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Video: How to Spend a Day (or Two) in Santa Cruz

How to Spend a Day (or Two) in Santa Cruz, California - From a Local

I’ve been focusing more on the video side of blogging recently. I wanted to share with you all my brand spanking new vlog around my hometown of Santa Cruz, California.

I spent a day filming around my favorite spots to give you a glimpse of Surf City USA from a local. If you enjoy the video, make sure to like it and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’ll be attempting to do weekly videos on there from all over the world, so stay tuned!

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Video: Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

As I continue to write up my time in the capital of British Columbia, I wanted to take a moment to show you through video how wonderful my short trip was this past month. I spent my days partaking in the best kind of outdoor activities, staring in awe at the architecture, sipping on craft beer, and finding the best color pops and artwork around the city.

Victoria is a very lovable little city, I hope you can get a sense of that through this video! I’m looking forward to sharing more about it with you this week and next. Stay tuned.

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