71 Fun & Best Things to do in Sacramento, California [Ultimate Bucket List]

101 things to do in Sacramento, California | The Ultimate Bucket List

Last updated: August 16, 2022 TL;DR: The best of the best things to do in Sacramento, California, are learning about its history through museums and tours, exploring the art and architecture around the city, enjoying locally grown foods, and visting its major park attractions. Here’s what to do: Sacramento might not be as popular with … Read more

How to Lazy Float the American River (American River Tubing Guide)

Floating the American River

TL;DR: Here’s a brief overview of how to lazy float the American River: There are a lot of great places to go tubing (aka lazy floating) in California, but one of the most popular spots is on the American River With a starting point that’s just outside of Sacramento, it’s one of the most convenient … Read more