Best 3 Room Tent for Camping With More Space (2022 Buying Guide)

best multi room tent

How to choose the best 3 room tent for your next group adventure with your family or pod.

Short on time? Our pick for the best 3 room tent is the Ozark Trail 12 Person Tent.  

Camping is usually a messy, cramped, communal activity.

When you think of camping, you don’t usually think of a lot of privacy and personal space. 

However, that doesn’t always have to be the case.

With the right tent, you and your whole group can camp in comfort.

And the best kind of tent for large groups is a multi-room tent, especially a 3 room tent.

Today’s 3 room camping tents are ideal for large family trips, festival camping with big groups of friends, or just keeping the peace between tent mates on a long trip. 

A three-room tent would also be a fun present for someone looking to get outside more.

There are a lot of different options for tents with 3 rooms, so we’ve broken down our list into the best tents for all sorts of activities. 

Whether you’re looking for cheap 3 room tents or multi-room family tents, there’s something on our list for everyone.

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tents with 3 rooms

Here’s a Quick Look at Our Recommendations

Best 3 Room Tent

11 Best 3 Room Tents

#1 Core 12 Instant Cabin Tent

Best for Family Camping

Floor area: 180 ft²
Weight: 50 lbs
Height: 80 inches
Capacity: 12 people
Waterproof: No, but water-resistant
Doors: 2
Features: Instant set up, mesh ceiling panels, electrical cord port

The Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a great overall pick for family camping.

As a 12 person instant cabin, it sets up in a flash and has space inside the tent for everyone. 

This 3 room family tent comes with T and D shaped doors in the front and back, a removable rain fly with mesh ceiling panels, and ground and ceiling vents for better airflow.

The Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent also features two room dividers and space for up to 3 queen air beds. 

With that said, while the Core 12  makes a great casual camping tent, it won’t keep you dry in a serious rainstorm.

The rainfly only carries about half the waterproof rating you’d expect to see in a real weatherproof tent. 

However, for a family tent with rooms, the Core 12 Person Instant Cabin tent stands out because it pops up in an instant.

This is rare for such a large tent – the average 12 person tent for camping takes at least 10 minutes to set up. 

Lastly, the Core 12 3 room Instant Cabin Tent can be pitched by just two people in under two minutes.

It’s also a great price.

For a 12 person 3 room instant tent with steel poles and durable construction, it’s a steal. 

Overall, the Core is an ideal choice if you want a simple and reliable 12 person 3 room instant tent for the whole family. 

If size is more of a priority for you than separate rooms, our list of the best large camping tents has you covered.


  • Mesh ceiling panels
  • Two-minute setup
  • Plenty of standing room


  • Very heavy
  • Rainfly is not very waterproof

#2 Ozark Trail Instant Cabin With Screen Room

Best Tent With Screened Porch

Floor area: 360 ft²
Weight: 56.5 lbs
Height: 76 inches
Capacity: 12 people
Waterproof: Yes
Doors: 3
Features: Screen room, 10 mesh windows, two-room dividers

If you’re looking for multi-room tents with porch areas, the Ozark Trail Instant Cabin with Screen Room is the best pick – it has a huge front room and a lot of space. 

This multi-room cabin tent comes with two-room dividers and plenty of doors, windows, and vents.

The doors and windows are strategically spaced so you can enter or exit the tent from any room.

And vents along the ground ensure airflow throughout the tent

In addition, this tent has an electrical cord port for lights and charging and it sets up in under two minutes.   

For a large multi-room tent, multiple doors and the 10 closable windows are especially valuable.

But what really makes this tent the best is the screen room.

It has one of the largest screen rooms on this list and it can still function as a sleeping space, making it more flexible.

Alternatively, the Coleman WeatherMaster comes at an affordable price and features a beautiful panoramic mesh ceiling, but it’s less than half the size of the Instant Cabin Tent that Ozark makes. 

If you only need a 6 person 3 room tent, the Coleman WeatherMaster will meet your needs.

However, the screen room is quite a bit smaller and it’s not an instant tent, so it takes much longer to set up. 

If you need the extra space for a 10 person family or more, or if you simply want maximum comfort for any size group, the Ozark Trail Instant Cabin with Screen Room is the best choice.


  • Ground ventilation
  • 6 interior storage pockets
  • Doors for every room
  • 10 closeable windows


  • No full-coverage fly
  • One “room” is the screen room

#3 Ozark Trail 11 Person Instant Cabin

Best Cabin Tent

Floor area: 196 ft²
Weight: 33 lbs
Height: 76 inches
Capacity: 11 people
Waterproof: Yes
Doors: 1 (can be opened from two interior rooms)
Features: Instant set up, front door awning, separate back room

If you’re looking for 3 room tents for camping with a unique layout, the Ozark Trail 11 Person Instant Cabin is an interesting option. 

This tent features an instant setup, a massive double-D-shaped door, an extended awning over the door, and gear lofts and pockets for interior storage.

The tent also has six mesh windows and full-coverage mesh ceiling panels. 

And as a 3 room instant cabin, this tent is wide and spacious.

It measures 14×14 ft with over six feet of standing height and fits two queen mattresses easily.

The vertical walls of a cabin-style tent mean maximum interior space, making it easy to move around. 

What makes the Ozark Trail 11 Person Tent unique for a 3 room instant cabin tent is the separate back room.

Instead of dividing the main tent up into 3 rooms, there’s a smaller “pop-out” tent that serves as a bedroom.

This leaves the main area wide open. 

The main portion of the tent can be further divided into two separate rooms or left as a common space.

While there’s only one door, it can be used from both of the front rooms, even with the central room divider in place.

Most 3 room instant cabin tents are big and comfortable, but the Ozark Trail 11 Person Instant Cabin really goes above and beyond. 

Between the six windows, well-designed door, and separate bedroom, it has more than the average cabin style tent.

The fact that this tent can be pitched in under two minutes is just icing on the cake.


  • Sets up in under 2 minutes
  • Awning over door for shade and storage
  • Door can be accessed from both front rooms
  • Separate room in the back


  • Sleeps 11, but tightly
  • No back door to access bedroom

#4 Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent

Best Tent With Living Room Area

Floor area: 350 ft²
Weight: 53.75 lbs
Height: 78 inches
Capacity: 14 people
Waterproof: Yes
Doors: 4
Features: Unique X floor pattern, drink holders, electrical cord port

If you’re looking for the biggest of big multi-room tents, look no further.

The Fortuneshop Family Cabin Tent sleeps 14 people and can be divided to create up to four individual, spacious rooms. 

It’s one of the only tents with a designated living room area that feels truly functional – using the 3 rooms won’t get in the way of enjoying the living room space. 

This tent would be perfect for a large family because there’s plenty of space inside.

It can hold up to five queen air mattresses.

There are also 12 windows and a full mesh ceiling for excellent ventilation (important with a large group of friends or family).

In addition, there are special gear storage pockets designed to hold drinks so your beverage doesn’t end up on the tent floor. 

What stands out about this tent is the unique X-shaped layout for a tent with separate rooms.

Most multi-room tents for camping have the option to divide a big area into one or two sections, with direct access to one room through the door.

In contrast, the Fortunershop feels as though it was actually made to serve as a multi-room tent.

The X-pattern layout divides logically into equally-sized separate rooms, so you can have an individual sleeping area for different groups, or just a separate space to store gear. 

There’s also a sewn-in room privacy divider between each area of the tent, so you don’t have to fiddle with zippers or worry about losing the divider if it’s not in use (they simply tie back like curtains).

Lastly, the four doors at each corner make the Fortunershop Family Cabin especially practical as a 3 room tent.

While it can be divided into four separate rooms with one central living room, it’s best as a 10+ person 3 room family tent, with one wing and the central room joined to create a massive living room.

One of the wings has an extra-wide double door, so it’s perfect to serve as the main entrance. 

The only downside with this tent is that it’s not a 3 room instant tent.

It takes almost 20 minutes to pitch!

But if you have adults or older children willing to help set it up, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

Overall, if living space is your priority, the Fortunershop Cabin Tent is the best choice.


  • A door for every “room”
  • Multiple room divider options: 1-4 rooms
  • Sleeps up to 14 people
  • Drink holder pockets


  • Takes 20 minutes to pitch
  • No direct door to the living room

#5 Ozark Trail 12 Person Tent

Best Instant Tent

Floor area: 256 ft²
Weight: 61 lbs
Height: 82 inches
Capacity: 12 people
Waterproof: Yes
Doors: 2
Features: Large front awning, ground vents, electrical cord port

If lightning-fast setup is your priority, consider the Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent.

This 12 person 3 room cabin sets up in under two minutes and provides indoors-like comfort with a unique layout. 

The Ozark 3 room instant cabin tent has 7 closable windows, a large gear loft, and an awning over the two main doors. 

And the awning on this 3 room instant cabin tent covers a square corner between two doors, which creates a large porch area.

This gives campers some outdoor space that’s usable in all weather conditions. 

Unlike the Core 12 person instant tent, this tent has an L-shaped floor plan, so it’s easier to divide the area inside the tent into separate spaces.

A lot of multi-room camping tents are just one wide open area, but this tent actually divides in a way that makes sense. 

The Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin is the best 3 room instant tent because it doesn’t sacrifice size or features in order to pitch quickly.

The tent comes with poles pre-attached, so set up is a breeze. 

While it sets up in a snap, it still has all the features you’d expect from a high-end 3 room instant cabin, including gear lofts, two sewn-in room dividers, and ground vents that double as AC ports.

These features make it possibly the best multi-room tent all around, not just as a 3 room instant cabin tent. 

With all these amenities, you’ll truly feel like you’re in a cabin as opposed to just a large tent.


  • Easy to set up – two-minute fastpitch with pre-attached poles
  • Fits 3 queen mattresses
  • Ground vent designed to fit an air conditioner
  • Awning shelters to doors to create a porch 
  • Welded bathtub floor
  • Wheeled carry bag


  • No door to the third room
  • Heavier than other tents on this list

#6 Vango Purbeck Tent

Best Tent for Rain

Floor area: 286 ft²
Weight: 49.6 lbs
Height: 81 inches
Capacity: 12 people
Waterproof: Yes
Doors: 2
Features: Vango TBS wind resistance system, high visibility guy lines, darkened bedrooms

While the Ozark Trail might be a good choice for fast setup in everyday weather conditions, certain trips require a heavy-duty camping tent that can stand up to any and all weather challenges. 

For those trips, the Vango Purbeck is the obvious choice.

It’s made with fabric that’s twice as waterproof as the baseline standard, and it’s specifically designed to be used in wet weather. 

This 3 bedroom tunnel tent comes packed with features you won’t find on a standard family tent.

It has high visibility guy lines so you won’t trip at night, gear lofts, toggled interior dividers and privacy screens, and a huge front awning for dry gear storage or socializing. 

While it only has two outer doors, this tent has a very well-designed floor plan.

There’s plenty of space upfront, and the back area of the tent is reserved for the sleeping area, which can fit three queen-sized beds.

It’s easy to move from bedroom to common space to the outside without having to walk through someone else’s space. 

The bedrooms can be combined or configured to suit campers’ preferences, and they feature light-resistant fabric to block out the sun, heat, or ambient light at camp. 

This 3 room tent could technically sleep up to twelve people, but the back bedrooms only accommodate six.

So it would be a bit cramped for a 10 person family camping tent, but it is a roomy 6 person shelter. 

As mentioned above, where this tent really distinguishes itself is the waterproofing.

It’s the only tent on the list with fabric rated to 3000mm in a hydrostatic head test, and the only one with a special suspension system designed to stand up to wind. 

It won’t pitch in an instant and it’s certainly not as cheap as a standard family tent.

However, if water resistance is your primary concern, then the Vango Purbeck is easily one of the best 3 room camping tents.


  • Double the standard waterproof rating
  • “Lights Out” bedrooms with darkening fabric
  • Waterproof windows – visibility in the rain
  • Large front awning
  • High quality


  • More expensive than a simple family camping tent
  • Doesn’t sleep as many people comfortably

#7 Ozark Trail Hazel Creek

Best Luxury Tent

Floor area: 180 ft²
Weight: 65.2 lbs
Height: 84 inches
Capacity: 12 people
Waterproof: Yes
Doors: 1
Features: Two closets, mud mat, rolling carry bag

The Vango tent above is perfect for roughing it in serious weather.

The Ozark Trail Hazel Creek 12 Person Cabin Tent is the exact opposite – a tent so luxurious you’ll feel like you’re inside. 

This 12 person 3 room behemoth looks more like a cabin than a tent.

It has a pitched roof, straight walls, and cabin-style doors and windows.  

And it’s not just the shape that makes it luxurious.

This tent comes packed with features including LED lights, a mud mat, and closets.

There are also hanging organizers, corner organizers, mesh pockets, and even a phone/tablet pocket for charging electronics.

And two interior dividers create 3 separate rooms inside the tent.

One room divider is even coated in silver on one side so it can be used as a movie screen.

The tent also features heavy-duty steel poles, but it’s still easy enough to move around with the wheeled carry bag. 

Overall, this tent blows the other family tents with rooms out of the water in terms of comfort – it simply has more space and more features than the other tents on this list (where else can you find a movie screen in a tent?).

The Ozark Trail Hazel Creek also just looks cool.

Nothing says luxury like setting up your own private cabin at camp.

Looking for more luxury tents? Read our guide to the best canvas tents.


  • Fully vertical walls – maximum space inside the tent
  • Mesh ceiling for stargazing
  • Movie screen divider


  • No stove jack – heat is nice in a luxury tent
  • No front awning or porch

#8 Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent

Best Tent Under $200

Floor area: 178.5 ft²
Weight: 26.68 lbs
Height: 78 inches
Capacity: 10 people
Waterproof: Yes
Doors: 2
Features: Gear organizer and media sleeve, front screen room

If you want some luxuries but you’re on a budget, the Ozark Trail 10 Person Family Tent is one of the best multi-person tents you can buy.

While it’s under $200, it still has premium features like a mud mat, screen room, and a lot of gear storage. 

Despite its name, the Ozark Trail Family Cabin Tent is more of a dome tent than a cabin tent.

However, it’s still tall with plenty of space to stand up inside.

The Ozark Trail 10 is also extremely lightweight.

It’s about half the weight of most comparable tents on this list. 

One thing to note is if you’re looking specifically for tents with multiple rooms, be aware that the Ozark Trail 10 Person Cabin Tent comes with room privacy dividers instead of full walls.

Its large main area is broken up by a fabric wall that doesn’t fully cover from floor to ceiling. 

It will provide enough privacy inside the tent for family camping, but it doesn’t offer maximum separation between the rooms. 

With that said, for a 10 person tent, the Ozark Trail Family Tent is exceptionally cheap, especially for a well-known and reliable brand.

And this tent is more than a basic shelter – it has a gear organizer and a special pocket for storing and charging phones and tablets with designated ports for charging cords. 

With these features, the Ozark Trail 10 person is the best 3 room camping tent for someone who is prioritizing weight or trying to stick to a budget.


  • One of the lightest tents on this list
  • Phone/tablet charging pocket
  • Included mud mat
  • Large front screen room


  • Not a 3 room instant cabin tent
  • Sides are lower than the center

#9 Bushnell Sport Series

Best Tent With Standing Room

Floor area: 200 ft²
Weight: 47.99 lbs
Height: 84 inches
Capacity: 12 people
Waterproof: Yes
Doors: 3
Features: Fits four queen-sized mattresses, large storage pockets, mesh ceiling

Most people prioritize floor area when picking out a spacious tent.

For taller campers or those looking to maximize space overall, ceiling height is another important concern.

If that’s you, the Bushnell Sport Series 12 Person Tent is a great choice.

With seven feet of standing height, it’s one of the taller tents on this list. 

The Bushnell Sport Series 12 Person Tent is a capable tent all around, with features like mesh ceiling panels, a removable rain fly, massive gear organizer, and three doors. 

The 3 doors are especially ideal for easy entry and access.

The tent also comes with two removable dividers so you can configure the space however you like.

And with the three doors, you can go in or out of each of the rooms directly without having to walk through anyone else’s space. 

The only downside to the room dividers this tent offers is that it’s difficult to move between them.

There are no zippers in the dividers – they’re just fabric walls.

They’re fine if you want some privacy in the tent for camping with groups, but it’s not the same as having interior doors. 

What this tent does have though is a lot of space.

You can arrange four queen-sized air mattresses comfortably in this tent.

Even when sleeping the maximum of 12 people, there’s still some extra floor space for gear. 

And floor space isn’t the only area where this tent excels: it has seven-foot-high ceilings, which give it loads of interior room. 

Unlike many other tents that reach their peak height in just one area, the Bushnell is seven feet high all throughout the tent.

This means everyone will be able to move around easily and stretch out.

Overall, if standing height is your primary concern, the Bushnell Sport Series is still one of the best choices.


  • Seven-foot ceiling height
  • Fully factory-sealed seams and weather-resistant fabric
  • Ground vents
  • Large gear organizer


  • Not a 12 person instant cabin tent – slow setup
  • No interior doors

#10 Vango Odyssey 800

Best Tunnel Tent

Floor area: 237ft²
Weight: 48 lbs
Height: 78 inches
Waterproof: Yes
Doors: 2 exterior, 2 interior
Features: Tension Band System for high wind, diamond-clear PVC windows, extremely waterproof fabric

The Vango Odyssey 800 is a serious performer.

Even though the tunnel design is an older tent style, this 3 room tent has some of the best features and materials on this list.

Especially in terms of weatherproofness and how well it’s designed. 

The tent features clear plastic windows, a sewn-in groundsheet, and a lot of vents in the full-coverage rain fly.

And as a British company, Vango makes gear designed for all wet weather conditions. 

Among big multi-room tents, the Vango Odyssey stands out for its water-resistant materials, high-quality construction, and well-designed layout. 

Usually, a tent with different rooms is just a large, open tent with hanging points for dividers.

The Vango is actually designed so different spaces can serve as a bedroom and common area in the most efficient way possible. 

There are two bedrooms at either end of the tent, which minimizes noise and disturbances from other sleepers.

The common area between the two bedrooms is perfect for a large family or group of friends to share a meal or hunker down in bad weather. 

And if you don’t need all 3 rooms, the dividers are removable, so the whole tunnel tent can be one large open space. 

Overall, if you need a classic tunnel tent that can stand up to the elements, the Vango Odyssey is the best choice.


  • Extremely water-resistant
  • Well-designed layout
  • Plastic windows for visibility even in the rain
  • Stands up to high winds
  • Gear loft


  • Not the largest tent on the list
  • High-quality waterproofing limits breathability

#11 Coleman Connectable Tent

Best Connectable Tent

Floor area: Variable
Weight: 44 lbs
Height: 73 inches
Capacity: 6 – 9 people (more with add-ons)
Waterproof: Yes
Doors: 4
Features: Connectable with up to 3 other tents, electrical cord port 

Can’t decide between a 6 person or a 10 person tent?

The Coleman Connectable Tent has you covered.

If you want a truly flexible camping tent system, this is the way to go. 

The Coleman Connectable Tent comes with one large six-person main tent and one three-person connectable tent.

The main room fits two queen-sized mattresses and the 3 person tent holds one. 

You can connect up to three smaller tents to the main tent, which means you can have a 9, 12, or 15 person tent depending on your needs (you can even attach two 6 person tents together for a truly palatial camping setup).

The dividers between the tents are full coverage and zip-closable (like the doors on a tent), which are better than a simple fabric divider.

They offer maximum privacy and separation between spaces. 

Lastly, the connectable feature isn’t the only thing this tent has going for it.

There’s also Coleman’s Weathertec waterproofing system, welded floors, plenty of space for gear storage, and an extended awning that covers the doors. 

Otherwise, if you want two traditional, non-connecting tents in these sizes, check out our round-up of the best tents for four, sixand eight people.


  • Flexibility – space for 6-15 people
  • Fast pitch system with pre-attached poles
  • Electrical cord port and gear storage


  • Not full standing height in 3 person tents
  • Not as durable or waterproof as other tents

Why Buy a 3 Room Tent?


If you want to make sure everyone has all the space they need, tents with 3 rooms tend to be larger and more spacious.

You’ll have space for both campers and gear in a tent with three rooms.

best 3 room tent


No matter how much space a tent has, it won’t feel large if you’re sharing your space with 10 other people.

Separate rooms mean campers can change, sleep, or just get some space without disturbing one another.


You don’t have to use all three rooms in your tent for housing people.

If you’re traveling with a lot of gear, or just want a place for muddy shoes or bulky items, a three-room tent can help with organization. 

Anything you might need frequent access to on your trip can be kept out and available in one room of the tent, but still out of the way of the sleeping space.

Convenient Enough For Car Camping

If you’re car camping, you’re likely going to drive right up to your spot.

In that case, there’s no need to prioritize weight or portability. 

A multi-room tent will give you a palatial set up at camp, with space for hanging out inside in case of bad weather.

Looking for more tent options? Check out our guides to the best waterproof tents, tunnel tents, 10-person tents, insulated tents, tents with a stove jack, and winter tents.

How Big is a 3 Room Tent?

Most 3 room tents weigh at least 40 pounds and many come in over 50 lbs.

They often have wheeled carry bags to make them easier to move around.

Most are about six feet high and around 150-200 square feet.

How Much Does a 3 Room Tent Cost?

Because they’re so large, these tents can get expensive.

The cheapest ones will run $200-$400. 

If you want a 10+ person tent for camping in serious weather, expect to spend over $500.

How to Choose the Best 3 Room Tent


It’s best to overestimate how much space you’ll need.

If you’re camping with four people, pick a five or six-person tent to make sure you’ll have enough room for everyone along with their gear.

Standing Height

Most three-room tents are tall enough to stand inside.

However, some have sloping sides, so there’s a limited area that’s full height. 

If headspace is a priority or you’re camping with tall people, make sure to pick a tent with vertical walls so there’s adequate standing height in most of the tent.  

Also, make sure your tent is at least 75 or 76 inches (6’3” or 6’4”) so people have room to move around under the gear loft or lantern that usually hangs from the ceiling.


Ventilation is key in a tent for camping with larger groups.

Look for models with vents at both the ceiling and ground level for the best airflow throughout the tent. 

Also, be sure that each of the tent rooms has a vent or a window, even with all the dividers up.

Removable Room Dividers

The most flexible tents with 3 rooms have multiple dividers that can be added or removed as necessary. 

While some dividers zip into place, others simply tie in with hooks or just swing closed like a curtain.

In general, dividers with a zipper close will offer the most reliable separation and privacy.

Number of Doors

More doors is always better!

Aim for at least two doors and preferably a door for every compartment of the tent.

3 room camping tents


Not every tent needs to be weatherproof!

Don’t waste your money on a rugged tent if all you need is a simple family tent with rooms for fair-weather car camping.

If you do need serious weather resistance, choose a model with a large rainfly that covers most of the tent (no zip-closed windows) and make sure the fabric is waterproof-treated

While water is your most common weather problem, high winds are also a challenge for a large tent.

Choose a tunnel or a dome tent with a lot of guy out points to stand up best to the wind.

Want to make sure you’re fully protected from the weather? Check out our recommendations for the best tent waterproofing sprays.


Most family tents with rooms just aren’t that tough.

They’re designed for short, minimally demanding trips.

If you need a more durable 3 room shelter, make sure yours has seam-sealed, double-stitched seams and uses aluminum or steel poles instead of weaker fiberglass ones. 

In general, tents made by outdoor brands like Vango will be the most durable.

Read our full guide to the best camping canopies and shelters.

tent with different rooms


You can easily find a basic 3 room tent for around $250 from a brand like Ozark Trail or Coleman. 

However, massive, ultra-luxurious tents like the Ozark Trail Hazel Creek can cost over $400.

The most expensive tents are not the largest but those made with the most modern, high-quality materials, like ultralight nylon and aluminum.

How Easy it is to Set-Up

The easiest tent to set up is a 3 room instant cabin tent.

They come with pre-attached poles that simply move into place when they’re unfolded.

Fast pitch tents come partially assembled, but take more steps than an instant cabin tent. 

Most traditional tents are fairly easy to set up nowadays, but it’s still time-consuming to set up a large tent.

Go with a 3 room instant cabin tent if you want an easy setup.

And if fast setup is your number one concern, check out our list of the best pop-up tents, instant tents, and inflatable tents for easy camping.

Weight & Portability

A tent large enough to have three rooms is likely pretty heavy.

Even the lightest three-room tents are usually over 20 pounds.

Luckily, wheeled carry bags make them more portable. 

If weight and portability are important to you, a connectable tent is a good choice since you won’t have to lug the whole thing around in one piece.

Extra Features

As a bare minimum, almost all tents should have a rainfly and plenty of interior pockets. 

Extra space features like a screen room or awning are welcome on almost any trip. 

Fancy bells and whistles like integrated LED lights and projector screens are great, but they won’t make or break the tent the way a well placed door or window will. 

If you’re new to the camping world or just want to brush up on your tent lingo, Backcountry’s Tent Buying Guide has you covered.

They break down all the different tent styles and features available today.

Conclusion – What is the Best 3 Room Tent?

The best 3 room tent is always going to be the best one for your needs.

For casual family camping, we’d recommend the Ozark Trail 12 Person Cabin Tent for its unique layout and flexible awning space. 

If you want something that will turn heads at camp, the Ozark Trail Hazel Creek Cabin Tent is a steal given its best-in-class features like a projector screen and closets. 

Or, if you want a serious camping tent, either the Vango Purbeck or Odyssey is the best choice (depending on how much space you need).

No other tents match them for build or material quality.

family tent with rooms


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