A Guide to Getting a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa as an American

new zealand working holiday visa for americans

Learn everything there is know about getting a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa as an American. It’s as simple as filling out an online form in 15 minutes. My second installment on how to secure a work visa down under, this is my New Zealand edition where I’ll show you how easy it is to […]

8 Things to do in Taupo for an Adventurous Weekend

things to do in Taupo

The best things to do in Taupo – from the Tongariro Crossing to natural hot springs, street art, and skydiving. With a population of just over 20,000, there are a surprisingly large number of things to do in Taupo, a small mountain town surrounded by stunning landscapes in the middle of the North Island of […]

The 10 Best Things to do in Queenstown, New Zealand

things to do in queenstown new zealand

The best things to do Queenstown, New Zealand! From heart-racing adrenaline activities to local hotspots, you’ll find it all in this post. Queenstown is the epitome of adventure. Kiwis seem to have a fondness for one-upping each other over the craziest inventions (and this includes the amount of popular things to do in Queenstown that […]

Skydiving Taupo: Learning How to Fly in the Skydiving Capital of the World

Skydiving taupo, New Zealand

Skydiving Taupo was the most adventurous moment of my life. This was my experience getting outside of my comfort zone in the skydiving capital of the world. When I came to New Zealand, I knew I wanted to test my boundaries, face my fears, and open myself to new experiences. I was originally planning on […]

The Best Things to do in Gisborne for a Romantic Getaway

things to do in gisborne for a romantic getaway

The best things to do in Gisborne for a romantic getaway on the North Island of New Zealand! I’ve never been big on the whole Valentine’s Day mania. There’s an unnecessary amount of pressure put on couples to one up each other with gestures that show just how much they care for each other, while more often […]

The Best Things to do in Coromandel | The Ultimate Road Trip

things to do in coromandel

Looking for the best things to do in Coromandel? These are my favorite stops on a Coromandel Peninsula road trip. I only had one day in the Coromandel Peninsula, but I was astounded by the natural beauty I found in my short time there and just the amount of things to do in Coromandel on […]

The Best New Zealand Food to Try While Visiting the Country

new zealand food

My recommendations for the best New Zealand food to try after a year of living in the country. You may have noticed by now on this blog that I have a slight fondness for New Zealand. I’m enamored with the friendly people, the scenery, the Maori culture, and the wildlife, but would you be surprised […]

7 Must See Places in New Zealand

7 Must See Places in New Zealand - Milford Sound

*Note: this post contains affiliate links  Must see places in New Zealand to blow you away and give you a good overview of just how beautiful and diverse this country can be. New Zealand is the land of natural beauty. It’s a country that draws people from all over the world who want to experience […]

My Favorite Towers from Around the World

There’s something about a good city view. I love looking at skylines and seeing what the city maze looks like from above. It gives you a whole new perspective on a place and sometimes even makes you stand back in awe at the city planners, architects, and designers that created such an intricate place that […]

Why Auckland Surprised Me

Most people experience the largest city in New Zealand upon entry into the country, but I flew straight from tropical Queensland to Wellington and started working full-time. I didn’t get to experience Auckland for myself until my very last week in New Zealand.