And my favorite place in Wellington is…

Mount Vic!!

Mt. Vic was one of my favorite spots from the first time I hiked around the circular Southern Walkway track that led me along the Wellington town belt.




It’s a huge land mass filled with hiking and mountain biking trails, lush forests, views to make you weak in the knees, and a grand lookout that gives you a panoramic view of the city.

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It was also used as a filming location for The Lord of the Rings movies, what more could you ask for?

Looking for Hobbits
Looking for Hobbits

I’ve been to Mt. Vic a good dozen times and I still haven’t seen all of it. You can access the hiking trails from multiple suburbs around Wellington, that’s how big of a place it is.


It’s clear I’m a sucker for awesome views, and since Mt. Vic is situated on a slope above the city, there are views everywhere you look.


At the top of the Mt. Vic Lookout
At the top of the Mt. Vic Lookout

I’ve been up there during the day for birthday picnics, at sunset jumping on a handmade swing up on a big hill, and I’ve even had my fair share of nighttime adventures, one in which I injured my foot quite badly, and another where I had milkshakes and meaningful talks about life while looking out over the city lights.

Birthday Picnics
Birthday Picnics

It’s the place I first got to know my boyfriend on a profound level when we were still just friends, and a place we’ve gone back to many times. It also the place I plan on giving my Kiwi friends a proper American Thanksgiving picnic next weekend, complete with having them try pumpkin pie for the first time.


04-IMG_6997 05-IMG_7006

I think once I leave Wellington and I’m looking back on my time here, Mt. Vic will be one of those places where a lot of my fondest memories come from.




I seem to find myself at Mt. Vic at least once a month, so I wanted to give it a little tribute on my blog, and hopefully convey just how beautiful of a place it really is.


Do you have a place you always go back to?


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