing. 

And because the knit material around the shoe is stretchy, the shoes really look like a snug glove for your feet. 

Because of their simple design (and the fact that they mostly come in neutral colors), they’re also very versatile. I bought the Jet Black color and I can literally wear them with anything in my closet. 

Machine washable

Similar to being eco-friendly, being machine washable is another feature that all Allbirds shoes share. 

Regardless, it’s still a major pro, especially for flats – a style of shoe that’s often not machine washable. 

The Tree Breezers are easy to throw into the wash, even easier than other Allbirds styles since they don’t have laces. 

With the moisture-wicking and odor-reducing insole and dark color of my Allbirds flats, I haven’t had to wash them yet. However, I’ve washed two other pairs of Allbirds and it’s always a nice feature to keep the shoes looking fresh and clean. 


Allbirds flats cons

The toe box is a little narrow 

And now onto the cons! The most apparent con of Allbirds flats is the narrow toe box. As I mentioned above, I love the shape of these shoes, but they get a little more narrow than I would like at the toe box. 

Luckily, the knit material is pretty stretchy, but my toes sometimes still feel a bit cramped. I don’t have particularly wide feet, they’re average width, so it’s not so uncomfortable that I’m in pain or can’t wear the shoes. However, I usually like a little more wiggle room in my flats.  

Mostly come in neutral colors 

I love bright and bold footwear. Unfortunately, Allbirds flats don’t come in a lot of colors and the colors they DO come in are often neutral. 

You’ll sometimes find bolder colors in their limited edition styles, but not always. The good thing about this is that it makes the shoes naturally versatile, but it’s nice to have more color pop options too.  

I decided to lean into the versatility aspect and went with the classic Jet Black color so I could wear them with everything. It’s always good to have a pair of comfortable black flats on hand! 

Allbirds Tree Breezers Sizing Tips, Fit & How They Should Feel

Allbirds Tree Breezers Sizing Tips, Fit & How They Should Feel

How Does Allbirds Tree Breezers Sizing Work? Should I Size Up or Down?

When it comes to the Allbirds Tree Breezers fit, I found the shoes to be true to size. I’m usually a size 10 in women’s, which is what I ordered and they fit perfectly straight out of the box. 

As I mentioned above, the toe box is a little narrow, but if I had gone a half size up, they would’ve been slipping off and slightly too big. 

With that said, some other Allbirds flats reviews I’ve come across on the internet have claimed that these shoes run slightly small. So, if you’re in between sizes, you could probably size up. 

One nice thing about the Breezers is that they come in half sizes so you can usually get the exact size you need. 

But if you’re unsure, Allbirds has a fantastic and easy-to-use return and exchange policy, so you can always order two pairs and send back the one that doesn’t fit as well. 

Do Allbirds Flats Stretch?

Allbirds flats conform well to the shape of your foot, but do they also stretch? Although the eucalyptus tree fiber around the shoes is stretchy, the hard outsole isn’t. 

The outsole is mostly on the bottom of the shoe, but it travels up to the mid-point of the toes as well. This means there’s not as much stretch in the toe area, which is arguably where the shoes could use more stretch with the more narrow design. 

This is all to say that the shoes are stretchy in the sense that they conform to your feet, but if you’re hoping a too-small pair will stretch to eventually fit better, I wouldn’t count on it.  

How Should Allbirds Tree Breezers Fit When I Try Them on?

The Tree Breezers should fit like a glove when you try them on. Especially with the stretchiness of the knit fiber, these should feel like a “perfect” fit (or as close to it as possible) when you slip them on. 

Flats are a style of shoe that naturally has less flexibility than most in terms of needing to have the perfect fit. If you go slightly too big, you won’t have laces to help keep the shoes on and you’ll likely get blisters from slipping heels. If you go too small, you’ll be in pain from cramped feet. 

Are Allbirds Tree Breezers Comfortable?

Yes, they’re some of the comfiest flats I’ve owned. You just can’t beat merino wool. I also love that the Breezers have arch support, a rarity for ballet flats. 

How Long Does it Take to Break in Allbirds Tree Breezers?

My Breezers fit great right out of the box without any break-in period needed. 

Do Allbirds Tree Breezers Provide Enough Support?

Are Allbirds Tree Breezers Good For High Arches?

Allbirds flats have decent arch support with their castor bean oil insole, so they should work well for most people with high arches. However, if you need more support, you can always remove the insoles that come with the shoes and buy heavier duty ones. 

Are Allbirds Tree Breezers Good for Wide Feet?

I wouldn’t recommend the Breezers for people with wide feet. These shoes have a regular width, but with the narrow shape of the toe box, I wouldn’t recommend them for wider feet.   

Are Allbirds Tree Breezers Good for Narrow Feet?

With the flexible knit fiber that conforms to your feet, the Breezers should work well for narrow feet. They might even be more comfortable for people with narrow feet since the toe box is on the narrow side. 

Can You Wear Allbirds Tree Breezers With Bunions?

Yes, you should be able to wear the Tree Breezers with bunions. With where bunions are usually located (at the base of your big toe), they should line up with the stretchy material of the shoes that have more give. 

Allbirds Versatility and How to Style Your Allbirds Tree Breezers

Allbirds Versatility and How to Style Your Allbirds Tree Breezers

How to Style Your Allbirds Flats

Do You Wear Socks With Allbirds Flats?

You don’t have to wear socks with Allbirds flats. In fact, the castor bean insole is lined with merino wool, which is naturally moisture-wicking and odor-reducing. This keeps the shoes from getting smelly, even after wearing them without socks. 

And if they do get smelly, they’re easy enough to through into the wash. I personally love wearing the Tree Breezers without socks because the merino wool is so cozy on my bare feet. 

Choosing the Right Allbirds Tree Breezers Color For You

As I mentioned above, the Tree Breezers mostly come in neutral colors. Sometimes there are one or two brighter colors that come out as a limited edition style, but, in general, you’ll mostly have earth tones and muted colors to choose from. 

I went with the Jet Black Tree Breezers because I knew I could pair them with anything in my wardrobe. Darker colors are also better if you’re worried about dirt showing. 

With that said, to determine the right Tree Breezers color for you, I’d recommend taking a look at your wardrobe first and foremost. 

Since these are super comfy flats, they’re good as an everyday flat. Pick a color you like but also one that will go with the majority of your outfits if you plan to wear these shoes all the time. 

Allbirds Tree Breezers Durability

Allbirds Tree Breezers Durability

How is the Quality of Allbirds Tree Breezers?

The Breezers are made from high-quality, ethically sourced, and sustainable materials. Although I’ve only had my Breezers for four months now, they’ve held up well to regular use and relatively long walks. 

They still look as good as new and haven’t lost their shape in any way. The insoles are also still in great shape, even the “Allbirds” label hasn’t rubbed off yet. 

How Long do Allbirds Tree Breezers Last?

This always depends on how often and how long you walk in them, but, in general, you should expect the Tree Breezers to last for at least a year or two, if not more. 

How do you Prevent Getting Holes in Allbirds Tree Breezers?

The Tree Breezers are most likely to get holes in the washing machine, so the best way to prevent this is to make sure they’re protected in a cloth bag. 

If your Breezers start looking a little thin from wearing them a lot, trusty Moleskin on the inside of the shoe where it’s getting worn is also a good bet. 

How to Wash Allbirds Tree Breezers

You can wash the Breezers like you do any other Allbirds shoes. Just take out the insoles (you can wash these by hand), put them in a cloth bag to protect them, and run them through the gentle cycle with a very small amount of detergent. Once they’re done in the washer, let them air dry, and voila! 

Where to Buy Allbirds Tree Breezers

Allbirds is a direct-to-consumer brand, meaning they don’t use any middleman marketplaces to sell their shoes, like Amazon or Nordstrom. Because of this, the only place to buy Allbirds is at one of their brick-and-mortar stores or their online store.  


FAQs About Allbirds Tree Breezers

What are the Tree Breezers made of?

The Tree Breezer is an eco-friendly ballet flat made from eucalyptus tree fiber, castor bean oil, and merino wool.

One of my favorite things about Allbirds is that they’re very conscientious about their materials.

Allbirds has a B-Corp Certification, the highest standard of transparency and accountability.

For example, the merino wool in Allbirds comes from New Zealand, but the shoes are manufactured in Italy and the company’s headquarters are now located in San Francisco.

Where are the Tree Breezers made?

Allbirds merino wool comes from New Zealand and the textiles are crafted near Milan, Italy. Then the shoes are hand assembled in Busan, South Korea and some materials come from partnering WRAP-certified factories in China.

If you’re curious about Allbirds manufacturing practices, you might also be interested in their new project: the first net-zero carbon shoe.

Allbirds has a track record of responsible sourcing and they just released groundbreaking designs for the pring 2024 M0.0NSHOT shoe. Their goal is to push the fashion industry to create more net-zero carbon products.

Do Allbirds Tree Breezers get smelly?

With their odor-reducing and moisture-wicking insoles, Allbirds Tree flats rarely get smelly. I haven’t noticed any kind of smell from my pair of Allbirds flats yet, even after wearing them for four months. 

Are Allbirds flats waterproof?

Allbirds flats aren’t waterproof. If you’re looking for water-resistant shoes from Allbirds, you can check out their Mizzles. Otherwise, we have a whole guide to the best waterproof walking shoes for women

Do Allbirds ever go on sale? 

You might be wondering about Allbirds discounts or Allbirds coupons. I’m sorry to say that Allbirds shoes rarely go on sale. 

They had a Cyber Monday sale last year but it’s unclear if that will happen again in future years. Some styles go on sale for a short amount of time, like the Allbirds Dashers right now, but this seems to happen randomly.  

Conclusion: Are Allbirds Tree Breezers Worth it?

Conclusion: Are Allbirds Tree Breezers Worth it?

As you can probably tell from this Allbirds flats review, I’ve been loving my Breezers since I purchased them four months ago. I’ve honestly never owned a more comfortable pair of flats. 

The merino-wool-lined insole in these shoes not only provides cozy comfort, but enough arch support that I’ve been able to go on long walks in these (although I still use my Allbirds Tree Runners, Wool Runners, and Dashers as my main walking shoes). 

The only downside to the Breezers is the slightly narrow toe box, which might be a problem if you have wider feet. Although I wish the toe box was wider, it hasn’t interfered all that much with the overall comfort of these shoes, which is still top-notch. 

Add on top of that the eco-friendly nature and reasonable price of these shoes, and it’s hard to compete with the Tree Breezers (Rothy’s flats, although also a sustainable pair of shoes, ain’t got nothing on the Breezers). 

So, if you’re wondering whether the Breezers are worth it, I’d have to give an enthusiastic yes. These may be my favorite pair of flats yet. 


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