Postcard From the Banks of Geelong

A trip from Melbourne to Geelong – a perfect way to take a break from the city for a day. Feeling the urge to explore more of Victoria besides Melbourne, I took a day trip via train to Geelong on one of my rare days off last week. It was well worth the trip. I […]

My Experience Visiting Auschwitz

The Holocaust. I remember reading the Diary of Anne Frank around the same age Anne was in the story. Although her story is not one that I could even begin to fathom, I had an incredible amount of empathy for a girl who was my age, but had the misfortune of being born into the […]

Melbourne Tourist Attractions, to go or not to go?

My experience at a few of Melbourne’s most popular sights, and whether they were worth the visit or not. Melbourne may not have as many of the world famous sights as other parts of Australia, such as the Opera House in Sydney or the Great Barrier Reef up in Queensland, but there is always something […]

Escaping From the Krakow Salt Mines – the Oldest Salt Mine in the World

Krakow salt mines | Poland Travel

Note: this post contains affiliate links One of the most unique experiences I had in Poland was escaping from the Krakow Salt Mines, also known as the oldest salt mine in the world. If you want to experience the Krakow Salt Mines – I’d recommend experiencing them through this tour I backpacked through Europe a couple […]

Postcard From the Queen Victoria Market

One of the best ways to spend an afternoon in Melbourne – the Queen Victoria Market. I’ve always been a fan of farmers markets back home. As a California girl, I’m blessed with a vast amount of local and organic produce at my disposal, and I’ve always held to the steadfast belief in shopping locally […]

7 Ways to Spend the Winter Months in Melbourne

How to best enjoy the colder months in Melbourne, even when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. It’s easy to get down in winter, with cold and overcast weather, shorter days, and lower energy. I’m about to go into my second winter thanks to the seasons being opposite in Australia (thankfully those are California and […]

Tales From My First Footy Match in Melbourne

Experiencing the popular world of ‘footy’ with a local in Melbourne. When I met avid Carlton Blues fan, Will, through a few mutual friends last weekend, I knew I couldn’t turn down his offer to take me to my first footy game ever. I heard about this mythical “footy” game back in the States, but […]

Postcard From the Streets of Melbourne

A look at the colorful streets of Melbourne, my new home in Australia. I’ve spent the last week and a half job hunting, walking through every street, nook, cranny, and alleyway, or so it seems. But everyday I wake up and walk some more, and I’m always surprised with what I find, there’s always some […]

Happy (Almost) ANZAC Day!

My first ANZAC Day, learning about World War History Australia.  Over drinks with an Aussie friend, I was talking about my birthday and how it usually falls around Memorial Day weekend. She looked at me blankly, clearly having no idea what I was referencing. Oh right, Memorial Day is an American holiday. It’s so strange […]

And My Favorite Place in Melbourne is…

The Carlton Gardens. My place of peace in the city. I’ve noticed myself drawn here almost every day since I first discovered these gardens a little over a week ago when I first arrived. Back in San Diego, my favorite spot was Black’s Cliffs, with views of the calming ocean tides below and the freeing […]