15 BEST Kayak Trailers for Easy Transport [2024 Guide]

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Short on time? Our pick for the best kayak trailer is the Malone Auto Racks MicroSport 4-Boat FoldAway J Kayak Trailer.

Check out this guide to finding the best kayak trailer for safe and easy watersport fun.

Are you psyched for summer but get anxious about transporting your water toys? I can relate.

The one and only time we hauled kayaks for a paddling trip, my boyfriend was a mess the entire time–to the point that it wasn’t even enjoyable. 

We loaded the kayaks on top of our cab-over-camper but had to bring them down every night we used the camper, and it was a serious pain in the butt. 

Not to mention we were a little freaked out driving with such a high-profile vehicle in the wind. Ugh. I wouldn’t opt to do it again. A trailer for hauling kayaks would have made the whole trip so much easier. 

I know what you’re thinking–is it worth buying a trailer just for kayaks? Well, if you want to paddle frequently, it certainly might be! 

Many kayak-specific trailers are actually multi-use, so you can use the trailer for bikes, gearboxes, or even hauling lumber or furniture. 

Below I’ve rounded up the top kayak trailers on the market so you can make the most of your summer on the water. Plus, I’ve included a buying guide to explain what to look for in a good kayak trailer.

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you so I can keep providing free travel advice and tips.

A close-up of a stack of orange and yellow kayaks, an example of some of the best kayaks deserve the best kayak trailers.

#1 Portage Pal T-2000 Canoe/Kayak Trailer

Product image for the Portage Pal T-2000 Canoe-Kayak Trailer.

Our Rating: 4.6/5
Length: 10′
Weight Capacity: Not listed
Number of Kayaks: 2
Ball size: 1 ⅞’’ (2’’ optional)

Do you want a simple, affordable dedicated dual kayak trailer? Check out the Portage Pal T-2000 Canoe/Kayak Trailer

This simple t-bar-style trailer has a galvanized steel frame with powder coating to resist rust. It also features an adjustable tongue length to fit kayaks or canoes up to 12 feet long. 

The Portage Pal has coil spring suspension for a smooth ride. The product description says it can carry two or more kayaks; however, based on the size and the weight capacity, I wouldn’t load more than two on the Portage Pal. 

The license plate holder is a little low, so it may scrape the ground if you go over rough terrain. 

That said, everyone agrees that this kayak/canoe trailer is easy to assemble, and the customer service is very responsive.


  • Galvanized and powder-coated steel frame
  • Adjustable tongue
  • Coil spring suspension
  • Kayak and canoe compatible
  • Easy assembly


  • Weight capacity not listed
  • License plate holder too low to the ground

#2 Rambo Bikes Canoe and Kayak Trailer

Product image for the Rambo Bikes Canoe and Kayak Trailer.

Our Rating:4.8/5
Length: 10 ft
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Number of Kayaks: 1
Ball Size: N/A

Do you like to adventure on your bike or e-bike? The Rambo Bikes Canoe Trailer is the perfect little tag-along to get your kayak to the water. 

Few kayak trailers are compatible with bikes, so I included the Rambo Bikes Kayak/Canoe trailer for those of you looking to haul both.

There’s a lot to like about this little trailer. First, it’s the lightest kayak trailer on the list at just 33 pounds. The contact points have padding to prevent dents on your boat, plus it comes with ratchet straps. 

The entire trailer extends up to 10 feet long, and the package is affordable. 

One downside to the Rambo Bikes Canoe Trailer is that you can only haul one kayak at a time, and you’ll need the Rambo luggage rack to hitch it to your bike.

Despite its limitations, it’s the best single kayak trailer on my list.


  • Padded contact points
  • Bike trailer
  • Lightweight trailer weight (33 lbs)
  • Affordable
  • It comes with ratchet straps


  • Single kayaks only
  • Rambo luggage rack required

#3 Malone Auto Racks Microsport Trailer

Product image for the Malone Auto Racks MicroSport 4-Boat FoldAway-J Kayak Trailer Package.

Our Rating: 5/5
Length: 13.25′
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
Number of Kayaks: 4
Ball Size: 2″

Malone is a top name in kayak trailers, and the Malone Auto Racks MicroSport 4-Boat FoldAway J Kayak Trailer is one of their most popular kayak trailers. 

This high-end folding kayak trailer has an alloy steel frame with a 350-pound weight limit and can fit up to four kayaks. 

This Malone kayak trailer has J-rack cradles for secure kayak loading and can accommodate boats up to 19 feet long. 

As an added plus, these J-rack cradles fold down if you want to attach a stand-up paddleboard in addition to a single kayak. 

As with most kayak carriers, this one requires some assembly, and while the instructions are easy to understand, you should plan to spend at least three hours putting it together. 

Finally, you will pay for the quality of this trailer, and this one is on the more expensive side.


  • Foldable J-rack kayak trailer
  • Coated steel rails
  • Can transport boats up to 19′.
  • Durable construction


  • Expensive
  • Assembly is time-consuming

#4 Malone MegaSport LowBed Kayak Trailer

Product image for the Malone MegaSport LowBed Kayak Trailer.

Our Rating: 4.9/5
Length: 14′ 6″
Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs
Number of Kayaks: 2
Ball Size: 2″

The Malone MegaSport LowBed Kayak Trailer is one of the best fishing kayak-compatible trailers. 

This heavy-duty trailer accomdates heavy fishing kayaks. The Malone MegaSport features marine-grade galvanized steel, meaning you can back it into the water without fear of damaging the trailer.

The LowBed design makes it easy to load heavy fishing trailers, and the lockable gearbox gives you room to store other kayaking accessories

This trailer is unique in its double-decker design, so you can stack kayaks. 

The tongue length is expandable, giving you space to transport kayaks up to 20 feet long.

Finally, you can expect a smooth ride with the Malone Megasport. The leaf spring suspension (a common type for wheeled vehicles) will make handling a breeze. 

The trailer weight is relatively high on this trailer (425 lbs), but that’s what you need for such a considerable weight capacity (1000 lbs). 

I only gave it a 4.9 rather than a five due to how many kayaks it can hold (only two!), and for such an expensive trailer, I wish you could haul more.


  • Built specifically for kayak anglers
  • Submersible
  • Easy to load
  • Locking cargo box


  • Expensive
  • Time-consuming to assemble
  • It only holds two kayaks

#5 Seattle Sports Paddleboy ATC All Terrain Center Kayak and Canoe Dolly

Product image for the Seattle Sports Paddleboy ATC All Terrain Center Kayak and Canoe Dolly.

Our Rating: 4.6/5
Length: 30.5″
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Number of Kayaks:1
Ball Size: N/A

If you’re looking for a lightweight kayak trailer to help you portage your boat between your car and the water, you should check out the Seattle Sports Paddleboy ATC Kayak and Canoe Dolly

I have seriously almost broken my back moving a standard canoe just a few feet, so I love the idea of a kayak/canoe dolly. 

The Seattle Sports Paddleboy folds down to a flat, low-profile dolly, so it’s easy to fit in your car. 

The trailer weight is very low–just 16 pounds and the contact points have padding so you don’t scrape your boat.


  • Inexpensive
  • Folds down for easy storage
  • Very light trailer weight 
  • Works with canoes, paddle boards, and kayaks


  • Not suitable for trailers with a vehicle

#6 Right-On Ruff Sport Trailer

Product image for the Right-On Ruff Sport Trailer.

Our Rating: 4.8/5
Length: 11.5′
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Number of Kayaks: 2
Ball Size: Not listed

If you want an affordable, versatile kayak trailer, the Right-On Ruff Sport Trailer might suit you. This galvanized steel multi-sport trailer can fit one kayak and two bikes– or two boats if you forgo the bikes.

The 64″ crossbars are compatible with any roof rack accessory from major brands like Thule and Yakima, plus the fold-up tongue makes it easier to store in a small space. It’s compatible with kayaks, bikes, and even cargo boxes, making the Right-On trailer multi-use.

I couldn’t find the size of the ball hitch listed, and although the product description says it has “soft springs to absorb road vibration,” I couldn’t find more detailed tech specs. 

As an affordable trailer, you get what you pay for. The Ruff Sport trailer isn’t submersible; some users thought it lacked adequate tie-down points.


  • Multi-use trailer
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Universal crossbar size
  • Fold up tongue


  • Inexpensive construction
  • Not submersible 
  • Lacks secure tie-down point

#7 Malone Microsport Trailer

Product image for the Malone Microsport Trailer.

Our Rating: 4.8/5
Length: 8.5′
Weight Capacity: 800 lbs
Number of Kayaks: 4
Ball Size: 2″

I like the Malone Microsport XT Trailer for several reasons. It’s one of Malone’s cheaper trailers, but it still has many great features. 

First, this galvanized steel trailer is the newer version of their popular MicroSport Kayak Trailer. It hauls up to four trailers and has a massive weight limit of 800 lbs. 

The tongue is removable and retractable; you can transport boats up to 19 feet long. 

The lights on this trailer are Department of Transportation (DOT) approved, which is fantastic because trailer lights are always one of the first things to break. 

If you buy this trailer, be aware that sometimes it ships without all the parts and that assembly will take a few hours.


  • High weight capacity
  • Removable/retractable tongue
  • DOT-approved lights
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Hauls up to four kayaks


  • Expensive
  • Assembly is time-consuming
  • It may not arrive with all the necessary parts

#8 Yakima Rack and Roll 78″ Multi-Sport Gear Trailer

Product image for the Yakima Rack and Roll 78" Multi-Sport Gear Trailer.

Our Rating: 4.8/5
Length: 11′
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs (350 lbs with Heavy-Duty Shocks)
Number of Kayaks: 4
Ball Size: 2″

The Yakima Rack and Roll 78″ Multi-Sport Gear Trailer is a much loved T-rack kayak trailer. This Yakima kayak trailer has a simple design that allows you to add any roof rack accessory.

Using the adjustable crossbars, you can take multiple kayaks, bikes, or gearboxes with this trailer. 

I also like that it has a removable tongue and wheels and that you can use the carrying handle to convert it into a handcart. 

The lights are LEDs which means they should last for several years, and it has 4″ of shock absorption. 

This trailer has a low weight limit compared to other trailers on my list (250 lbs), but you can beef it up to 350 lbs if you buy the Heavy-Duty Shocks separately.


  • Removable tongue and wheels
  • The carrying handle converts it to a handcart
  • LED trailer lights
  • Adjustable crossbars


  • Low max weight limit
  • Expensive

#9 Ironton Personal Watercraft Kit

Product image for the Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit.

Our Rating: 4.5/5
Length: 10.5′
Weight Capacity: 610 lbs
Number of Kayaks:
Ball Size: 1 ⅞”

The Ironton Personal Watercraft Trailer is perfect for moving a single jet ski, canoe, or kayak. Unlike other kayak trailers on my list, this trailer is designed explicitly for wider boats like jet skis. 

This trailer’s setup is relatively time-consuming and the company has an unfortunate track record with shipping packaging, meaning it may arrive damaged.

Regardless of these downsides, there are still good reasons to love this trailer. 

For one thing, the Ironton Personal Watercraft Trailer is one of the most affordable trailers on my list. 

It has padded contact points to protect your boat, a powder-coated finish to protect it from rust, and large 12″ tires for smooth riding.


  • Great for jet skis, canoes, and kayaks
  • Powder-coat finish
  • Large 12″ tires
  • Includes lights
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for more than one kayak 
  • May arrived damaged
  • It takes many hours to put together

#10 Smith MultiSport Trailer

Product image for the Smith MultiSport Trailer.

Our Rating: 4.6/5
Length: 11.6′
Weight Capacity: 800 lbs
Number of Kayaks: 2
Ball Size: 1 ⅞”

If you have recreational kayaks under 12′ long, the Smith MultiSport Trailer might be a good choice. 

This galvanized steel trailer has a huge weight capacity of 800 pounds and is suited to kayaks and other personal watercraft. 

Smith has done everything it can to make assembly straightforward with their MultiSport trailer, including creating DVD instructions (if you have a DVD player 😟) and a detailed photo step-by-step guide. 

Their kit includes both a boat winch and a winch stand if you need to load a larger boat, or you can transport up to two kayaks. 

I wish that the tongue were adjustable or removable. However, it’s not, which means this trailer may take up quite a bit of space in your yard. 

Finally, many kayaks are over 12′ long (particularly sea and tandem kayaks), so this is only a good option if you have a shorter recreational or whitewater kayak.


  • Galvanized steel
  • DVD assembly instructions
  • Accommodates boats up to 12′ long
  • Boat winch and winch stand included


  • Won’t fit sea kayaks or some tandem kayaks
  • Tongue not adjustable

#11 Ultra-Tow Folding Aluminum Utility Trailer Kit

Product image for the Ultra-Tow Folding Aluminum Utility Trailer Kit.

Our Rating: 4.5/5
Length: 8′
Weight Capacity: 1,170 lbs
Number of Kayaks: 2
Ball Size: 1 ⅞”

If you’re looking for a kayak trailer that folds up (thus minimizing the storage space you need), you might be interested in the Ultra-Tow Folding Aluminum Utility Trailer Kit

This budget buy is possibly the best aluminum kayak trailer on my list. Although it doesn’t have the durability of galvanized steel, the aluminum frame won’t rust and is lightweight. 

You can use the flatbed, open-frame trailer to haul any type of gear, and it comes with an LED light kit for safety. 

I love the idea of foldable kayak trailers, but you should know that many folks need help folding these trailers up. 

Further, the assembly can be complicated with this trailer because the pre-fabricated holes don’t line up. 

If you’re a handy person comfortable with power tools, this may not be a problem.


  • It folds up for easy storage
  • You can use it with a wide variety of gear
  • LED light kit


  • It may require significant alterations to assemble it correctly
  • Difficult to fold

#12 Yakima EasyRider High Trailer

Product image for the Yakima EasyRider High Trailer.

Our Rating: 5/5
Length: 14.4′
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
Number of Kayaks: 4
Ball Size: 2″

My pick for the best kayak trailer with dual levels is the Yakima EasyRider High Trailer. If you’re a serious kayaker/outdoors person, I suggest you splurge on this high-end multi-use trailer. 

First, the EasyRider High Trailer has a double-decker design. You can load four kayaks (up to 19′ long), load the boats on the bottom tier, and use the top level for a cargo box, bikes, or one of Yakima’s rooftop tents. 

The EasyRider has an aluminum frame– a plus because it makes the trailer lightweight but a con because it means the overall weight capacity is a little low. 

The EasyRider has a foldable tongue for compact storage and promises smooth riding at highway speeds thanks to the shock absorbers.  

The main downside to this premium product is the premium price.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Double-decker style for max gear storage
  • Folding tongue 
  • Compatible with Yakima rooftop tents (sold separately)


  • Low max weight limit
  • Expensive

#13 Malone Microsport 2 Boat MegaWing Kayak Trailer Package

Product image for the Malone Microsport 2 Boat MegaWing Kayak Trailer Package.

Our Rating: 4.9/5
Length: 8.5″
Weight Capacity: 800 lbs
Number of Kayaks: 2
Ball Size: 2″

Malone has done it again with their MicroSport 2 Boat MegaWing Kayak Trailer Package. This package includes the standard MicroSport trailer with 2-boat J-Rack kayak carriers so you can immediately hit the water. 

This much-loved trailer has a galvanized steel frame with 60″ wide aluminum cross rails. Most kayak trailers don’t include a spare tire, but the MicroSport does (just be sure to put a lock on it so it doesn’t walk away).  

The assembly on this 2-boat J-Rack trailer is relatively straightforward, although it will likely still take you a few hours to assemble.

For the price, I wish the MicroSport could hold more than two kayaks. Additionally, invest in a kickstand for this kayak trailer. Otherwise, it can get off-balance when loaded with gear.


  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Spare tire included
  • Includes SeaWing kayak carriers
  • Assembly is straightforward


  • Needs a kickstand
  • It requires a lock on the spare tire
  • It only holds two kayaks

#14 Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack Kayak Trailer Package

Product image for the Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack Kayak Trailer Package.

Our Rating: 4.9/5
Length: 10′ 6″
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Number of Kayaks: 2
Ball Size: 2″

The Malone Ecolight 2-Boat V-Rack Trailer Package has all the excellent features you’ve come to expect on Malone’s Ecolight 2-boat J-rack kayak trailers, just with two V-racks rather than J-racks. 

V-racks are an excellent choice for wide kayaks, like fishing kayaks, and some people find them easier to load than the Ecolight 2-boat J-racks because you simply place the kayaks on their bottoms rather than on their sides, as with J-racks. 

The Malone Ecolight 2-Boat trailer can fit up to two 14-foot kayaks and features marine-grade galvanized steel (meaning you can back it into the water) plus powder-coated wheels for extra rust resistance. 

Finally, the Malone Ecolight 2-Boat trailer has an adjustable tongue and leaf spring suspension for a smooth ride. 

As always, I wish you could haul more than two boats with this trailer, but that’s my preference.


  • Marine-grade galvanized steel
  • Leaf spring suspension for a smooth ride
  • Powder-coated wheels 
  • Adjustable tongue
  • Built-in kayak cradles


  • Can only haul two boats

#15 Harbor Freight Haul Master Kayak Trailer

Product image for the Harbor Freight Haul Master Kayak Trailer.

Our Rating: 4.8/5
Length: 8′
Weight Capacity: 1720 lbs
Number of Kayaks: 2
Ball Size: 2″

My boyfriend loves Harbor Freight because of their affordable man toys, so this list wouldn’t complete without the Harbor Freight Haul Master Kayak Trailer

This affordable folding kayak trailer has the most positive reviews of almost any of the other trailers on my list. 

The two features that make it stand out from other trailers are the huge weight capacity (1720 lbs) and the fact that this trailer tilts down for easy loading. 

The Harbor Fright trailer has a leaf spring suspension for a smooth ride and a steel frame with a baked enamel finish to prevent corrosion. 

It’s an excellent, high-quality trailer, especially for the price. 

The two main downsides to the Harbor Freight Haul Master Kayak Trailer are that it is only available in stores and lacks assembly instructions.


  • Enormous weight capacity
  • Tilting, folding trailer
  • Affordable
  • Three-leaf spring suspension


  • Available in-stores only
  • Assembly instructions are bad

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Trailer for a Kayak

Three brightly-colored kayaks on a blue kayak trailer parked on a beach with a turquoise ocean in the background.

What to Look for in Kayak Trailers

To help give you kayak trailer rack ideas, check out this video from three top kayak trailer sales associates regarding what to look for. 

Number of Kayaks

Many of the most popular kayak trailers can fit up to four kayaks. If you need to haul more than four kayaks, you may need to look at stacked trailers like double-decker buses for yaks. 

Weight Capacity

Always respect your kayak trailer weight capacity! 

Just as you would build in some buffer space for a kayak weight capacity, it’s a good idea to stay under the weight capacity of your kayak trailer. This is true whether you’re carrying kayaks or loaded camping gear on too. 

Trailer Length

Ensure your kayak trailer is long enough for your kayaks before you buy. Most kayak trailers can easily fit recreational kayaks, but if you have tandem kayaks or sea kayaks, you may need an exceptionally long trailer or one with an expandable tongue. 

The tongue is the piece of metal that connects the trailer to your hitch. A longer tongue length means you can fit longer kayaks. 

Ideally, the tongue is expandable so that you can adjust the trailer for your specific needs. 


The hardest part of any kayaking trip is hauling kayaks in and out of the water, which is why you should always go for a submersible trailer if you can. 

You can back many of the top kayak trailers into the water, minimizing the distance you’ll have to carry the boat over land. 

Some kayak trailers even have swim-up saddles to paddle right over the saddle, dismount, and hook the yak in.



Not all trailers are durable enough for dirt-road travel. If you must take your kayak carrier on a dirt road, look for large, puncture-resistant tires.


A durable kayak trailer. I like to see descriptions like “marine grade galvanized steel frame” or “galvanized heavy duty axle.” 

Powder-coated finishes are also popular on kayak carriers that will be used around saltwater. 

Extra Gear Storage/Multi-sport

If you need to transport kayaks plus other outdoor gear, look for a multi-sport kayak trailer. 

A multi-sport trailer will have room for kayaks and storage space for bulky toys like mountain bikes. 

Security Lock Box

My boyfriend gets really paranoid when we go shopping in town with our bikes on the back of the truck. 

To avoid paranoia (and theft), look for kayak trailers with lockable storage boxes and loops to tie kayaks securely. 

Ease of Assembly

Many trailers for kayaks require assembly. 

Kayak trailer assembly is essential to get right; you’d risk the safety of other drivers and yourself if something went wrong with your trailer on the road. 

If you’re uncomfortable with a wrench, look for a pre-made kayak trailer. 

Types of Kayak Trailers

An orange kayak strapped to a small kayak trailer for a bike, sitting on a concrete driveway with pine trees behind it.

Bike Trailers/Car Trailers

First, it’s important to say that there are trailers for bikes and trailers for cars. A bike trailer is perfect if you have a single kayak and live near water. 

You should get a kayak trailer for car trips if you have more than one kayak.  

T-Bar Trailers

T-bar trailers usually have two metal bars attached to a simple chassis. 

These no-frills trailers are perfect for adding roof rack accessories like rocket boxes, bike holders, or kayak holders. Note that you can add a J-rack kayak holder to a T-bar trailer. 

T-bar trailers can usually fit two kayaks. Depending on the design, they may fit more. 

J-Rack Kayak Trailer

The J-rack design looks like a big padded “J” in which you sit the kayak sideways.

If you have multiple kayaks, really expensive kayaks you want to protect, or an easy way to attach your yak to a trailer, J-rack kayak trailers might be for you. 

V-Rack Kayak Trailer

A V-rack kayak trailer allows you to set your kayaks flat on their bellies rather than on their sides as you would with a J-rack. V-racks may be the best kayak trailers for wider vessels like fishing kayaks, and they generate less wind resistance than J-racks. 

Some people find V-racks easier to load since you’re simply setting the kayak down rather than getting it on its side. 

Multi-Sport Trailer

Finally, a multi-sport trailer might be for you if you have many outdoor toys to haul. These kayak carriers have attachment points for bikes, and sometimes they have lockable gearboxes too.

FAQs About Kayak Trailers

Five orange kayaks strapped onto a kayak trailer driving down a city street.

Are kayak trailers worth it?

Kayak trailers are totally worth it if you have a vehicle with a tow hitch and you have to carry more than two kayaks. 

If your car doesn’t have a tow hitch, adding an aftermarket tow hitch can be expensive (and, dare I say, janky). Further, depending on the number of kayaks you need to haul, using a roof rack may be more manageable. 

However, a kayak trailer will be well worth the money if you have a tow hitch and need to carry multiple kayaks (more than two). You’ll get extra storage space, plus it will be so much easier to load than a roof rack. 

How much is a kayak trailer?

The best-rated kayak trailers can run upwards of $4,000, while the cheapest kayak trailer will be just a few hundred dollars. 

You can also make a DIY kayak trailer for the price of a standard flatbed trailer and a few tow straps. 

Who makes the best kayak trailers?

The best-reviewed kayak trailers include:

  • Malone Microsport 2 Boat MegaWing Kayak Trailer Package
  • Yakima Rack and Roll 78″ Multi-Sport Gear Trailer
  • Yakima EasyRider High Trailer
  • Harbor Freight Haul Master Kayak Trailer
  • Malone Microsport XT Trailer

Should kayaks be on the roof or a trailer? What is the most secure way to transport a kayak?

You can safely use both roof racks and kayak trailers. The choice of which to use depends on your preference and situation. 

Whether it’s better to use a roof rack or a tow-behind kayak carrier depends on how many kayaks you’re hauling, how comfortable you are driving with a trailer, and how capable you are of lifting a kayak off the roof of your vehicle. 

If you just have a single kayak and can lift it onto the roof of your vehicle, a roof rack may be the simplest, safest option. 

If you have multiple kayaks and cannot lift them onto a roof-based kayak rack, a kayak trailer will be your best option. 

Can you haul kayaks on a regular trailer?

Yes, you can use a regular flatbed trailer to haul kayaks. Just ensure that the trailer fits the maximum kayak length or that you’ve flagged the end of the kayak if it sticks over the end of the trailer (required by law in many states).  

How far can a kayak hang out of a trailer?

Don’t let more than 25% of the total kayak length hang out the end of a truck bed or trailer. You want at least 75% of the kayak length inside the trailer or truck. 

Reasons to Purchase a Kayak Trailer

They’re Easier to Load than Roof Racks

Unless you’re a very tall and strong person, it’s difficult to load a 70+ lb kayak onto the roof of a vehicle. Kayak trailers are much lower to the ground, making getting a boat onto one much easier. 

They’re More Aerodynamic

Having a kayak on the roof of your vehicle creates drag that negatively impacts your fuel efficiency. 

Towing a kayak trailer behind your vehicle prevents this drag, making it easier and safer to haul kayaks in windy conditions. 

You can use them for Multiple Purposes

If you hate to buy an expensive trailer that you can only use for kayaks, don’t worry. Many trailers for kayaks have simple designs that make them suitable for more than just kayaks. 

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Kayak Trailer

A two-wheeled boat trailer sitting in some waves on a sandy beach.

Kayak trailers may be more expensive than a simple roof rack, but they’re well worth the expense for their ease of loading. 

Whether you’re hauling more than two kayaks or have a single kayak but lack the upper body strength to load a yak onto your roof, a kayak trailer can be a life (and back) saver. 

After reading about a zillion kayak trailer reviews, I’ve chosen the  Malone Auto Racks MicroSport 4-Boat FoldAway J Kayak Trailer as the best kayak trailer for the money. 

Malone is a trusted name in kayak trailers, so I have no doubt you’ll be happy with your Malone purchase. 

If you buy a dedicated kayak trailer, you should be able to haul more than two boats, which you can do with the Auto Racks. 

I love that the Malone Auto Racks is a folding trailer, so you can store it easily when you’re done. The Auto Racks come with four J-racks, so you don’t need to buy any extra gear to load your yaks safely. 

Finally, I like that it can fit boats up to 19 feet long, plenty long enough for almost any kayak. 


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