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The Atlas Heart accommodation recommendations for where to stay around the world! I break down the best places to stay for every budget and travel style.

In this category, you will find city guides for where to stay, specific hotel, hostel, and bed and breakfast reviews, and everything in between.

If you’re looking for a dream stay for your next vacation, look through this archive for all the travel inspiration you’ll need to find the perfect accommodation.

A good accommodation can make your trip that much better, so you can rest assured that all of these recommendations are well-researched or experienced first-hand.

I also believe that anyone should be able to enjoy travel no matter how much they earn per year, so I focus on a wide range of options – from budget to mid-range and luxury – to fit all different types of budgets.

Where to Stay in Ho Chi Minh City: Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint Hotel

Where to Stay in Ho Chi Minh City: Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint Hotel

Where to stay in Ho Chi Minh City! Find out what my favorite hotel in the city is and why I loved it so much (hint: It wasn’t just for its stunning rooftop pool).

Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint Hotel was by far one of the best hotels I stayed at in Asia. If you’re planning a trip to Vietnam and wondering where to stay in Ho Chi Minh City, I’d recommend checking out Liberty Central.

From the moment my friend Kelsey and I stepped into the Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint Hotel, we were welcomed as valued guests. After check-in, we grabbed fresh guava juice from the downstairs bar and sighed into our cushy chairs, taking in the expansive and open lobby with neutral tones and clean design.

Yes, we could definitely stay here for a while.

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A Home Away from Home in Victoria: The Oswego Hotel

The Oswego Hotel in Victoria, Canada

I rocked up in the hippie shuttle van from my last accommodation to an elegant building called The Oswego Hotel – my new home for the next two nights. At that time, I didn’t realize just how delightful my room would be, it would literally feel like a home away from home during my time in Canada.

When I walked inside the lobby, the woman who checked me in asked me what it was like riding in the hippie van around town, it looked like such a fun van and she had seen it around Victoria before. We continued to have a friendly chat about the city, where she was from in Canada, and about my trip and why I was there. Even though The Oswego Hotel is a classy establishment that would be considered chic by most, it didn’t have the pretentiousness that some nicer hotels tend to have. I loved it.

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Best Hotels in Victoria BC: A Review of Hotel Zed

best hotels in victoria bc - Hotel Zed

Hotel Zed is one of the best hotels in Victoria BC for its unique character, colorful decor, and affordable price. This is a full review of my stay.

I hopped on the local bus, just a few minutes walk from the ferry station in Victoria. I proudly presented my Canadian dollars to the machine with the correct change and got my bus pass for the day to head uptown to one of the best hotels in Victoria BC, Hotel Zed, for my first accommodation in the city.

A short 10 or so minutes later and we were already at my stop, or at least I thought we were. I got up quickly, right as the bus started moving again, and I almost fell flat on my face to the horror of those on the full bus.

I could actually hear a synchronized sharp intake of breath by everyone on board until I caught myself as gracefully as a could with my big duffel in hand and quickly jumped off the bus like I knew exactly where I was going. Just a day in the life of me.

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A Local’s Getaway: Gallatin River Lodge

A Local's Getaway - Gallatin River Lodge

On a stunning property next to the Gallatin River and just west of Bozeman, you’ll find the tucked away gem, Gallatin River Lodge. After Kendall and I spent our quick day around downtown Bozeman, we drove the short distance in the late afternoon to the winter hideaway and discovered one of the most beautiful spots of Southwest Montana in the process.

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Best of Budget Luxury: Holiday Inn Missoula Downtown

Best of Budget Luxury: The Holiday Inn Downtown Missoula

The Holiday Inn gets a bad rap for being a generic hotel chain, and before I actually stayed at a nice one, I would’ve completely agreed with the naysayers. However, after staying at the Holiday Inn Missoula Downtown, I can safely say that I was more than a little impressed with what I found at this particular location.

Although there were the generic aspects you tend to find at every other hotel chain, such as 70’s style interior that needs some serious sprucing up, drab carpet, and standard room sizes, there were enough positive aspects about my stay to more than make up for these minuscule touches.

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A Wine Weekend Getaway with Hotel Valencia Santana Row

Weekend Getaway with Hotel Valencia Santana Row

A review of my wine weekend with Hotel Valencia Santana Row in San Jose. This is why it’s an idea getaway for couples or girlfriend getaways.

As we hit the switch, the lights flooded the plush room and my sister and I let out a little gasp of glee. It was as if we had just stepped into Spain. Everything, from the furnishings to the view of the rolling hills in the distance, made me want to relax in luxury.

The wide slated double doors leading out to the balcony were reminiscent of my little pink Italian apartment the summer I spent in Florence, Italy, just on a slightly grander scale.

This was the start of our weekend getaway with Hotel Valencia Santana Row.

To give you an idea of the area, Santana Row is the place to go shopping in San Jose. Even though I grew up in Santa Cruz, a mere 45 minute drive away, I’ve never fully explored San Jose. San Francisco always seemed to call me back time and time again. Continue Reading