My Honest Cupshe Review [2024]: Is Cupshe Legit?

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TL/DR: I’ve tried three Cupshe swimsuits over the past year-and-a-half. While I’m still not a fan of Cupshe as a company, I like the suits that I bought from them and my wallet is grateful for the low prices.

I was planning a trip to the Caribbean (my first trip abroad since before the pandemic) and I wanted to spruce up my swimwear collection.

The first brand I thought of that could be up to the task was Cupshe. 

At the time, a couple of friends had been talking about Cupshe swimsuits–plus, they were aggressively marketed to me on Instagram ads. 

Cupshe swimwear has always been intriguing to me. Their swimsuits are stylish and fun and I like how many different options they have. And most importantly–they’re affordable. 

A woman looks out at the view while wearing sunglasses and a bikini and sitting on the ledge of a white balcony with both legs up, and an ocean view in the background.

Swimwear is one of the more expensive articles of clothing marketed to women, so this is a huge plus.  

Typical bikinis usually price their tops and bottoms separately, with each one anywhere from $30-$50 each. 

Paying up to $100 for a subpar one-piece or two-piece swimsuit (I’m looking at you Victoria’s Secret) isn’t a great feeling, but I’d accepted that as the price for the past 10 years. 

That is until I came across Cupshe.

Although some comments were hit or miss about the brand, they offer swimsuits (in a set not separately!) for around $30. I felt like that alone was worth trying them out. 

For close to the price that I’d normally spend on one swimsuit ($100), I bought three of their bikinis and a coverup to try out on my trip. 

I’ve now been wearing these swimsuits for a year and a half and have taken them on many trips and beach outings since they arrived. 

In this honest Cupshe swimsuit review, I’ll dive into whether the company is legit, share my experience with Cupshe swimsuits, and answer all of your questions about Cupshe swimwear.

A woman wearing a Cupshe bikini with a dark green top and floral bottoms seen from behind while soaking in a deep, white-tiled tub overlooking an arched balcony with a gorgeous ocean view.

What is Cupshe?

A woman wearing a yellow bikini top and white shorts picks her way over white sandstone rock formations, with a clear blue sky in the background.

Cupshe is an online swimsuit and clothing company geared towards women seeking stylish, colorful bathing suits and fun, casual dresses and other clothing. 

Cupshe offers affordable fashion–albeit fast fashion–and is a legit company that does well with Millenial and Gen Z women. 

Cupshe emphasizes its varied products and sizing from petite to plus-size to distinguish it from some other fast-fashion companies.

A Quick Look at Cupshe as a Company

A woman in a bikini standing on a white-sand beach at the shore of a calm, turquoise ocean, with a partly cloudy, blue sky above.

Cupshe describes itself as being founded by a “faithful few” in 2015 to create stylish, affordable swimwear. 

There’s not much I could find out about that “faithful few” other than a founder by the name of Zhao Liming. 

I also found that Cupshe was quickly invested in by former Alibaba CEO David Wei. 

Although I’m skeptical of Cupshe as a Cinderella-story company, they seem to be a well-run company with mostly favorable customer reviews. 

Cupshe’s mission seems to be working as Cupshe is certainly offering affordable swimsuits, with most between $30-$40.

I’ve seen Cupshe’s advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok (they’re definitely spending marketing dollars!), but they have a good product worth advertising.

Cupshe has now expanded into dresses, athletic, and leisurewear as well to grow beyond just the beachwear they started off selling.

Cupshe Review: My Experience With Cupshe Swimsuits

A woman wearing sunglasses and a rust red, high-waisted bikini walking toward the camera on a tropical beach with sparse crowds in the background.

I put through my Cupshe order of three bikinis and one coverup on November 20th, 2021, and it arrived on December 2nd, 2021. 

When I received the order confirmation, it said to expect the order to arrive in 5-7 business days but also that there would be a 1-2 day delay in shipping. 

So, it was right within the expected timeframe, with it taking nine business days in total to arrive. 

The shipping was honestly what I was most worried about based on other Cupshe reviews, so I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have any issues there. 

The bikinis and coverup came in plastic packaging, which wasn’t surprising, with Cupshe being an incredibly cheap fast-fashion swimsuit brand.  

I decided to only try bikinis for this Cupshe swimsuits review since it seems like bikinis are what they’re most well-known for, and I was already trying out some Summersalt one-piece suits. 

I tried on everything in the bag and found all three Cupshe bikinis fit perfectly. 

I’m used to bathing suits, especially those that are more cheaply made, to be a tighter fit. But these suits fit me like a glove and had a nice level of stretch. 

I was also surprised by how high-quality the material felt and how comfortable it was to move around in them–something that’s not always a given with swimwear.  

The cover up was less impressive and not as flattering. Although I like cover ups to be on the looser side, this one felt too big and just not as stylish as the photo made it look.

Below is my experience with the specific products I tried out for this Cupshe swimsuits review.

Green Scalloped Edge V-Neck Printed Bottom Bikini

A woman wearing sunglasses, a green, scalloped-edge V-Neck bikini top and a tropical-printed bikini bottom, standing on a white balcony with an ocean view in the background.

The one thing I wanted to make sure of with this Cupshe swimsuits review was to try very different styles and colors of bikinis to see how the various suits fit. 

I ordered two high-waist bikinis and one regular bikini. 

The Green Scalloped Bikini was the regular bathing suit (not high-waisted), and I was a huge fan of it. 

In fact, this Cupshe swimsuit ended up being my favorite of the bunch! It’s a practically perfect swimsuit.

I found the scallop design of the top and bottom to be a super cute addition, and I adored the teal color that fit right into the Caribbean scenery. 

I also liked the fact that it wasn’t just a solid color throughout, but had multi-color and floral-pattern bottoms.  

The cheeky coverage of the bottoms (where half of your butt cheek is showing) might be too revealing for some, but it was actually a lot more flattering than I thought it would be.

This Cupshe swimsuit was the most revealing one I ordered, but it was also the one I felt the sexiest in and never made me feel like I was showing too much.

Yellow and Blue Leaves Print Bikini

My second-favorite new bikini was the Yellow and Blue Leaves Print Bikini. 

They don’t sell it anymore on their site, but if you’re looking for a similar Cupshe bathing suit style, I’d recommend this one or this one

Or, for a similar color scheme, this one

This was my first time trying out high-waisted bottoms, and I found this Cupshe swimsuit to be flattering and comfortable (although I’ve found that I prefer the regular-waist bikinis more these days).

The bottom-half design on this one was full coverage, so a better option for those who feel more comfortable with more coverage. 

The aspect that I probably loved most about this Cupshe bikini though was the colors. 

A bright yellow top paired with a rich blue and yellow bottom was just the right amount of color pop.

Marsala Twist High-Waist Bikini

The last Cupshe swimsuit I tried, and another high-waisted design, was the Marsala Twist Bikini

I picked out this one in a unique rust color, which I realized after the fact probably wasn’t the best for someone who’s prone to sunburns.  

With that said, I still found this one to be the most comfortable in terms of the stretchiness of the top and bottom. 

The top was made from thicker and softer straps than the string bikini style of the first two, so it never felt like it needed to be adjusted much or that it was digging into my skin. 

I still probably wore this Cupshe swimsuit the least since I simply found the other two to be more flattering in terms of design and colors.

Lilliana Tropical Button Front Kimono

And finally, I tried out the Lilliana Kimono as well since I didn’t have a cover up yet and thought it might be nice to have one for the upcoming beach time. 

It looks like Cupshe doesn’t sell it anymore on their site, which is probably for the best, although you can find other kimono-style cover ups here

Compared to the bathing suits that had high-quality, comfortable material, the kimono coverup felt pretty cheaply made right off the bat. 

This was unfortunate since it was the most expensive product I bought at $35.99. 

Although I liked the plunging neckline design that you can adjust based on how tight you tie the kimono and the tropical colors, it just wasn’t super flattering. 

It was bigger on me than I expected but not in a cute over-sized way, and it hung off me in a weird way. 

I don’t even have photos of me wearing it anywhere because I’ve probably only worn it twice since buying it, and it barely left my suitcase on that first trip. 

Although I only tried the one non-bathing suit product from Cupshe, it did make me feel like their swimwear might be a surer bet than their other clothes.

Pros of Cupshe Clothing

A woman wearing sunglasses and a rust red, high-waisted bikini grins while holding a cocktail and sitting in a pool, with palm trees in the background.

Very Affordable Prices

Two-piece Cupshe swimsuit sets–yes, both pieces!–are generally $30-$40. 

Their prices have gone up a little since I first purchased my Cupshe suits a year and a half ago. The three I bought were $24.99 each back then. 

Still, for the quality provided, that’s insane! 

You can also buy single tops or bottoms for around $15-$20 if you want to mix and match. Their one-pieces are similarly priced to the bikini sets at around $30-$40 each.

Plus, with flash sales, discounts, and other promotions, some swimsuits can come out to be even less. 

When I bought my Cupshe bikinis, I used a random 15% discount that I found on one of the coupon sites for $16 off my order. 

This can be a blessing and a curse though–it’s hard not to load up that online shopping cart to bring home a massive haul!

I compared prices between buying on the Cupshe website versus on Amazon, and swimsuits are typically a little cheaper when buying directly from Cupshe. 

That said, you might prefer Amazon for shipping or returns.

Cupshe Sizing is Inclusive

One of the bigger pros of Cupshe bathing suits is that they’re available in plus sizes! 

Cupshe has specifically-designed plus-size swimsuits and doesn’t pretend, like many other companies, that only girls with a slim body type enjoy beach season. 

When I searched on H&M in their plus-size bathing suit section, they don’t even have plus-sized swimwear listed. 

Cupshe bathing suits, on the other hand, has tons of bathing suits that are labeled as plus-sized!

So, whether you’re looking for bathing suits for a Cupshe size small or petite, xl or xxl that fits a big bust, or a variety of Cupshe plus-size options, you can probably find it. 

They even have some Cupshe maternity bathing suits to choose from.

With that said, there are some caveats, which I go over in the sizing section below.

Surprisingly Good Quality

I was surprised by the quality of each Cupshe swimsuit I tested out! 

While Cupshe reviews are generally positive, there are still a fair amount of negative reviews out there. 

Perhaps I just had low expectations, but the Cupshe swimsuit material has a nice stretch to it, feels soft to the touch, and is comfortable to wear. 

The three swimsuits I bought have lasted for over a year now and still look great. I’ve even put a couple through the wash on the gentle cycle, and they’ve held up well. 

So, there’s surprisingly no low-quality issue when it comes Cupshe swimwear, at least from my experience.

Variety of Styles

One aspect you’ll notice as soon as you land on the Cupshe website is how many options they have to choose from. 

And Cupshe’s swimsuits are very diverse. 

Whatever your needs for swimsuit season, you can find everything from a one-piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline to two-piece swimsuits with a range of bikini styles. 

In terms of other Cupshe fashion options, they have cover ups, dresses, shirts, rompers, jumpsuits, pants, skirts, and shorts. 

They also have a range of beach accessories, like beach blankets.

Cons of Cupshe Clothing

A woman in a bikini looks down at her feet while standing on a white-sand beach at the shore of a calm, turquoise ocean, with a partly cloudy, blue sky above.


Cupshe ships from China, so orders take longer than the 1-2 days we’ve become used to with Amazon Prime. 

Still, it’s not terrible. 

Cupshe’s standard shipping is 6-9 business days, and expedited shipping is 5-7 business days. 

And as long as you hit their relatively low order requirements, free shipping is provided as well. 

Although I didn’t have an issue with this and found my Cupshe order to arrive in a timely manner, I wanted to include shipping as a potential con. 

This is because there are some not-so-great reviews related to shipping taking longer than expected. 

Some customers have even said it took weeks for them to get their order during especially busier times of the year. 

So, it’s a good idea to bake in extra time for your order, just in case.

Another option is buying Cupshe off Amazon for more reliable and faster shipping and a better return policy.


Speaking of returns, the return process is another focus of many negative reviews. 

This is another thing I didn’t experience myself since I didn’t try to return anything, but something still worth mentioning based on others’ experiences. 

Although Cupshe offers a full refund if you return their clothes within 30 days, various reviews mention the difficulty of the process. 

Getting your money back can take time, and paying for a return label can cost at least $10, which in some cases can be most of the cost of a Cupshe swimsuit itself. 

To save yourself some trouble, read below about sizing to reduce the chances you’ll need to return items.

Or, as I mentioned above, you can order through Amazon, which has a more flexible return policy.

Cupshe Sizing Tips & Fit

A woman wearing sunglasses and a rust red, high-waisted bikini looking over her shoulder and walking toward the camera on a tropical beach with sparse crowds in the background.

From my experience, Cupshe bathing suits are generally true to size. 

I’m usually a small to medium on top and a medium on the bottom. Since I ordered Cupshe swimsuit sets, I bought three medium suits that fit perfectly. 

For the clothing, it might be more of a mix since my kimono cover up felt overly large for being a small.  

And the sizing for Cupshe plus-size swimwear seems to be a bit more hit-and-miss as well. 

Particularly, the Cupshe one-piece swimsuits don’t always fit as well as the two-piece swimsuits on bigger (or taller) bodies. 

The two-piece swimsuits as a whole seem to have more positive reviews for plus-size customers.

Regardless of what you’re buying on the Cupshe website, it’s important to look at the product page first. 

Cupshe does a good job of saying if a particular item runs small or large. They also list out the model’s sizing info to get a better idea of how exactly something might fit. 

Finally, it’s also a good idea to read the comments from other customers on the product page. 

Many Cupshe bathing suits have a lot of reviews already since it’s such a popular brand, so it can be a good way to figure out the sizing of a particular swimsuit or piece of clothing. 

There are always surprises, of course, but it seems like their size chart is fairly accurate with some caveats.

How is the Quality of Cupshe Clothing?

A woman in a yellow bikini top and blue leaf-printed bottoms adjusts her top  and looks down at her feet while walking toward the camera on a tropical beach during a slightly overcast sunset.

After seeing a bad Cupshe swimsuit review or two, I was wary of what I’d get. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the good quality of what I received!

I was trying out Summersalt swimwear at the same time as Cupshe, which is a much more expensive (but also more sustainable) brand. 

I was surprised to find a similar quality, at least on the surface, between Cupshe and Summersalt. Plus, I actually found Cupshe swimsuits to be more comfortable as a whole.  

I’ve now been wearing my Cupshe bathing suits for over a year and a half and they’re still going strong, even with putting them through the wash a couple of times (on the gentle cycle). 

For a fast-fashion brand, consider me impressed!

Best Things to Buy From Cupshe

A woman seen from above while wearing a bikini and sitting on the ledge of a white balcony with an ocean view in the background.

The most popular item to buy from Cupshe is a Cupshe bathing suit of some sort. That’s their bread and butter and they do it well. 

Cupshe dresses and other clothes are definitely a growing category for the brand but might be more hit or miss in terms of quality and fit. 

Here are some of the most popular Cupshe swimsuits:

One-Piece Cupshe Swimsuits

Some of the most popular one-piece suits are the Tummy Control V Neck Bathing Suit, Ruffled Lace Up Monokini, and Wrap Tie Side Bathing Suit.

Two-Piece Cupshe Swimsuits

For two-piece styles, some of the most popular items are the Tropical Print Ruffle Bikini, Front Cross Lace Up Bikini, Reversible Bottom Lace Up Bikini, and Falbala High Waist Bikini.

Based on my positive experience, I’d be willing to try any other Cupshe swimsuit that catches my eye.

But of the items I tried on for this Cupshe swimsuits review, my favorite swimsuit is the Green Scalloped Bikini.

Other Cupshe Products

Although swimsuits are Cupshe’s most well-known product, Cupshe has expanded into new lines for dresses, loungewear, and more.

Cupshe Dresses

Although I mostly tried on Cupshe swimwear (this is a Cupshe swimsuits review for the most part!), I browsed through a lot of the dresses and really liked the options.

Some of the most popular Cupshe dresses are the Ayana Backless Maxi Slip Dress, Julie Sleeveless V-neck Dress, and Flared Sleeve V-neck Dress.

Other Cupshe Clothing

Cupshe also has lots of tops, blouses, rompers, jumpsuits, coverups, and pants and shorts.

They don’t currently have a Cupshe bra or Cupshe jeans section, and they don’t have many options for Cupshe jackets. 

With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually expanded to include these as well. 

All in all, it’s impressive how quickly they’ve grown and with a variety of Cupshe styles for all body types.

Beach Accessories

With such a focus on bathing suits, it makes sense that Cupshe also sells beach accessories.

They have a wide range of accessories available, including Cupshe shoes and Cupshe hats, as well as beach blankets, floaties, bags, and sunglasses.

Cupshe Discounts and Coupons

Close-up of a woman in profile, wearing a yellow bikini top and white shorts, looking down, with white sandstone rock formations and a clear blue sky in the background.

Since Cupshe targets customers looking for affordable clothing, they add to the temptation by offering quite a few discounts. 

The easiest way to save is by signing up for their free Sunchasers Club, which gives you points toward discounts, coupons, and rewards. 

Additionally, certain Cupshe discounts like 70%-off flash sales are sometimes limited to Sunchasers Club subscribers, as well as an introductory 10% off for new members. 

There are other discounts too! 

Healthcare workers can get 10% off orders above $75, and signing up for the Cupshe app gets you 15% off. 

Additionally, if you refer a friend, they get 20% off, and you get $10 off. 

And while there used to be a student discount available through Student Beans, it’s not available as of March 2023. We’ll keep an eye out to see if it comes back.

Cupshe Black Friday deals are also available, with items marked 20-30% off last year.

Some websites claim they have Cupshe promo codes or Cupshe discount codes as well and that may be true. 

I found these to be hit or miss, although I was able to use one on my purchase for 15% off.

Cupshe Return & Exchange Policy

A woman wearing a bikini snorkels in deep turquoise waters, with white cliffs and a cluster of yachts in the background.

The Cupshe website says you can return items within 30 days from your delivery date. 

However, it’s not super easy and there are a lot of reviews where customers are unhappy with the Cupshe return and exchange process.

To make returns, you have to go through the Cupshe site to send them certain information and photos of the items for them to review. 

If they approve the return, they’ll send you a shipping label. 

After dropping off the package at the post office, you may need to send them a photo of the shipping receipt and the tracking number.

This process results in many a negative review because Cupshe might not respond immediately or at all. 

Other reviews say the return process is smooth and that Cupshe even offers store credit and the option to keep your purchased items. 

That inconsistency can be frustrating, which is why I’ve probably seen more than one Cupshe review suggest buying through Amazon.

The biggest downside is that Cupshe will send you shipping labels with the return address and everything ready to go, but you have to pay for the return. 

With Cupshe swimsuits costing $30-$40, having to pay $10-$15 in shipping costs means that they don’t exactly offer free returns.

Where to Buy Cupshe Clothing

A woman wearing sunglasses, a green, scalloped-edge V-Neck bikini top, and a tropical-printed bikini bottom smiles with her arm around a man in yellow swim trunks as they sit side-by-side by the rail of a ship, with aqua ocean waters in the background.

You can buy Cupshe swimwear and other clothing directly through their website or on Amazon.

They don’t have their full selection available on Amazon, but you’d hardly notice since they still have a ton listed on there!

FAQs About Cupshe Clothing

A woman wearing a yellow bikini top and white shorts picks her way over white sandstone rock formations, with a clear blue sky in the background.

Is Cupshe a reputable brand?

A lot of people ask ‘is Cupshe legit?’, and the answer is yes! 

Although their returns and exchanges can be a long process, Cupshe customers should feel safe buying from them on their website or through Amazon.

Is Cupshe a Chinese Company?

Yes, Cupshe is a Chinese company. 

You can find some warehouses from Cupshe located in other places–New Jersey and London–but Cupshe ships mostly from China.

Is Cupshe the same as Shein?

No, although they’re both from China, they’re different companies.

Is Cupshe ethical?

I just finished watching The Good Place so I’m wondering what my favorite characters from that show would say…but I think the simple answer is a mixed bag. 

Cupshe swimsuits are made of synthetic materials and although they get points for affordable swimwear, the environmental impact is definitely harmful. 

Cupshe uses non-sustainable materials that aren’t as long-lasting. 

Combine that with the fast-fashion industry’s wasteful nature and the brand is even more harmful to the environment.

As far as labor practices, Cupshe doesn’t use child labor and is BSCI-certified, which means Cupshe’s factories adhere to certain guidelines for workers’ rights. 

Beyond that, I haven’t been able to find much regarding workers’ rights and any human rights violations. 

No news is better than bad news, though. Overall, it seems like the environmental issue is the main reason to be concerned with Cupshe.

An honest Cupshe swimsuit customer will have to decide for themselves if this is a deal breaker. 

On one hand, it’s hard to beat the prices of Cupshe suits. On the other hand, if you have the means, you can choose to spend more to buy from companies like Summersalt, which uses recycled materials to make its swimwear.

Are Cupshe swimsuits supportive?

Cupshe swimsuits vary in how supportive they are. I’m only a B cup, so they support my body type just fine, but I can’t speak for those with different body types who have a bigger chest. 

If you’re wondering, ‘Are Cupshe swimsuits good quality?’, I can tell you that their swimwear is generally high-quality, stylish, and affordable, but it’s best to read reviews on the specific Cupshe swimsuit to assess supportiveness.

Does Cupshe run small?

Cupshe swimsuits generally run true to size, and I found the size chart to be accurate. Reviews do vary, though! 

One Cupshe review I read detailed their experience ordering multiple Cupshe swimsuits in the same size, and even then, some were too small and others too big. 

But that’s just one Cupshe review–most described the bathing suits as fitting well.

Does Cupshe have a subscription program?

Cupshe has their Sunchasers Club. It’s free to sign up for and gives you points or access to rewards, coupons, and discounts. 

It’s basically a loyalty program: spend a certain amount, and you receive a corresponding amount of points to use towards purchases from Cupshe. 

Additionally, being part of the Sunchasers Club allows you to take advantage of some of the flash sales on Cupshe’s website or to receive free shipping on certain orders.

Does Cupshe have a student discount?

Other websites have mentioned a Cupshe student discount through Student Beans, but that’s no longer available. As of now, I haven’t been able to find any student discounts.

How long does it take for Cupshe to arrive?

Cupshe orders can take 3-9 business days, depending on the shipping option you select. Cupshe advises adding one business day on top of that.

This aligns with my experience, where it took nine days to get my clothes.

Does Cupshe have free shipping?

Cupshe charges $4-$15 depending on the shipping option, with their standard shipping free on orders over $65 and express shipping free on orders over $199.

Can you return clothes from Cupshe?

Yes, though the process isn’t the easiest! 

You need to return your clothes within 30 days of receiving them, which is standard. 

But the return process itself can take some time due to the back and forth required with Cupshe’s returns team.

So, it’s best to try your clothes on when you receive them to leave yourself plenty of time to deal with the return in case there are any delays in working with Cupshe on that.

Does Cupshe offer refunds?

Yes, Cupshe offers refunds. 

Also, although they might be fake reviews, I’ve seen some people mention that Cupshe sometimes even offers refunds without you needing to return the clothes.

Conclusion: So, is Cupshe Worth it?

A woman smiles while wearing sunglasses and a bikini and sitting on the ledge of a white balcony with one leg up, and an ocean view in the background.

You asked for an honest Cupshe swimsuit review and I hope this article delivered on that front. 

I can whole-heartedly say from my experience with Cupshe and writing this honest review that their swimsuits are well worth it and that I would recommend Cupshe. 

Cupshe makes swimwear so much more affordable with their reasonable prices.

For the average female consumer, this is huge with how expensive most swimwear is on the market these days. 

On top of that, they offer a ton of options, their swimwear is cute and comfortable, and their designs and styles are unique. 

Plus, the great quality of Cupshe swimwear compared to the price feels like a steal. 

With all that said, it’s tough to support companies that don’t seem to make any effort toward being sustainable. 

Fast fashion is helpful when it comes to bringing affordable clothing to the market, but the environmental tradeoff is sad to see, which is why I can’t give a purely great review of the company.

So, I’d say that Cupshe is worth it if you don’t have the extra room in your budget right now or don’t want to spend $75-$100+ on a swimsuit.

But if you’re interested in shopping more sustainably, I’d recommend other brands like Summersalt, Andie Swim, or Vitamin A.


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