14 Best 10-Person Tents for Roomy Camping Trips in 2024

Reviewed by Jodelle Marx
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Short on time? Our pick for the best 10-person tent is the NTK Arizona GT Tent

The best 10-person tents for camping trips with large groups, no matter your budget or camping style. 

Camping with a large group can be a nightmare if you aren’t prepared with the right gear. Inevitably, someone will be uncomfortable, which leads to complaining and bringing down the mood of the whole group. 

Cut the complain-train off at the pass and start your camping trip off right with the best 10-person tent for your group. 

Whether you’re looking for an instant setup option or a luxurious semi-permanent canvas retreat, these are the top 10-person tents on the market. 

By the end of this article, you’ll not only know my picks for 10-person tents, but also some common FAQs when it comes to choosing the right large tent for you. 

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Tents for Roomy Camping Trip

Short on Time? Here’s a Quick Look at Our Recommendations

#1 Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent

Best 10-Person Tent for Family Camping

Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent

Our rating: 4/5
Floor space: 177.5 sq ft
Peak height: 78’’
Doors: 2
Weight: 28 lbs
Special features: electrical port, mud mat, and separate pockets for shoes.

The Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent is a great choice for a family camping trip. Ozark Trail is known as a reasonably priced brand, so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg when you’re already feeding an army.

This cabin tent has plenty of floor space; enough for three queen-sized air mattresses and a very tall center height of six and a half feet (78’’). 

There are also two-room dividers, which give you the option of making up to three rooms inside the tent, and two doors.

When you’re family camping or camping with lots of people, I appreciate multiple doors on a large tent because it means you don’t have to clamber over every person in the middle of the night when nature calls.

Additionally, this Ozark Trail 10-person tent comes with a port that you can string an electrical outlet into (hello movie night), a mud mat (who wouldn’t need that?), and a shoe pocket. 

There are also four small organization pockets in the tent, which always come in handy when camping with others. 

Lastly, there are six mesh windows for excellent ventilation and the very fast setup time puts this tent in the almost “instant cabin tent” realm: only 10 minutes with two adults. 


  • Lots of floor space
  • Tall center height
  • Fast setup
  • Room dividers
  • E-port, mud mat, and shoe storage
  • Lightweight


  • As this is a cheaper brand, the tent may not last forever

#2 Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent

Best 10-Person Tent That’s Easy to Setup

Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent

Our rating: 4/5
Floor space: 153 sq ft
Peak height: 6’8’’
Doors: 2
Weight: 30.86 lbs
Special features: 20-minute setup, hinged D-shaped door, and angled windows.

The Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent is a cabin-style tent with an easy setup that takes about 20 minutes. As a bonus, the setup instructions are sewn right on the bag so you never lose them and the poles and sleeves are color-coded. 

In addition, this tent has a few unique features that I don’t always see in other tents. This spacious tent is large enough to fit three queen air mattresses and it has a room divider to break the space up. 

The feature I find the most unique is the D-shaped door on a hinge that makes getting in and out of the tent much easier than floppy standard doors. The large doors also make it easier to fit the queen-sized air mattresses in the tent.

Another unique feature of this Coleman tent is that the mesh windows are angled down so they form their own awning against the rain. You can still see out of them just fine, but this allows you to keep the circulation going even if it’s raining. 

And this family tent boasts many more protections against wind and rain. The seams are inverted (meaning the needle holes are facing the inside of the tent), there are extra reinforcements on the corners, and the floor is bathtub style. 

A bathtub style means the floor material is sewn into the wall material a few inches off the ground.

The zippers also have little guards over them to help keep the rain off and the tent has fiberglass poles, which are strong yet light. 

That said, this Coleman 10-person tent is probably best suited for summer camping as the actual waterproof rating for the floor is 1000 PU, which is the minimum needed to be considered waterproof.


  • Camping tent with instant setup
  • D-shaped door with a hinge
  • Angled windows
  • Spacious
  • Tall center height


  • The waterproof rating is low

#3 Core 10-Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

Best 10-Person Cabin Tent

Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

Our rating: 4.5/5
Floor space: 140 sq ft
Peak height: 86’’
Doors: 2
Weight: 35.5 lbs
Special features: Gear loft and e-port access.

The Core 10-Person Cabin Tent is my choice for the best cabin tent because of its quality straight wall design. 

The straight walls mean that the tent is square-shaped rather than dome-shaped or tunnel-shaped. The benefit of straight walls is that you have plenty of standing room, no matter where you are in the tent. 

This tent sleeps up to 10 people and can comfortably hold two queen air mattresses or camping cots. There’s also one divider that creates two rooms, each with its separate exit door.

I love gear storage spaces in tents and this cabin tent comes with a loft for camping gear as well as a few other organizational pockets. It also has e-port access, a lantern hook in the ceiling, and comes with a carry bag.

Camping tents can sometimes have issues with poor ventilation, especially in heavy rain. To circumnavigate this, the Core 10-Person tent has adjustable vents near the floor that draw cool air in and lets it circulate through the mesh ceiling. 

The tent fabric is 68D polyester, a pretty standard thickness for tent material. One thing I couldn’t find, however, was details on the waterproof rating. I usually interpret this to mean that the tent won’t keep out heavy rain and may not last more than a few seasons. 

With that said, this tent is reasonably priced, which is always a nice feature, but you’ll probably be sacrificing quality for a lower price. 


  • Lots of standing room
  • Two doors with the option for two rooms
  • Gear loft
  • E-port access
  • Lantern hook


  • Standard tent material
  • Couldn’t find a waterproof rating

#4 NTK Arizona GT 9-10 Person

Best Waterproof 10-Person Tent

NTK Arizona GT 9-10 Person

Our rating: 5/5
Floor space: 139.8 sq ft
Peak height: 6.2 ft
Doors: 2
Weight: 26.46 lbs
Special features: Anti-fungal floor coating, very waterproof, easy assembly, and e-port.

The NTK Arizona GT 9-10 Person is my pick for the best waterproof 10-person tent because of the very high waterproof rating on the rain fly (2500 mm). 

The tent floor also has an anti-fungal silver treatment on it – nobody wants to get foot fungus on a camping trip! Ok, but seriously, the silver-lined layer in the floor also keeps the bottom of the tent from growing mildew, which is a tent-killer. 

The floor style is also a “high tub,” meaning it’s an extra high bathtub style for added protection in rainy weather. 

The tent has enough floor space for two rooms and two queen air mattresses, and it has three mesh windows and mesh-covered vents for extra ventilation. The doors are large and D-shaped (good for fitting those large mattresses in) and there is electrical port access as well. 

Lastly, the carry bag comes with an ID tag so you don’t lose track of your gear, and the setup time on this tent is minimal. This tent is also very reasonably priced for the rain protection level you’re getting. 


  • Excellent waterproof rating
  • Extra high bathtub style floor
  • Silver-lined floor for anti-fungal properties
  • Carry bag with an ID tag on it
  • Reasonably priced


  • Honestly, there’s not too much to pick on with this tent

 #5 Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10-Person Tent

Best 10-Person Tent for Wind

Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10-Person Tent

Our rating: 4.5/5
Floor space: 170 sq ft
Peak height: 6.3’
Doors: 2
Weight: 21.1 lbs
Special features: Mud mats included and dome shape makes it good for wind.

The Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10-Person Tent is my choice for the best 10-person tent for wind due to the shape. 

The dome shape of this tent with its tapered ends is ideal for allowing wind to roll right over it. And even with the tapered ends, the center height is still over six feet, making it suitable for tall campers

There’s also a room divider to break the space into two separate rooms and the tent is very lightweight for its size at just 21.1 pounds. 

Additionally, the tent poles are made of fiberglass (which helps keep the weight off the tent) and are shock-corded, meaning they snap together easily. The tent also has a mesh ceiling and the rain fly creates short awnings over the doors. 

One thing to note is that this tent is not freestanding, meaning you have to use tent stakes to help it stay up. This isn’t normally a problem unless you’re camping on the beach or on hard rock where you can’t hammer stakes in. 

I couldn’t find any waterproof ratings on this tent, so while this is a good tent in wind, I wouldn’t test its limits for rainy weather camping. Not to mention, this is a 3-season tent, so it’s most suitable for summer camping. 


  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Two rooms
  • Easy setup
  • Lightweight


  • Fabric may not hold up in rainy weather

#6 Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

Best 10-Person 4-Season Tent

Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent

Our rating: 5/5
Floor space: 113 sq ft
Peak height: 8.1 ft
Doors: 1
Weight: 56.5
Special features: Removable floor, electric access port, and naturally waterproof.

The Teton Sports Sierra Canvas Tent is a high-quality tent with excellent rain protection, made to stand up to weather all year. 

Canvas is a naturally breathable but waterproof material. It’s made from tightly woven cotton, which swells when wet, thus tightening the weave. This extra-tight weave prevents water from getting through, yet still allows a healthy amount of breathability.  

On top of that, Teton Sports treats their canvas with an extra waterproof finish and reinforces the seams. In other words, cold and rainy weather doesn’t stand a chance against Teton canvas tents. 

This bell-shaped tent also has a removable floor, which is nice for two reasons. First, it’s easier to clean. And second, you can take the floor off and just use the top of the tent as a canopy for casual gatherings or festivals. 

Canvas bell tents are also–if you’re into this kind of thing–very trendy and stylish right now as glamping tents. They have a certain clean aesthetic that shouts “elegance.”

As a bonus, this tent comes with a lifetime warranty, and, although not instant, the setup is relatively easy for this large of a tent. With that said, canvas tends to be heavy and you’ll still likely need another person to help you set it up. 

Finally, as with any tent, but especially canvas, you’ll need to take care of the material. Namely, make sure you never pack it away with even a drop of moisture left on the fabric or you’ll be in rot and mildew city. 


  • Great in all weather
  • Durable material
  • Stylish look
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Removable floor


  • Setup is not instant, although fairly easy
  • Heavy
  • Fabric needs care

#7 Kodiak Canvas Grand Cabin Tent

Best 10-Person Multi-Room Tent

Kodiak Canvas Grand Cabin Tent

Our rating: 5/5
Floor space: 208 sq ft, plus 96 sq ft awning
Peak height: 7’6’’
Doors: 4
Weight: 174 lbs
Special features: Three rooms with zippered doors and a door for each room.

The Kodiak Canvas Grand Cabin Tent is the best 10-person tent with rooms because it has three rooms with zippered doors (not just hanging curtain partitions) and each room has its own door. 

At 208 square feet, this is a very spacious tent and on top of that, it has a large screen room with an awning (although the walls for the screen room must be purchased separately). 

Even if you just use the extra space with the awning, it still adds an element of having “another room” on the tent. 

As I mentioned above, the room dividers are zipped closed, which adds privacy to each room, and each room has its own door and windows. This is a huge bonus for ventilation and accessibility in and out of the tent. There are a total of eight windows on this tent! 

The benefit of a cabin-style tent is that it maximizes the usable standing space, and that’s certainly true of this tent. The side walls are five feet tall and the center height is a very tall 7’6’’. 

The tent body and ceiling are 8.5 oz and 10 oz Hydra-Shield canvas, respectively, and the floor is made of 13.5 oz vinyl with reinforced, welded seams. 

The Hydra-Shield canvas is treated with silicone, which helps keep water from wicking into the fabric, and the zippers are the trusted YKK brand.

The frame and stakes are made of steel, which means it’s a very sturdy tent, but it’s also darn heavy. The tent comes packed into two carry bags, each weighing 87 lbs each. 

This is an all-season tent, but like all camping tents made of canvas, it isn’t designed to withstand heavy snow for extended periods. 

Despite how much I like this tent, and I like it a lot, I wish it had storage pockets or a gear loft. Another downside is that this tent is expensive, but you’re getting a high-quality product in return. 


  • Three rooms with zippered room dividers
  • Outside awning area provides extra space to relax outside
  • Durable, silicone-treated canvas
  • Durable steel frame


  • Expensive
  • No storage pockets or gear loft
  • Heavy

#8 Campros 10-Person Tent

Best 10-Person Tunnel Tent

Campros 10 Person Tent

Our rating: 4/5
Floor space: 144 sq ft
Peak height: 6 ft
Doors: 1
Weight: 24.3 lbs
Special features: Room divider that can double as a movie screen and e-port access.

The Campros 10-Person Tent is my choice for the best 10-person tunnel tent, but I’ll also say it’s a great beginner tent for families due to its size (large enough to fit three queen air mattresses) and fun features. 

The tunnel shape of this tent is also nice because it stands up to the wind well. 

This tent is made of 185T polyester with a 1000mm PU coating. This means the thread count is 185 and it has a 1000 mm polyurethane coating on the fabric to make it waterproof. 

1000 is the minimum rating to be considered waterproof and polyester is one of the cheaper fabric options for tents, which gives you an idea of the quality. This tent will probably hold up fine in very light rain, but don’t take it camping in heavy rain.

With that said, if you’re looking for an affordable 10-person tunnel tent, this a good option.  

The tent also has three mesh windows as well as a mesh ceiling. There’s a single room divider to make separate spaces in the tent, and the divider can double as a movie screen if you have a projector.

Lastly, this Campros tent is pretty lightweight for a 10-person tent at only 24.3 lbs (the poles are fiberglass). The tent also comes with a lantern hook in the ceiling, electric access port, and a carry bag. 


  • Tunnel shape holds up well to wind
  • Low price point
  • Room divider doubles as a movie screen
  • Lightweight
  • E-port access and lantern hook on the ceiling


  • Low-quality fabric
  • Low waterproof rating

#9 Core 11-Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Best 10-Person Tent with Screened Porch

Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Our rating: 4.5/5
Floor space: 204 sq ft
Peak height: 7.1 ft
Doors: 1
Weight: 36.2 lbs
Special features: Sturdy screen porch, gear loft, multiple storage pockets, and electrical cord access.

The Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent is my pick for the best large camping tent with a screened porch because the screened porch on this tent is very sturdy. 

Unlike other tents with screen rooms that are made of a rickety awning, this screen room is part of the body of the tent. It has structural support in the form of A-frame poles rather than single posts. 

The screen room also has a built-in floor, which makes it an ideal second lounging space in your sleeping bag. 

And yes, this is technically an *11* person tent, not a 10-person tent, but since many tents overestimate the number of sleepers a tent can fit anyway, this 11-person tent should suit any large group just fine. 

This cabin tent also has a fast setup with color-coded poles and sleeves. As far as ventilation goes, it has a large mesh ceiling and floor vents You can go without the rain fly on warm nights and enjoy the stars. 

As a bonus, the ceiling has a lantern hook and there are several storage pockets on the inside as well as a gear loft. 

A gear loft, if you’re not familiar, is like a wide mesh hammock that hangs across the ceiling of the tent that you can put stuff into. I have one on my two-person tent and it’s the best. 

Lastly, the screen porch and tent body are separated by a large D-style door that can be rolled back, and there’s also e-port access. 

Core uses “H20 Block Technology,” which makes their fabric water-resistant with extra seals around the doors and windows. However, if you’ve read my previous articles, you know what a stickler I am about waterproof ratings. 

Since there’s not much information about the waterproof details of this tent, I can only assume it’s best used as a summer tent. The term “water-resistant” is very different from “waterproof.”


  • Instant cabin tent
  • Sturdy screen room with floor
  • Lots of ventilation
  • Sleeps 11!
  • Gear loft and storage pockets


  • Water-resistant fabric (not waterproof)

#10 Hikergarden Camping Tent

Best Budget 10-Person Tent

Hikergarden Camping Tent

Our rating: 4.5/5
Floor space: 154 sq ft
Peak height: 6.1 ft
Doors: 1
Weight: 20.5 lbs
Special features: Won’t break the bank! storage pockets

The Hikergarden Camping Tent is my pick for the best 10-man tent on a budget because you really can’t get any cheaper than this and still have positive reviews on a product. 

This is a large tent that’s big enough for three queen air mattresses and has a very tall center height of just over six feet. The entire tent can be set up in about 10 minutes and has an electrical port. 

The ventilation on this tent was upgraded in 2021 to include mesh on the door, four mesh windows, and a mesh ceiling. 

So, ventilation may not be an issue with this tent, but waterproofing might be. The Hikergarden Tent has a 1000mm waterproof rating, so it’s not the worst, but it could be better. 

This family camping tent also has one hanging curtain room divider and is made of 185T polyester with fiberglass poles. The rain fly has a double layer of fabric with taped seams for added moisture and heat protection. 


  • Cheap 
  • Spacious
  • Instant tent set up
  • Electrical port
  • Good ventilation


  • Low-quality material
  • Minimum waterproof rating

 #11 Whiteduck Avalon Bell Tent

Best Luxury Glamping 10-Person Tent

Whiteduck Avalon Bell Tent

Our rating: 5/5
Floor space: 314.2 sq ft
Peak height: 13’
Doors: 1
Weight: 155 lbs
Special features: High-quality canvas

The Whiteduck Avalon Bell Tent is a high-quality 10-person tent with a clean aesthetic, which is why it’s the best luxury glamping tent on this list. 

These canvas tents come in three sizing options, the one I’m describing here is the largest option and sleeps 10.

The Whiteduck Avalon Bell Tent is shaped like a big, white circus tent with a center pole and a stove jack. Rather than two doors, this tent has one very large opening at the front. 

Whiteduck also uses naturally waterproof 10.10 oz army duck cotton canvas and treats it with a UV, mold, and fire-resistant finish to give it extra durability. Plus, all the seams on this large tent are double-stitched and the tent poles are made of galvanized steel. 

The windows on this camping tent are half-moon-shaped and go all the way around the circumference of the tent for excellent ventilation. There are also four roof vents at the center of the tent. 

The design of this tent doesn’t allow for a gear loft or room dividers, so while these tents can sleep up to 10 people, they’re usually turned into large, comfortable living spaces for 2-4 people with couches and carpets. 

The addition of the stove jack also means you have the option to put a portable wood-burning stove inside (yes, that’s safe to do!) for extra coziness. 

With that said, as with all large canvas tents, this tent is heavy, it’s pricier than synthetic tents, and the setup time isn’t instant. 


  • High-quality material
  • Durable tent
  • Clean aesthetic
  • Lots of windows
  • Stove jack


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Long setup time

#12 Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

Best 10-Person Dark Tent

Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

Our rating: 4/5
Floor space: 140 sq ft
Peak height: 78 inches
Doors: 2
Weight: 20 lbs
Special features: Blacked-out interior helps create a more restful sleep space, lots of storage, and instant setup.

The Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent has a black interior that blocks about 70% of the morning sunlight and thus creates a more restful sleep space. 

Camping in the summer is great, but one thing a lot of people don’t think about is that the sun rises very early in summer, which can make sleeping past 6:30 am a problem.

Luckily, although there’s a mesh ceiling on this tent, there are dark panels you can zip in to keep it dark inside. 

This cabin tent also falls within the category of “instant tents” and has pre-attached poles. This means the setup only takes a few minutes and all you have to do is unfold the tent and snap a few things in place. 

In place of a gear loft, this family camping tent has the most mesh pockets I’ve seen on any other tent, which is a huge plus. 

There’s also plenty of floor space in this tent for up to three queen air mattresses and there’s a room divider that divides the tent in half. And since there are two doors side-by-side at the front of the tent, technically each “room” would have its own door. 

One thing to note is that the tent stakes are low quality and sometimes bend in hard ground, so you’ll probably want to replace them. And this is definitely a summer tent–don’t expect miracles from it in very harsh weather. 


  • Dark panels throughout the tent
  • Instant cabin tent
  • Lots of storage space


  • Thin tent stakes
  • Good for summer camping only

#13 Core 10-Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tent

Best 10-Person Tent with Lights

10 Person Lighted Instant Tent with Screen Room

Our rating: 4/5
Floor space: 140 sq ft
Peak height: 84 inches
Doors: 1
Weight: 47.8 lbs
Features: Built-in LED lights with three brightness levels and instant setup.

The Core 10-Person Lighted Instant Cabin Tent has a built-in LED light along the center pitch of the tent with a wall-mounted control button that allows you to pick three brightness levels. Overhead lighting is nice while camping and if your tent doesn’t have a hook in the mesh roof, this is an amazing alternative. 

Even with the lighting hardware in the ceiling, the rain fly can be removed to expose the mesh roof and let in cool air. There are also floor vents that help draw air through the space. 

This Core tent also has an instant setup (around 60 seconds), which is another feature that makes family camping trips that much easier. The tent comes with pre-attached poles, so you just unfold and extend the poles into their sockets. 

Lastly, this tent has a screen room and room divider, which is always nice for more privacy.  

The one downside of this tent is the weather protection aspect. The tent fabric is not considered waterproof as it’s only 600mm, rather than the needed minimum of 1000mm. 


  • Built-in LED lights
  • Instant cabin tent
  • Floor vents
  • Screen room
  • Room divider


  • Not waterproof

#14 UNP Camping Tent

Best Lightweight 10-Person Tent

UNP Camping Tent

Our rating: 4/5
Floor space: 162 sq ft
Peak height: 78 inches
Doors: 2
Weight: 23.1 lbs
Special features: Lightweight, easy setup, and e-port access.

The UNP Camping Tent is my pick for the best lightweight 10-person tent as it’s only 23.1 pounds. 

You could potentially even use this as a backpacking tent, but you’d want to divide the tent pieces up among others in your group. 

It’s large enough for three queen air mattresses and comes with a room divider to divvy the space up. 

This UNP tent is made of 185T polyester with a 1000mm waterproof rating, which means that it will be water-resistant in light rain. The seams are taped at least, which also helps with weather protection. 

Additionally, the roof is made of mesh and there’s a loft for gear with additional mesh pockets for organization. There’s also e-port access and it comes with a carry bag. 

Lastly, this tent has lightweight fiberglass poles that you attach to the tent with J-hooks. And although the poles aren’t pre-attached, setup is still very easy and takes under 10 minutes. 


  • Lightweight
  • Easy setup
  • E-port access
  • Gear loft


  • Minimal waterproof rating

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best 10-Person Tent

What to Look for in 10-Person Tents

What to Look for in 10-Person Tents


The shape of your 10-person tent is important for two reasons. First, the shape of a tent determines how well wind, rain, and snow fall off the tent surface. 

Typically, tunnel, bell, or dome-shaped tents are more aerodynamic than cabin or straight-wall tents. 

However, the benefit of a straight-wall cabin tent is that it has more standing room because there isn’t a sloped roof causing you to crouch down.

Floor Space

The more floor space you have, the more room you have for activities! And when you’re camping with a large group, space is paramount. 

Room Dividers

Room dividers are essential (if you ask me) when shopping for a large family camping tent. 

When was the last time you wanted to sleep in the same room as 9 of your friends or family members? 

Maybe as a kid it can be fun, but as an adult, you’ll likely want some degree of privacy from the masses. 

Some room dividers are simply plastic sheets that hang between spaces, but some can be zipped closed to break the space up. 

Number of Sleepers

The number of people a tent can “sleep” is notoriously overestimated among tentmakers. My tent says it sleeps two, and it technically can, but it’s very cramped even though I’m not a very big person. 

This is all to say, take the number of people the tent can sleep with a grain of salt. 

Additionally, some large tents are designed to accommodate queen air mattresses, and if this is your plan, you’ll likely not be able to fit the max number of sleepers in the tent. 

Setup Time

If you’re not familiar with camping, you may be tempted to get an “instant tent” because it sounds like less hassle.

While it’s true that some instant tents are easier to set up than, say, canvas tents, sometimes it’s worth it to have a slightly more complicated tent if it means having a more durable structure in place. 

Canvas tents are often the most time-consuming to set up, but, in my experience, once you’ve done any setup a time or two, it becomes much easier. 

Waterproof Rating

Waterproof ratings can be complicated to figure out. 

All manufacturers say their tent is waterproof or water-resistant, but for this to be true, look for ratings that say PU 1000 or 1000mm or more (e.g. 2000mm or 3000mm). To be considered waterproof, the material should be a minimum of PU 1000mm. 

Read our guides on how to waterproof a tent and the best tent waterproofing spray. 


Ten-person tents are unavoidably large and therefore heavier than standard 2-4 person tents. 

These tents are not suited as backpacking tents. However, if you want to hike with a 10-person tent into the backcountry, I would make sure it weighs around 20 lbs, and that you have lots of friends to split the parts up with.

Tents with fiberglass poles (vs. galvanized steel) will be lighter in weight, and synthetic fibers like nylon (or silicone treated nylon called silnylon) are lighter than canvas. 

Types of 10-Person Tents

Types of 10-Person Tents

Canvas Tent

Canvas tents are made of thick cotton which is naturally waterproof. While this material is heavier than that in other tents, it has a reputation for being very durable.

Canvas tents tend to be larger than synthetic tents and are popular for hunting camps, glamping retreats, festivals, or long-term outdoor fieldwork. 

Instant Set-Up

Tents made of synthetic materials (and maybe some special canvas tents) boast about instant setup time. 

Tents with instant setup times usually take less than 15 minutes to put together and are appealing as family camping options because parents don’t want to hassle with a complicated tent.

Instant setup tents come in all shapes and sizes and will often have features like pre-attached poles or color-coded setup systems. 


Some 10 person tents are made of one big room but some have multiple rooms created with a room divider. 

In addition to multiple rooms, some large tents have a screen room attached that can double as an additional room. 

Looking for other styles of tents? Check out our guides to the best 4-person tents, 6-person tents, 8-person tents, large camping tents, pop-up tents, inflatable tents, waterproof tents, insulated tents, winter tents, tents with stove jacks, tunnel tents, and cabin tents.

FAQs About 10-Person Tents

FAQs About 10-Person Tents

What size tent do I need for 10 people?

For a camping trip with 10 people, look for tents that can sleep 10 or more people. You may find you’re more comfortable in a 12-person tent or larger, depending on how much gear you bring with you. 

How long does it take to set up a 10-person tent?

There are instant setup tents that take under five minutes to set up and there are tents that take over an hour to set up. 

How heavy is a 10-person tent?

Ten-person tents weigh between 20 pounds and 175 pounds. 

How much should I plan to spend on a 10-person tent?

Ten-person tents run anywhere from about $150 to $1,500. 

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best 10-Person Tent

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best 10-Person Tent

Our pick for the best 10-person tent is the NTK Arizona GT Tent

This tent has the best waterproof rating of any of the other tents (2500mm), has a silver-lined floor to reduce mildew buildup, and is reasonably priced. Win-win-win! 


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Meredith Dennis

Meredith is a biologist and writer based in California’s Sierra Nevada. She has lived in 6 states as a biologist, so her intel on hiking and camping is *chef’s kiss* next level. One of her earliest camping memories was being too scared to find a bathroom at night on a family camping trip. Thankfully, she’s come a long way since then and she can help you get there too!

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Hi, I'm Mimi! I'm an outdoorsy Californian who has spent over 28 years immersed in the incredible natural beauty that California has to offer. My goal is to inspire others to get out and find their next adventure in California. Whether it’s escaping to an alpine lake in the Sierras, finding peace among the giant redwoods, or road tripping down the PCH, there’s always more to explore in this beautiful state.


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