My Honest Emery Rose Review: Is Emery Rose Clothing Legit?

Reviewed by Mimi McFadden
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TL;DR: After a year of testing Emery Rose clothing, we don’t recommend shopping there because of the poor-quality products. Here are the key takeaways from my Emery Rose Review:

  • In my experience as an Emery Rose customer, the clothing feels very low-quality and ill-fitting, although a few pieces are still wearable.
  • Emery Rose is a legitimate company and not a scam—they ship real products that match the website. However, considering cost and quality, I prefer other brands like Cider and Quince or thrifting from ThredUp.
  • According to numerous reviews, working with Emery Rose customer service and getting refunds is difficult, even when following the posted return policy.

Back in my misspent youth, I was an avid fast fashion consumer. I’ve always loved a bargain, but now I try to find affordable clothes at thrift stores instead.

Still, low-cost, cute clothing can be tough to resist, especially when social media ads and influencers tempt you mid-scroll.

Emery Rose is one of those fast fashion companies that has been gaining a lot of popularity online recently. Their website offers the latest trends for women shipped straight from China.

But is it a legitimate site with good merchandise or a social media scam? Sometimes it can be hard to know if reviews are trustworthy and come from real women.

This Emery Rose review will get to the bottom of what the brand is all about. I’ve taken the plunge on a clothing haul to provide honest answers to all of your questions.

review of emery rose clothing

What is Emery Rose?

This online clothing company mainly sells women’s clothing, bags, accessories, jewelry, and other fashion items. 

Emery Rose’s products trend towards a basic, beachy style, emphasizing neutral tones and boho-inspired patterns. Their target customers are young, trend-conscious women in the US.

A Quick Look at the Company

A close up of the gingham dress with the Emery Rose tag

As “an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce company,” the brand sells directly to consumers from its website.

They offer a wide selection of low-cost fashion items for women while promising speedy delivery. Prices are usually under $30 and often as low as $5.

Like Shein, the Emery Rose brand has been gaining popularity on TikTok and Instagram, where you’ll find lots of influencers’ Emery Rose reviews or “try-on haul” videos. 

When you start to type, “is Emer…”, the first Google search suggestion is “Is Emery Rose legit?”, which indicates how many customers are wary of them. 

Elsewhere on the internet are numerous negative Emery Rose clothing reviews from real customers, although the customer reviews on the website itself are generally positive.

Emery Rose Clothing Review: My Experience With Emery Rose Clothing

A pile of the Emery Rose clothes and products I tried for this review article.

The Emery Rose clothing website is confusingly organized. Without context, I’d think this was a scam site where you pay a suspiciously low price and never receive anything. 

This online store does, however, show numerous customer reviews and customer photos. It appears to be real women in these customer reviews, which gives me more confidence in the legitimacy of the store. 

With that said, things went downhill at checkout. My order wouldn’t go through because the shipping address differed from the billing address. Going back to investigate the problem would erase every item in the cart, which was very frustrating! 

I eventually figured out how get the order to go through, but it took much longer than it should’ve and it wasn’t a very user-friendly experience. 

All up, I bought three dresses, two tops, a pair of paints, some sandals, and a belt. 

Once the order was in (using PayPal since that was the only way it would go through), I was honestly a bit dubious whether the shipment would even arrive.

I certainly didn’t expect delivery to be quick, as I chose standard shipping instead of express. However, the purchase arrived on my doorstep in just a week.

Upon opening, I noticed immediately that half of the items came in Shein packaging with Shein labels. Clearly, the two companies are connected. But I’ll address that more later.

The clothes had an overpowering chemical-plastic smell when I unpacked them. I’m usually not so scent-sensitive, but this was so pungent that I ran them through the laundry before wearing them.

Ruffle Hem Gingham Dress

emery rose ruffle hem gingham dress

I love a gingham pattern, and this dress is passable.

The fabric is slightly scratchy but reasonably breathable. You can tell by touch that it isn’t cotton, but the quality is decent. 

The baby-doll fit is fine, although it could be more flattering; the loose garment threatens to cross into mumu territory. But with the right jacket, it’s cute and comfy enough to wear regularly.

Mock Neck Slit Back Bodycon Dress

A woman wearing the Emery Rose mock neck bodycon dress in lavender

This Emery Rose dress’s style feels more unique than most of their styles, although this bodycon dress is a little long for my body. Then again, I am pretty short (5’3”). 

I love the lilac fabric’s gathered texture, and it has a retro flavor that helps smooth out lumps that might otherwise show glaringly through the curve-hugging fabric. However, there’s still a cheapness to it.

Knotted Self-Tie Button-Front Shirt

A woman wearing the Emery Rose knotted self-tie button-front shirt in hot pink.

Style-wise, I love this top and wear it frequently, but it does miss its mark on quality. It’s about as breathable as a garbage bag. 

Granted, I made these purchases at the sticky height of a July heatwave. But even so, it’s stuffier than I’d expect. 

The fit also runs baggy. I ordered a large based on the size chart, but I definitely could have gotten a medium.

Still, that doesn’t stop me from liking and wearing it, especially now that the weather has cooled a bit.

Windowpane Plaid Rolled Cuff Blouse

A woman wearing the Emery Rose windowpane plaid rolled cuff blouse.

It looked chic on the internet, but in real life, this blouse is baggy in the wrong places, and the material reminds me of nurses’ scrubs.

There are contexts where I can make this top work, but it’s by no means a winner.

Elastic Waist Split Hem Pants

A woman wearing the Emery Rose elastic waist split hem pants in green.

I wear these pants because they’re soft and stretchy but not leggings. But even for the price, they’re pretty low-quality.

The material is the type of super cheap fabric that starts to pill immediately. The pockets are also extremely visible through it, which isn’t super flattering.

Minimalist Two-Way Wear Strappy Sandals

Close up of the Emery Rose minimalist two-way wear strappy sandals in white.

On the website, these Emery Rose shoes come in Chinese sizing. Initially, I expected these shoes to break immediately, but they’re comfortable and still going strong. 

The cheap appearance adds to their charm, a sort of dollar-store chic. My friends appreciatively called them “grandma shoes.” We’ll see how long they last.

PU Buckle Belt

A close up shot of the Emery Rose pu buckle belt

This belt is one of the best items from my clothing haul. It’s cute and functional. It isn’t genuine leather, but I didn’t expect that considering the low price. No complaints here.

Dalmatian Print Button Front Belted Jumpsuit

A woman wearing the Emery Rose dalmation print jumpsuit.

I’m on the fence about this jumpsuit. It’s not my favorite look, but the material is smooth, floaty, and not as unpleasant as some of the other items. 

With that said, the fit is a little strange.

Most of the other pieces I purchased ran large. This jumpsuit fits just fine in the body, but the sleeves are oddly tight when I raise my arms.

Pros of Emery Rose Clothing

woman in a hot pink Emery Rose top and green pants

Low prices

The price of Emery Rose clothing is some of the lowest I’ve seen on any website. If you’re looking to spend as little money as possible, you’ve come to the right place.

Wide selection 

Though a lot of the clothing isn’t exactly to my taste, the website offers a huge assortment of trendy merchandise.

Fast Delivery

Considering my shipment traveled across the world, it’s pretty impressive that it only took a week to arrive, even without express shipping.

Cons of Emery Rose Clothing

Close up of a woman showing the bunching in the armpits of her Emery Rose jumpsuit to demonstrate the cons of Emery Rose clothing.

Low-quality materials

When my Emery Rose package arrived, the clothing had a strong artificial chemical smell and ranged from scratchy to stuffy. The low quality was easy to spot and feel.

Inconsistent sizing

I followed the size guides carefully, yet some items were baggy or selectively tight. Some come in US sizes, while others are international.


Frankly, Emery Rose clothing looks cheap. With the right styling and accessories, I can make these pieces work, but they’re poor quality and it shows.

Sizing Tips & Fit

Woman wearing an Emery Rose outfit to show the sizing.

The sizing on the Emery Rose website is all over the place. The sandals were in Chinese sizes (although other products have US sizes.)  

I compared my body measurements to the size guides, but the items ranged from baggy to tight. Stretchy materials are a safer bet.

My advice is to take your measurements, read the size guides, do the conversions, and hope for the best. 

Reading individual Emery Rose clothing reviews on the website can also indicate if a particular item will run true to size.

Don’t expect a perfect fit. And if you know how to sew, that’s a plus.

How is the Quality of the Clothing?

When you do a Google search for “Is Emery Rose clothing legit?” you will find numerous unhappy customers who call it a scam because the merchandise is poor quality.

True enough–I found the quality pretty low. If you’re expecting dresses that feel good on your skin and flattering, perfect cuts–you’ll be disappointed.

Return & Exchange Policy

The Emery Rose website says you can return items within 45 days (excluding bodysuits, lingerie, make-up, jewelry, and swimsuits).

You can print a shipping label from the website, and they’ll deduct a $7.99 fee from the refund.

Numerous customers mention problems with customer service in their Emery Rose clothing reviews.

The Emery Rose return policy is detailed, which may make it tricky to actually get a refund. 

According to my research of other customer reviews, you can only contact customer service to chat via email, so the process can be a headache.

Discounts & Coupons

Currently, the Emery Rose homepage advertises discount codes for 18%-65% off. Their business model depends on discounts, so these sales likely happen frequently and year-round.

Other Emery Rose Products

Close up of an Emery Rose belt.

The plus-size section of the Emery Rose online store also has extensive options, including dresses, tops, and bottoms. 

And beyond clothing, there’s a wide array of accessories from hats, bags, and jewelry to scarves, tights, and hair accessories. 

The website also has a vast Home & Living section, including bedding, bakeware, lamps, decor, and even party supplies.

Emery Rose vs Shein: Are They the Same Company?

Flat lay of all the Emery Rose product reviewed in this article in their original packaging.

Although some Emery Rose clothing reviews offer differing information, the short answer is yes. 

The two companies operate out of the same Guangzhou factory (i.e., sweatshop), sharing one parent company. Customers can find an Emery Rose clothing section on Shein’s website.

But associating with Shein isn’t a great look. They’ve had numerous controversies, including an intellectual property lawsuit and a toddler’s jacket with high lead levels.

Where to Buy Emery Rose Clothing

Customers can buy Emery Rose clothing on their website and on Shein’s website.

FAQs About Emery Rose

A close up of a few items of Emery Rose clothing hanging up

Is this fast fashion?

Yes–this brand epitomizes fast fashion with low-cost, trendy clothes and accessories.

How long does Emery Rose shipping take?

Standard shipping took a week for me, and express shipping is also available. 

Emery Rose reviews from other customers suggest shipping can take anywhere from four days to two weeks, but trouble might arise if you want to contact customer service.

Is the brand trustworthy?

The question of “Is Emery Rose clothing legit?” comes up repeatedly when you browse reviews. 

The website is real, and the shipment will eventually arrive. In that, you can trust.

But questionable business practices, low-quality materials, and inconsistent sizing make me hesitant to say, “yes.”

Are the clothes actually good?

With the right styling, the clothes can work. Considering the low prices, customers should set expectations accordingly.

Conclusion: Is Emery Rose legit and worth it?

conclusion: is emery rose legit and worth it?

You asked for an honest review of Emery Rose, and here it is: no. 

Is Emery Rose clothing legit? Yes, it’s a real company with actual merchandise matching the website. 

Worth it? Well, the prices are so low that the quality reflects the money you’ve spent.

But would I order Emery Rose clothing again or recommend it to other women?

Ultimately, that’s a resounding no. I won’t be a repeat customer here, and you won’t miss much by skipping it.

Other Brands I Recommend Instead of Emery Rose

There simply isn’t ethically-made, new clothing at fast fashion prices. The easy solution is shopping secondhand. I love ThredUp’s huge selection and extreme affordability. 

For quality, sustainable, new clothing, try Quince. Although pricier than the average fast fashion brand, it’s sustainable and the quality is infinitely higher.

And for high-end fashion without a full commitment, you could try the clothing rental subscription service, Nuuly.

If you must shop fast fashion, I like shopping at Cider, another TikTok-famous brand made in Chinese factories.

The difference is their clothes are way cuter, better quality, and made-to-order, eliminating inventory waste.


Elina Ansary

Elina Ansary

Elina Ansary is a visual artist, writer, teacher, and avid traveler who grew up in San Francisco, CA. Elina’s offbeat, colorful sense of style has been a mode of self-expression for as long as she can remember. Shopping at thrift stores is a favorite pastime, and shopping online is her addiction. When she isn’t writing and editing for The Atlas Heart, Elina is pursuing a Master’s degree in Visual Art at Cornell University and splits her time between Ithaca and Brooklyn.

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