50 Things to Do in Lake Tahoe, California (From a Regular Visitor)

things to do in lake tahoe, california

TL;DR: The best things to do in Lake Tahoe vary depending on the season, but our favorites are summer days at Sand Harbor Beach and hiking up to Cascade Falls, winter sports in Squaw Valley, and taking in scenic views year-round. Here are the best things to do by season: Even though I grew up … Read more

5 Best Lake Tahoe Beaches (And What to Know Before You Go)

best lake tahoe beaches

TL;DR: The two best Lake Tahoe beaches are Kings Beach in the North and Emerald Bay Beach in South Lake Tahoe. Kings Beach is Lake Tahoe’s primary beach, offering family-friendly facilities, including water sport rentals and shallower areas to play in, while Emerald Bay Beach is known for picturesque teal waters, boating, snorkeling, and the … Read more