Celebrating inspiration at Sculpture by the Sea

There are two things I’ve noticed about Sydney since moving here: There are a lot of people jogging everywhere and doing group exercises in one of the many parks, and there’s always some sort of festival or event going on in the city.

In other words, it’s basically LA without the famous people. I’ve particularly been enjoying the latter – although I’m hoping to join the former with the communal exercise (yoga!) as I’m settling into my life here and now have a more manageable work schedule.

My first week I checked out the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park, yesterday I cruised around the Newtown Festival and listened to live music with some hipsters, and about a week ago I went to one of my favorite exhibits yet, Sculpture by the Sea along the Bondi to Tamarama Beaches.

Coming from Melbourne, a lot of what I heard about Sydney is that it’s a pretty place to visit but a bit vapid and not really much going on underneath the surface of that well manicured beauty.

Well, I don’t know what those people have been smoking, but I’ve found an incredible amount of creativity around the city and in the events put on by local Sydneysiders.

I guess the one major difference in the creativity aspect is that about 95% of my friends in Melbourne are musicians or artists of some sort, whereas in Sydney it’s much more of a mixed bag.

Sculpture by the Sea festival is a perfect example of the random art that can be found around the city at any given time.

Inspired by the outdoor sculpture parks found around Eastern Europe, Sculpture by the Sea eventually came to life by a man named David Handley in 1997 and has flourished a little more each year since it began.

It was incredibly windy as it has been lately in Sydney when I went on my walk from Bondi to Tamarama Beach, but even still it was a gorgeous day to enjoy the sunshine and interesting art on display in one of the most beautiful locations in Sydney.

Some of the art made me laugh out loud, some made me introspective, some made me intrigued. It all made for an enjoyable day simply listening to music and surrounding myself in a communal creativity.
















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