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My First Income Report! How I Made $135 from Travel Blogging in August 2019

first travel blogging income report - August 2019

My first income report for The Atlas Heart! This is what I did in August 2019 to start building up my income streams on this blog. 

I did a thing in mid-July. I made a promise to myself and the greater internet world that I would finally give this whole full time blogging career a proper chance.

For the next year, I’m going to work my butt off to create a full time income from travel blogging. After six years of being a part-time travel blogger who had no clue how to monetize before a couple of years ago, I’m ready to take my corner of the internet to the next level. 

I plan to write these income reports at the end of every month to keep myself accountable and to track my progress for both myself and for anyone else who has thought of getting into blogging as a profession.

And for the many people who constantly ask me how I make money from blogging – you will find out soon!

I spent the past month and a half getting my strategy in check, setting up my first passive income streams, and finalizing my new blog design (which should hopefully be ready before mid-September).

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If You Don’t Like Something in Your Life, Change It

Yearly Wrap Up 2018 - Morocco

I’m writing this post because if I didn’t it would be all too easy to go back on my goals and keep living a life that doesn’t make me completely happy. It’s much easier to keep with the status quo, the hamster wheel I’ve been on for the past six years.

If you live a fairly comfortable life, it’s easy to forget to check in with where you’re at and if it’s actually a life that you’re satisfied with.

This has happened to me. A lot.

I get into my routines, my comfort zone, and I forget to keep working at what I imagined my life to be by 30. Or, when I’m not in the best mindset, I think that it’s too late to change things up because I already made so many wrong decisions in my 20s to make that life possible.

But that kind of thinking is just wrong. With the risk of sounding cheesy AF, it’s never too late to be who you want to be or to build a life that makes you inspired, proactive, and grinning from ear to ear on a daily basis.

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An InstaFAM Tour through Washington State

When I received the email from Matt at Travel Tacoma, inviting me on an InstaFAM tour with a bunch of talented Instagrammers and photographers, I was beyond ecstatic.

For those of you who aren’t bloggers or in the media, a FAM tour stands for “familiarization tour.” It’s generally a tour that is a number of days, hosted and put on by a tourism board or company to promote a destination or brand. This one was solely focused on Instagram and finding the prettiest spots around Tacoma, Gig Harbor, and Mt. Rainier. In other words, I was immersed for 4 days in finding the best views and most beautiful hidden spots in Washington. It was heaven.

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My First TBEX and Misadventures in Florida

My First TBEX and Misadventures in Florida

I’ve had a few people ask me to write about my experience at TBEX – an annual travel blogging conference that happens in 3 regions around the world every year.

So, since you asked for it, I created this monster of a post to cover all the bases behind TBEX and my overall trip to Florida. Make some tea and settle into a comfy seat to get through this beast. If you’re just looking for tips as a travel blogger, skip down to the bottom. If you’re just a reader who wants to know more about Southern Florida, start reading from Miami. Otherwise, enjoy and read on!

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