45+ Fun & Best Gifts for Beach Lovers [2024 Guide]

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TL;DR: The best gifts for beach lovers are a Sand-Resistant Beach Towel, a wide-brim sunhat, and a Beach Tennis Game. Here’s why:

  • Sand-resistant beach towels are affordable and help keep sand out of the car, washing machine, and everywhere else, sand isn’t supposed to be.
  • I love wide-brim sunhats because they’re a useful gift that helps your beach-lover avoid sunburns and skin cancer while looking their best.
  • A beach tennis set is a unique gift that they’ll enjoy every time they go to the beach.

Traveling the world, I always find my way to sunny beaches. 

In the past year, I learned to play beach tennis in Puerto Rico, picked up surfing in Costa Rica, and bathed in natural waterfalls off the coast of Italy. 

Does your bestie spend all of her free time at the beach? How about that aunt in Colorado who misses the smell of the ocean? 

Maybe your hubby runs into the sea like a movie star lifeguard, or your kids are born beach lovers who cry when it’s time to go home. 

This gift guide will help you find the perfect beach-themed gifts for beach lovers near and far. 

I’ve included everything from high-tech gift ideas to practical gift ideas. There’s something for every beach lover.

beach lovers gifts

#1 Sand Resistant Beach Towel

sand resistant beach towel

First off, let’s keep the sand at the beach. Stylish sand-resistant towels are the best gifts for beach lovers. 

Your friends can shake off the sand after a day of tanning or swimming before they get in your car.  

Made of 100% organic Turkish cotton, these towels are my favorite beach gifts for under $20. They weigh less than a pound, soak up water like a standard towel, and dry quickly. 

Your friends can easily pack one of these towels for their next beach vacation.

#2 Ray-Ban Polarized Sunglasses

ray ban polarized sunglasses women

Looking for beach accessory gift ideas?

Polarized glasses are the perfect gift idea for beach lovers who are tired of squinting from the light reflected off of the sand and water. 

They also reduce the glare on the top of the water, perfect if your ocean lover friend likes to look for shells or fish.

The lenses of Polarized sunglasses have a coating that helps reduce glare. These Ray Ban polarized sunglasses offer 100% protection from harmful UV rays and reduce eyestrain caused by glare.

#3 Water Resistant Beach Bag

water resistant beach bag

You can’t go wrong gifting with this handy carry bag with a classic slipped design.

I recommend Scout totes as the ultimate mom-friend snack bag and an all-around great beach gift. This beach tote features a top zipper that keeps the seagulls out, and the sturdy water-resistant material of woven polypropylene keeps cookies from getting soggy.

The outer pockets fit sunscreen or items that need to be easily accessible for kids, which keeps them from rummaging through and filling the main area with sand. 

I love that the small inner pocket has a zipper to prevent valuables from getting lost in the chaos of beach day.

#4 Tinted Reef Safe Sunscreen

Tinted Reef Safe Sunscreen

One of my favorite practical beach gifts is sunscreen. Sun protection is one of those things that you don’t want to skimp on and make for gifts beach lovers can actually use.

Earth Mama’s Lady Face tinted face stick is reef-safe and non-toxic. 

It comes in Light/Medium Tint and Medium/Dark Tint so that your loved ones can feel confident in a sunscreen that doesn’t make them look like Casper the Friendly Ghost. 

Lady Face is water resistant and works like SPF foundation, a dream for anyone looking to wear a little makeup to next week’s pool party.

#5 Beach Snack Variety Pack

beach snack variety pack

Let’s fill that snack bag! Snacks make winning beach gift ideas. This 40-count variety pack will cover all of your bases with everything from pretzels to fruit snacks, goldfish to Oreos.

Better yet, you can surprise grandkids or friends by sending these snacks directly to their beach house or Airbnb.

#6 Tourit Cooler Backpack

TOURIT Leak-Proof Soft Sided Cooler Backpack

This Tourit backpack cooler is the best beach-themed gift for him.

Beyond keeping drinks cold on a sunny beach day, it’s much easier to carry through the sand than traditional ice chests.

I became a fan of the TOURIT Cooler Backpack after YETI discontinued their Hopper Backflip Backpack Cooler.

TOURIT has nearly the same construction but uses a zippered top instead of the roll-top closure. It also has side pockets on the left and right.

Oh yeah, and the TOURIT cooler is half the price of YETI’s version.

Double-layer insulation keeps contents cold for up to 10 hours while the durable puncture-resistant outer material stands up to rough beach hikes.

This TOURIT backpack carries 36 cans with ice and has loops on the front to hang gear from.

It’s one of my favorite gifts for beach enthusiasts.

Looking for brands that are similar to YETI and yet…different? There are tons of great YETI alternatives for every budget.

#7 Wide Brim Sunhat

wide brim sunhat

Looking for more stylish beach gift ideas? My mom ordered this Furtalk straw hat for herself, but I love it so much that it now lives in my closet—sorry, mom! 

The wide brim makes me feel like a fashionista while it shades my face, ears, and neck with 50 UPF (a rating for fabrics similar to SPF). 

This hat offers two customizable features: a removable drawstring and a band on the inside of the hat to adjust the fit.

A couple of weeks ago, I went blackberry picking and got purple stains on the top of the hat. Berry stains are not easy to get out of, but I dabbed them with a Tide pen, and they disappeared.

#8 prAna Beach Pants

prAna Beach Pants

Sometimes ocean lovers aren’t in the mood for a dressy cover-up. If your friend prefers comfy, flowy pants, check out prAna’s beach pants. They use 100% TENCEL, a lightweight fair trade, woven fabric. 

The wide leg on these breezy pants means it won’t take forever to put them on with damp skin after a dip in the ocean. 

They are just right for casual beach bars or beach yoga and make a great gift for someone who spends all their time at the beach.

#9 Inflatable Beach Float

inflatable beach float

This hammock inflatable beach float provides comfort seaside or dockside. 

I like it, especially for people who’ve had bad luck with pets popping their floaties. Two small air pouches, one under the feet and one under the head, are connected by mesh. 

This float is a great gift for a beach-loving dog owner because it stands up well to sharp doggy claws.

Your friends can run aground all they want, knowing that the seat is mesh instead of poppable plastic.

#10 Sand Toys

sand toys

If you are hunting for gift ideas for future beach lovers, sand toys are must-have beach gear gifts. 

This 18-piece set of sand toys comes in a breathable backpack-style bag. Parents can shake the bag to remove sand before loading the car, and the toys will not mildew like they would in a plastic bag.

These toys make beautiful gifts for the beach-loving family in your life.

#11 Snorkel Gear

snorkel gear adults

Do you know someone obsessed with the Disney animated film Luca? Buy them a set of snorkel gear for underwater treasure hunting.

Earlier this year, I swam in the teal Mediterranean waters where the film, Luca, is set. While I did not meet any friendly sea monsters, watching the marine life nibble algae off rocks and drift in the current was joyful. 

If you have little ones who aren’t ready for ocean swimming, set them up with a tide pool or drop toys into the bath for them to discover.

#12 Beach Towel Clips

beach towel clips

My family always goes for funny Christmas gifts. For example, catch someone off guard with a handful of towel clips in their stocking.

They will likely smile like the avocado kid and be slightly perplexed until they unwrap a beautiful new beach towel or beach chair and realize how useful these clips are. 

These clips attach beach towels to any beach chair, preventing the towel from blowing away in the wind. 

People who enjoy tanning will no longer have to endure a sandy towel slapping their faces every ten minutes. 

At the end of a beach day, use the clips for hanging towels to dry on a clothesline or porch railing. These towel clips are practical beach-lover gifts that will come in handy.

#13 Swimsuit Cover-Up

swimsuit cover up womens

Cover-ups are a classic beach gift. Men can toss a shirt on and transition their swim trunks from beach day to casual dinner. 

This flattering Columbia PFG Freezer Dress will do the same for women and girls. 

It uses lightweight stretchy material with UPF 50 sun protection. The women’s dress comes in 14 color patterns, and the kids’ version comes in 4.

#14 Swimwear

Recycled Skydiver Strappy Cross Back Top

Alright, what is a sunny beach day without a swimsuit? I chose these suits based on their fit, style, and quality.

We tested Cupshe suits and researched the best swimsuits for active women. The Skydiver Cross Back bikini is a natural pick. It’s super cute, supportive, and made of recycled fabric. 

Plus, it’s reasonably priced (unlike a lot of sustainable bathing suits). You can surf in this bikini without flashing the whole beach.

For men, Quicksilver’s Everyday 21 Board Shorts are a reliable go-to. They don’t have an inner mesh lining, so they are comfortable to wear over underwear, as some men prefer. 

The front closure is dual velcro and drawstring tie. These shorts come in 27 different color patterns and go just below the knee.

#15 Foldable Sun Lounger

foldable sun lounger

Ditch the cumbersome beach chair and gift this lounging chair set to your favorite beach lovers. These loungers come in sets of two, making them the perfect gift for couples.

They are folded up flat and cushioned for increased comfort while sitting on the ground. Unlike other reclining chairs of this style, Pacific Breeze is long enough for a headrest.

#16 Aloe Vera Lotion

aloe vera lotion

Looking for affordable beach gifts that also show how much you care?

Come in clutch with this organic aloe vera lotion for when your beach lover spends a little too much time in the sun. It’s the best gift to say: “I care about you–and your skin!”

#17 Olukai ‘Ohana Sandals

Sandals womens

Comfortable slip-on sandals make thoughtful gift ideas for beach bums. 

These Olukai sandals will look nice walking around seaside towns and offer more support than drug store flip-flops.



#18 Beach Canopy

beach canopy

Beach umbrellas look good in movies but are a pain in the neck to pack on long trips. Functional and portable beach umbrellas make excellent ocean lover gifts. 

Neco’s Grande Sunshade covers four people with plenty of room and folds down small enough to fit in a suitcase.

Sandbags at each corner pull the water-resistant canopy taunt for stability and UPF 50+ sun protection.

#19 Waterproof Phone Pouch

waterproof phone pouch

Waterproof phone pouches make cool beach gifts for photographers. This Pelican case on Amazon is certified to keep phones dry at depths of 100 feet (30 meters). 

If your friend is a clutz like me and drops their phone in the water, it will float to the surface in this case.

As someone with a reputation for destroying phones, I will buy a waterproof pouch over a waterproof phone case any day. My past cases that claimed to be waterproof allowed in grass seed and dirt–not very watertight if you ask me. 

Additionally, the Pelican pouches float. I wish I had bought one sooner because watching my phone sink into the deep blue sea last year was painful.

Do you need a durable case for your accident-prone phone? We’ve got some recommendations.

#20 Eno Doublenest Beach Hammock

eno doublenest beach hammock

Maybe your favorite beach bum loves the beach, but not the sand. 

Gift them a hammock to swing above the sand. The best beach gifts are ones that improve the beach-going experience.

Often there is a line of trees bordering the beach. Throw in a set of easy set-up hammock straps so they can lay back and read to the sound of ocean waves.

#21 GoPro Underwater Camera

gopro underwater camera

GoPros make great beach lover gifts because they are optimal for videoing watersports. 

You can mount this compact waterproof camera on the front of a surfboard or kayak or carried while diving for professional quality videos and pictures.

The resolution measures the number of pixels used to display an image. With 5K resolution, recordings can be edited and remain at or above 4K. 

As more technology shifts from 4K to 5K, the HERO9 won’t be left behind. The price tag matches this camera’s cutting-edge technology, but HERO9 is durable and will be around for the long haul.

Does your friend already have an action camera? Upgrade it with an action camera microphone.

#22 Garmin Surf Watch

garmin surf watch

Garmin Surf Watches make unique luxury beach gifts. They can withstand day after day of salt water and impact. 

This solar-powered smartwatch is the perfect gift to keep your loved one connected no matter how many waves they ride. 

It has many safety functions, including talk and text, live GPS tracking, and assistance backtracking if the user rides too far down the beach or ventures out on a backcountry hike.

#23 Beach Wagon

beach wagon

Check out this beach wagon if you want additional practical gifts for beach lovers. Wagons make great beach gifts for parents of little tikes who aren’t ready to walk through the sand. 

Easier to use than strollers, beach wagons have large wheels for traversing deep sand and are handy for carrying camping gear and groceries when not at the beach.

#24 Shade Tent

shade tent

Maybe the beach canopy mentioned before wasn’t your friend’s jam. Shade tents are simple alternatives and are beach essentials for sea lovers who want to lean back into their own private beach cave. 

This tent is also one of the best beach gifts for families with children. Beyond the comfort and privacy, this beach tent offers, finding shade is essential for children in hot weather. 

The little ones can track sand in and out all day without hurting this tent. Likewise, by brushing kids off before entering, the sand-proof floor of this tent creates a haven. 

You can’t get that with a beach umbrella!

#25 Shower Foot Massager

shower foot massager

The best gifts for beach lovers might be something they use at not just the beach but also at home. 

After a long day at the beach, your ocean-loving friend or family member will appreciate coming home to their shower foot massager.

My feet always feel sore and need a good scrub after walking up and down the shore. 

It’s also a great gift for people who can’t reach their feet. This rubber mat is easily movable, and a few drops of tea tree oil helps combat smelly feet.

#26 Picnic Basket & Waterproof Picnic Blanket

picnic basket & waterproof picnic blanket

If you are in search of wedding gifts for the beach, check out this wicker picnic basket and picnic blanket. 

Now the newlyweds can go for a romantic beach picnic, complete with stainless steel cutlery, wine glasses, dishes, and salt-pepper shakers. 

There’s no roughing it with this basket, which comes complete with everything needed to set the table.

The checker pattern beach blanket gives a retro vibe, perfect for honeymooners and families living the dream.

I have fond memories of the wicker basket that my mom received for her wedding. We used it at open-air jazz concerts, family gatherings, and to carry everything across the sand for a beach picnic.

#27 Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

bluetooth waterproof speaker

There’s no beach party without music. Treat the beach lover in your life to a waterproof speaker that can play tunes all day without worrying about damage from the sand. 

This portable Bluetooth speaker will survive an accidental drop into the water if the party gets wild, making it one of the best beach gifts for your most fun-loving friend.

#28 Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home by Toko-pa Turner

belonging remembering ourselves home by toko-pa turner

Gifts for the beach don’t have to be sand or water-related. Reading is an excellent beach activity.

Pick up a copy of Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home for beach lovers who disconnect from the internet and dive deep into books on their beach trip.

#29 Surfing Lessons

surfing lessons

If you want the best gifts for ocean lovers and adventure seekers, research surfing lessons at their favorite beach or a beach they will visit on their next vacation. 

The best way to tell someone about an experience-based gift is with a piece of equipment necessary for that adventure.

For example, gift your favorite beach lover a rashguard shirt (see below) and tell them they’ll need it for the surf lesson you are paying for.

Surf lessons make unique gifts for a beach vacation and Viator has good deals.

Just think, the beach lover in your life will never forget what it was like to stand on a surfboard for the first time—all thanks to you.

#30 UV Protective Swim Shirt / Rashguard

uv protective swim shirt rashguard womens

Did someone say sunburn protection? I learned to surf on December 31st and made the mistake of not renting a rashguard in addition to the surfboard. 

I looked as red as a lobster in my New Year’s Eve pictures from that day.

If your friend is not a surfer, these UV-protective shirts are still good beach gifts for a friend who burns easily.

My bestie wore one the entire time she was in Hawaii and anytime she goes paddleboarding. 

You will be doing your friends a favor, saving them from frying in the sun’s harmful rays like I did.

#31 Beach House Key Hooks

Beach House Key Hooks

Another way to save your beach-loving friend from certain doom: buy a key hook for their beach house. 

This beach-themed key hanger is shaped like a playful octopus and has enough hooks for everyone.

#32 Silver Sand Dollar Necklace

Silver Sand Dollar Necklace

Alright, I can’t not share this adorable sterling silver sand dollar necklace. Your favorite beach lover can take the beach with them wherever they go, making this the perfect beach gift idea.

Beach jewelry is a meaningful way to gift a piece of beach art. And legends say that sand dollars are mermaid coins or the lost tokens of Atlantis. I love jewelry with a story.

#33 Beach Panorama Wall Art

beach panorama wall art

Large wall hangings make great gifts for Moms on Mother’s Day or when decorating a new beach house. 

This ocean view print comes in various sizes, from 36 inches long to 60 inches, and you can choose a canvas or metal sub-straight.

I don’t know about you, but I feel calmer just looking at this print.

If it’s not your style or if you are looking for the most unique beach gifts, reach out to a local photographer about having a custom print of your giftee’s favorite beach.

#34 Beach Bitch Candles

beach bitch candles

These soy candles are great Christmas gifts for beach lovers who can’t get to the beach enough. You can send the beach to their doorstep with Copper Coconut and Ocean Mist. 

Dirty Candle Company offers free shipping on orders over $35, so load up on several ocean candles, and you will be prepared with the best birthday gifts for beach lovers all year round.

#35 Echo Show

echo show

Echo Shows are fun beach gifts for any beach lover who has to check the weather before stepping out the front door. 

Your friend can fill the kitchen with beachy music, video chat with faraway family, and ask Alexa life’s most challenging questions (e.g., why is sand everywhere?).

#36 Beach Lover Gift Basket

beach lover gift basket

Maybe you are short on time but need to find beach gifts for your mother-in-law, sister, or friend. 

Send a handmade beach gift basket straight to their door. Beach lovers can relax in a bath with this cotton bath sponge and Kala Style ocean-scented soap. 

This gift basket comes with Kala Style lip balm and a new teal insulated beverage cup for enjoying a cold cocktail on the beach or in the bathtub.

Send these luxury beach gift baskets to your bridesmaids before a beach lovers’ wedding or beach retreat. 

The sign, “The beach is calling, and I must go,” builds excitement and doubles as beach-themed home decor.

#37 Beach Bag with Secret Wine Compartment

beach bag with secret wine compartment

The best beach gifts are ones that make things more fun.

Your friends will love this secret wine compartment that screams “beach time bitches!” The best part is that no one has to know–  no one except the other beaches. 

Even with the wine pouch full, there is room for beach accessories. It comes in a classic blue and white striped pattern with soft rope handles.

#38 Wine Lover Tumbler

wine lover tumbler

Now that you’ve figured out how to carry the wine, your wine-drinking beach lover will need something to drink it from.

Swig Life 14oz wine tumblers are stylish and have a spill-resistant lid.

With a quick run through the dishwasher, the beach babes in your life can switch from hot morning coffee to cold sangria.

#39 HydroFlask Reusable Water Bottle

hydroflask reusable water bottle

High-quality reusable water bottles are great gifts for beach lovers on birthdays or graduations. 

HydroFlask offers lifetime warranties on its iconic water bottles. These bottles are genuinely leakproof and can keep up with rugged lifestyles. 

One of my favorite memories as a college orientation photographer is of a freshman stepping on stage during a comedic icebreaker to “introduce” her HydroFlask named Gerald. 

Everyone laughed with understanding and took a sip from their own Hydro. I’m serious about saying that this water bottle will be around for life.

You can make your gifts for the beach lover in your life more meaningful with a bit of personalization.

Throw in this Sea Turtle Sticker to add a personal touch for beach lovers. As I write this, my water sits beside me with a sticker that my old coach gave me, which reads, “Leave a trail of radiance.” Every day this sticker reminds me of her support.

#40 Fleece Pullover

Half Snap Fleece Pullover

If your beach lover friend enjoys a winter walk in the sand, they will stay cozy in this Columbia pullover. 

My best friend has this sweater style, and it’s a perfect gift for outdoorsy people who adventure from the shore to the mountains. 

My family has a tradition of visiting the beach on New Year’s Day, and dressing in layers is key to any winter beach trip.

I prefer wearing a comfy pullover underneath my windbreaker instead of heavy coats. That way, I don’t overheat when the sun pops out or while climbing sand dunes.

#41 Spikeball


My two favorite beach games are spikeball and beach tennis. I learned about both games on a trip to Puerto Rico last year and was immediately hooked. 

Spikeball is a fun gift for college students and anyone who enjoys a little competition. It’s like beach volleyball, and hacky sack had a baby. Instead of hitting the ball over the net, the goal is to pass it back and forth by bouncing the ball off of a horizontal circular net. 

There’s virtually no set-up, and it takes little space.

#42 Beach Tennis

Beach Tennis

Games make great gifts for the beach lovers you know and love.

Beach tennis is my favorite beach game. Created by Italian tennis players on holiday, beach tennis uses giant ping pong paddles to bounce a racquetball back and forth. 

You play it along the water, where the sand is firm, and diving for the ball involves splashing in the water.

Surprise the family by pulling these smiley paddles out of the beach bag on your next beach trip.

#43 Sea Turtle Lamp

sea turtle lamp

Is your niece or nephew’s birthday coming up? Keep the nighttime monsters at bay with a sea turtle lamp. This lamp is the perfect beach gift for a child’s beach house bedroom or bedroom away from the shore.

#44 Octopus Plushie

octopus plushie

Ocean animal plushies are the perfect beach-themed gift for grandkids, baby showers, and your friend who just went through a rough breakup. 

These octopus plushies come in five sizes and have embroidered facial features to avoid choking hazards like buttons. 

The soft tentacles and squishy body are the perfect gifts for someone who needs a hug.

#45 Octable Beach Table

octable beach table

Another perfect beach gift is the Octable beach table. Your friends will no longer have to worry about tipping over their folding table because the Octable anchors in the sand for stability. 

Octable is lightweight and fits into a beach tote. The cupholders can hold deli take-out containers for a beach picnic and solo cups for a beach party. 

You can easily adapt this table for boats, grassy areas, and campsites using the extender (to make it taller), the PVC foot (to prevent lawn damage), and the fishing rod holder (to secure it on a boat).

#46 Sarong


Sarongs add a stylish flare to her beachwear. They don’t cover as much as a dress, but they’re perfect for wrapping around her waist as she walks to the beach bar or back to the car. We tested a Cupshe sarong like this one and loved the lightweight, sheer fabric.

#47 Kindle E-Reader

Kindle Paperwhite

We also love Kindle Paperwhites for reading on the beach because they’re waterproof, and the screen is glare-free for reading outdoors. Your favorite beach babe can pack a single e-reader full of books. They can even get free e-books from the library.


Jodelle Marx with short, dark brown hair, smiling at the camera, and wearing a black shirt.

Jodelle Marx

From homemade to luxury, Jodelle’s always scheming about the next best gifts. She even started printing her own stationery to easily brighten a friend’s day with small doses of art. Jodelle’s a sucker for surprises and loves assembling intricate care packages. She starts planning Christmas gifts months in advance so that when the holidays rolls around, she’s an expert at gift giving.

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