101 Best Things to Do in Montreal | The Ultimate Bucket List

101 things to do in Montreal | The Atlas Heart

The best things to do in Montreal! These are the places to eat, visit, and local experiences to have around my favorite city in Canada.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Montreal?

Is it poutine?

Francophone culture?

Maybe cold weather?

The aspect that I love about Montreal is that it doesn’t fit into one box.

Yes, the poutine is wonderful, but you can find authentic cuisine from all over the world throughout the city.

Yes, it is very Francophone compared to other parts of Canada (outside of Quebec), but it’s also a multilingual and multicultural cosmopolitan city.

Yes, the winters are freezing and the city goes into hibernation for a good part of the year, but as soon as summer hits, it’s one of the most vibrant cities in Canada.

There’s always something going on.

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The Most Common Stereotypes About the Balkans

travel misconceptions - the balkans

The Balkans is a region in Europe that has quite a few stereotypes attached to it. Learn about the most common ones from a local.

One of my goals on The Atlas Heart is to break down stereotypes or judgments about places and ideas. Perhaps it could be that destination that everyone warns you not to visit because of how dangerous it is, or maybe you yourself had preconceived notions that were proven wrong once you arrived to where you were going.

My aim is to present a variety of different opinions and experiences through the eyes of other travelers. It’s important to hear travel stories from all different perspectives in life, I call it seeing the world through a kaleidoscope lens.

Without further ado, I’m happy to introduce the next guest poster on this blog – Allison from Eternal Arrival and Sofia Adventures, who is discussing the Balkans and the common misconceptions people might have about this area of the world.

Take it away Allison!

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5 Things to do in Geelong – The Perfect Day Trip from Melbourne

best things to do in geelong

The best things to do in Geelong, whether you’re visiting as a day trip from Melbourne or as a stop on the Great Ocean Road. 

Geelong may seem like just another stop on a Great Ocean Road tour, but I found it to be an endearing seaside town. While I enjoyed many day trips from Melbourne, Geelong was one of my favorites. It makes for the perfect day trip from Melbourne and there are enough things to do in Geelong to keep you busy for a day or two.

Once the wool capital of Australia, Geelong has just the right amount of history, beauty, and small-town charm to make me want to come back again someday soon.

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A Guide to Getting a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa as an American

new zealand working holiday visa for americans

Learn everything there is know about getting a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa as an American. It’s as simple as filling out an online form in 15 minutes.

My second installment on how to secure a work visa down under, this is my New Zealand edition where I’ll show you how easy it is to get a New Zealand working holiday visa as a US citizen!

Last time, I talked about how easy it can be to get a work visa for Australia, but if you also want to work and travel to that place from The Lord of the Rings, keep reading to see how it’s even easier (and much cheaper!) to gain a New Zealand holiday work visa.

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A Guide to Getting a Work Visa in Australia for Americans

A Guide to Getting a Work Visa in Australia for Americans - The Atlas Heart

Getting a work visa in Australia can be as easy as filling out an online form in 15 minutes.

It always surprises me how many Americans don’t know about the working holiday visa in Australia.

To be fair, I was one of those Americans too, until I took my first solo venture to Europe and made friends from a variety of different countries.

One of those friends happened to be British, and she told me about the working holiday visa she was planning on doing in Australia, and how she thought it applied to Americans too.

In an instant, the course of my life changed drastically.

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A Complete Morocco Travel Guide: What to Know Before You Go

Morocco guide - What to Know Before You Go | The Atlas Heart

A complete Morocco Travel Guide – from booking buses and tipping, to Moroccan time and aggressive men. This is what you should know before arriving in Morocco. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first touched down in Morocco. 

Even though it has become a popular place for millennial travelers in recent years, I knew there were probably still a lot of misconceptions about the country that I had unwillingly internalized through the media and one-off negative travel stories. 

I mean, the only time I’d ever even tried Moroccan food was on a date with a very attractive Moroccan guy, and I was too distracted by who I was dining with to truly appreciate what I was eating. Sorry not sorry. 

I probably knew less about Morocco than any other country I’ve traveled to for the first time, but it was refreshing to learn about a local culture with a relatively clean slate (read: unpreparedness) – minus the subtle internalized misconceptions of what I imagined the country might be like. 

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Complete Portugal Travel Guide: 20 Things That Surprised Me

Portugal travel guide: 20 Things that Surprised Me | The Atlas Heart

A complete Portugal travel guide so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Here are 20 things that surprised me about Portugal!

It’s baffling to me how much of an underrated destination Portugal still is. I only heard countless good things from other travelers before I finally saw it myself, but it still has far less visitors per year than nearby countries, such as Spain, France, and Italy. 

Perhaps that’s where its charm lies, however – it’s not overrun by tourism. Although, it’s now starting to get there, with tourists taking over in the summer and swarming to spots like the Algarve, Lisbon, and Porto in recent years. 

Because Portugal isn’t at the top of everyone’s list when they visit Europe, I had a narrow view of what to expect from a few select perspectives, all of which said pretty much the same thing: Portugal is the best country in Europe, you’ll never want to leave, etc. 

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Iceland Itinerary: The Perfect 7 Day Road Trip

iceland itinerary - one week in May

Thinking of traveling to Iceland soon? Read through this detailed one week Iceland itinerary to figure out where to go and what to see during your upcoming trip!

So, you’re planning a trip to Iceland and trying to figure out your exact Iceland itinerary? Congrats! I’m already jealous of you because Iceland is a crazy beautiful country and the first (or second, or third) time you see it is magical.

After noticing Iceland pop onto the radar circa 2012, with the creation of WOW Air and their layover deal, it has been a country that has peaked my interest.

Northern Lights, puffins, and raw shark meat? What’s not to love! Okay, maybe not the potent raw shark meat, but everything else sounded great.

Except for the fact that it’s one of the most expensive countries in the world. Womp womp.

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Skydiving Taupo: Learning How to Fly in the Skydiving Capital of the World

Skydiving taupo, New Zealand

Skydiving Taupo was the most adventurous moment of my life. This was my experience getting outside of my comfort zone in the skydiving capital of the world.

When I came to New Zealand, I knew I wanted to test my boundaries, face my fears, and open myself to new experiences.

I was originally planning on skydiving over The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, but due to very low finances at the end of my time in the country, and a bit of chickening out on my part, it didn’t happen.

I’m glad it didn’t work out in Australia. Although it would’ve been beautiful over the Reef, I was happy to have jumped out of a plane in the skydiving capital of the world in Taupo, New Zealand.

There’s a reason why it’s the world capital for skydiving.

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A Guide to the Best Victoria Breweries & Brewpubs

A Guide to the Best Victoria Breweries in BC, Canada

A guide to the best Victoria breweries and brewpubs in BC, Canada, so you can spend more time drinking good beer and less time researching.

I didn’t have much in the way of expectations for Victoria breweries and the craft beer scene as a whole in Victoria, BC. If I’m being honest, I’d only heard mediocre reviews of Canadian beer from American and Canadian friends alike in the past.

However, I found myself impressed with the craft beer scene once I arrived in Victoria. It was a nice break for my taste buds to try easy drinking Canadian beer, not at all like the heavy IPAs you usually find in the Pacific Northwest.

I wanted to write up a guide to the underrated Victoria breweries I came across, so you know exactly what to expect, both with specific breweries and brewpubs and the unique liquor laws of British Columbia.

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