21 Top Joshua Tree Glamping Sites [Bubble Domes, Yurts, Airstreams & More]

top joshua tree glamping sites

The best Joshua Tree glamping spots, including bubble domes, yurts, airstreams, and awesome vacation rentals.

Have you been drooling over your friend’s gorgeous camping pics from Joshua Tree? 

Or maybe you’re off social media but you want to cap off your camping trip with a night in a more luxurious spot. 

No matter where you’re coming from, Joshua Tree National Park is a spectacular location for a vacation. It has also earned a certain cache of late as a hot spot for glamping. 

Glamping Joshua Tree usually involves finding accommodation outside the park since the campsites inside the park are not set up for very large tents or trailers with hot tubs. 

Thankfully, there are an endless number of Joshua Tree National Park glamping spots within a short drive of the park, and they’re not all canvas yurts! 

Joshua Tree boasts a wide range of very unique vacation rentals, including tents that look like clear bubbles, geodesic domes, spaceships, and medieval towers. Of course, there are plenty of chic RVs and whole-home rentals too. 

I love finding a fun place to stay on my vacations, even if it’s just for one night (I’m not gonna lie, I may have bookmarked a few of these for my next trip). 

Below, I’ve found the top spots for Joshua Tree glamping so you don’t have to wade through the endless number of listings and can get right to the fun part! 

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you so I can keep providing free travel advice and tips.

Outdoor bathroom shower at Joshua Tree glamping site

Best Joshua Tree Glamping Spots 

#1 Area 55 Futuro House

Location: Joshua Tree, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 5 miles; 10-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: Fun, one-of-a-kind lodging. 
Sleeps: 4 people
Price: $$

The Area 55 Futuro House is a one-of-a-kind Joshua Tree glamping experience. This is one of 85 Futuro Houses in the world and this is the only one you can spend the night in! 

The Area 55 Futuro House is shaped like a big red spaceship with oval windows all along the perimeter.

This is a totally off-grid glamping experience with a private bathroom and outdoor shower. 

There’s also an outdoor, shaded kitchen spot with a grill and a fire pit, which is perfect since this is such a beautiful location for stargazing. 

#2 The Raven House

Location: Joshua Tree, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 5 miles; 10-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: Renovated homestead cabin with park views. 
Sleeps: 3 people
Price: $

The Raven House is a renovated historic homestead cabin built in the 50s and is one of two small cabins on the property. 

This cute little guest house has a studio vibe and can sleep up to three. In addition to being close to downtown Joshua Tree, it also overlooks the park!

The Raven House comes with an indoor fireplace, a fire pit on the back patio, plus a hot tub (love that). 

The space is heated and cooled with a mini-split AC/heater combo unit and shares laundry facilities with the host. 

#3 Sol House

Location: Joshua Tree, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 5 miles; 10-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: Reasonably priced, close to the park, and sleeps 10. 
Sleeps: 10 people
Price: $$

I like Sol House, not just because it’s cute and recently renovated, but because it sleeps a bunch of folks and is quite reasonably priced (especially if split among the group members).

This is a four-bedroom house with three full bathrooms. The living room is specifically designed for group entertainment with a shuffleboard table, big TV (with Roku), and a giant comfy couch. 

The outside is likewise outfitted for fun. There are two patios with a fire pit, hot tub, outdoor movie screen with a projector, darts, corn hole, and hammocks. 

This is a great space for a family (or group of friends) to have an amazing time together. 

#4 Modern Airstream

Location: North Joshua Tree, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 5 miles; 10-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: Private Airstream with a hot tub.
Sleeps: 2 people
Price: $$

The Modern Airstream is a 2016 Flying Cloud Airstream on five acres of private property in Joshua Tree, CA. 

The space is shaded with a big wooden awning (essential for the desert) with a fire pit, pool, and wood-fired hot tub. 

This location has wifi and cell service, which can be rare for Joshua Tree glamping. For additional evening fun, there’s a TV with Amazon Prime and Disney+ and a projector movie screen. 

This spot is located on a dirt road, which lends itself to a secluded feel, but can be hard for very low vehicles to access. 

Pets are welcome here too and they have space to roam off-leash in the fenced-in yard. 

#5 Castle House Estate Yurts

Location: North Joshua Tree, CA (in the unincorporated community of Sunfair)
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 5 miles; 10-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: HGTV-featured luxury glamping.
Sleeps: 4 people
Price: $$

If you’re looking for luxury camping accommodations and an Insta-ready backdrop, you should take a look at the Castle House Estate

The Castle House Estate was featured on HGTV for their premium luxe glamping experiences, and for good reason. 

Each Joshua Tree glamping tent is outfitted with giant squashy floor pillows and a queen bed with 1600 thread count sheets. Each yurt also has its own fire pit, which makes this a great spot for a romantic getaway.

The whole property is situated on eight acres and includes a communal pool and even offers a small menu, including homemade pizza, cookies, and a mini-bar.

#6 Guard Tower Suite

Location: North Joshua Tree, CA (in the unincorporated community of Sunfair)
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 5 miles; 10-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: Very unique tiny house with amazing desert views.
Sleeps: 3 people
Price: $$

Ok, so I already mentioned the tent glamping site hosted by the Castle House Estate, but I just had to include their other property–the Guard Tower Suite

This is Southern California glamping at its finest. 

There are two tiny homes on the property designed like small guard towers–the architecture is inspired by medieval themes and each tower is three stories high. 

On nice nights, guests can sleep on the rooftop patio for an ultimate stargazing opportunity. If you’re not sleeping on the roof, there’s still a queen bed on the inside with memory foam pillows. 

Each of the towers has a fire pit, grill, and outdoor furniture to relax outside. 

#7 28 Palms Ranch Stargazing Yurt

Location: Twentynine Palms, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 4 miles; 20-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: Authentic Mongolian yurt tent with an emphasis on the “camping” part of glamping. 
Sleeps: 4  people
Price: $

Are you someone who enjoys the “roughin’ it” aspect of camping? Or perhaps you’re just looking to disconnect from technology and let yourself sit in nature? 

The 28 Palms Ranch Stargazing Yurt is a glamping experience that intentionally avoids “hooking up” their yurts with technology and gadgets to give guests a quiet nature experience. 

This glamping accommodation features authentic Mongolian furniture, which offers it a rustic but functional feel. 

Of course, this Joshua Tree yurt still comes with a big, comfortable bed, air conditioning, and a heater, so it’s still quite luxurious compared to most minimalist camping experiences. 

#8 JT’s Favorite Location Studio

Location: Joshua Tree, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 5 miles; 10-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: National Wildlife Federation certified wildlife habitat.
Sleeps: 4 people
Price: $

I didn’t know this was a thing but apparently, the National Wildlife Federation certifies individual properties as wildlife habitats. 

JT’s Favorite Location Studio has achieved that certification (for the outside of the house, of course;). 

The inside of this studio offers all the modern amenities we humans need to be comfortable while minimizing the environmental impact. 

The studio has an efficient water tank system and is powered by solar panels, which is a unique feature among vacation rentals (or homes in general). 

The patio has a picnic table and other outdoor furniture, plus there’s a lovely screened porch to enjoy the natural beauty of the desert in comfort. 

#9 The Nomad

Location: Joshua Tree, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 5 miles; 10-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: Accommodates a large group.
Sleeps: 14 people
Price: $$$

I’ve included The Nomad in my other posts about Joshua Tree because it’s a beautiful space that can fit a large number of people. 

This is a five-bedroom, three-bathroom house with a private outdoor pool and hot tub which makes it great for a bigger family get-together.

This is not a party house, per the hosts, but could be a great weekend getaway for say, a small yoga group. 

This beautiful, tranquil retreat is very popular, and like many vacation rentals, the price goes up on the weekends. If you’re able to, try to snag a spot mid-week for a discounted price!

#10 Chic Desert Ranch

Location: Twentynine Palms, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 5 miles; 10-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: Electric vehicle compatible!
Sleeps: 8 people
Price: $-$$

The Chic Desert Ranch is a whole-home vacation rental in Twentynine Palms that can fit up to eight guests. 

This is a four-bedroom, two-bath house with a fitness/yoga room and a fire pit in the backyard. 

This home is located in a residential area, so it’s perfect for guests who get the heeby-jeebies being way out in the desert by themselves. This home has the bandwidth to charge electric vehicles, too. 

#11 Moon Camp

Location: Joshua Tree, CA (in between Joshua Tree & Yucca Valley)
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 5 miles; 10-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: It’s surrounded by Joshua Trees.
Sleeps: 6 people
Price: $$

Moon Camp is a unique location in that it’s more of a series of off-grid buildings that guests have access to. 

The word “compound” has weird connotations, but I’d describe it as a compound. A chic, environmentally friendly compound. 

There are two private rental spaces on the property that share a shipping container lounge (it’s cuter than you think) and an outdoor fire pit.

And this is a great place to surround yourself with the iconic spiky Joshua Trees as they are all around the property. 

This is also a completely off-grid glamping experience that’s solar-powered, which I appreciate because I love renewable energy. The space is also dog-friendly for dogs under 25 pounds. 

#12 Dome in the Desert

Location: Joshua Tree, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 5 miles; 10-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying: Award-winning design in a unique setting. 
Sleeps: 4 people
Price: $

I’ve included the Dome in the Desert in my other posts about Joshua Tree. This is just such a neat spot, and it’s been featured in Conde Nast Traveler, Esquire, and several other design magazines. 

This incredible location feels secluded from neighbors and has several Joshua Trees on the property. 

The house comes with all the standard amenities but the things that set it apart are the hand-crafted furnishings in the simple and elegant living spaces. 

There are two bedrooms, one with a king-sized bed and one with a king sofa bed. 

#13 Silver Belle Bungalow

Location: Yucca Valley, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 5 miles, 10-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: A private stay at a great price. 
Sleeps: 2 people
Price: $

I like the Silver Belle Bungalow because it’s a cute stay close to the west Joshua Tree entrance, and it’s reasonably priced! 

This is a renovated 1951 trailer surrounded by Joshua Trees but close to the “city life” of Joshua Tree, California. 

Since wifi isn’t offered at this location, this is the perfect place to unplug and forget about work emails. There are kitchen and bathroom essentials inside the trailer, plus an outdoor dining area. 

One thing to note about the sleeping arrangement here is that the bedroom features two twin beds rather than one large king bed. 

#14 Magical Airstream Adventure

Location: Joshua Tree, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 6 miles; 10-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying: Pet-friendly with modern amenities in a cute space. 
Sleeps: 4 people
Price: $$

The Magical Airstream Adventure offers Joshua Tree glamping in a 2018 Flying Cloud Airstream trailer situated on two acres in Joshua Tree, CA. 

Just a few minutes from the western park entrance, this is an awesome location for sunrises and sunsets as well as stargazing. 

The Magical Airstream is a 25-foot long space that includes a kitchen, bathroom, plus an outdoor grill and fireplace. 

Hot showers and wifi are available too. Pets are welcome here for an additional fee.

#15 Magical Getaway Under the Stars

Location: Yucca Valley, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 12 miles; 20-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: Desert views with a dedicated workspace.
Sleeps: 2 people
Price: $

The Magical Getaway Under the Stars is the ideal vacation rental if your vacation has to include a little worky work. 

This studio space includes wifi and dedicated desk space for those of us who are maximizing our telework agreements. 

The location is close to the city center of Joshua Tree but still enjoys dark night skies, which are perfect for watching a meteor shower. 

There is a California king-size bed in this space, plus an extra inflatable mattress can be added if needed. Oh, and this is a very reasonably priced place!

#16 M-House

Location: Joshua Tree, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 13 miles, 8-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: Luxe furnishings and a lap pool. 
Sleeps: 4 people
Price: $$$

If you’re looking to splurge on a memorable getaway, check out the M-House. This is an entire home rental that sleeps up to four guests. 

The home is located in a residential area, but you wouldn’t know that from the photos. The sense of privacy is very well-maintained. 

M-House is possibly the poshest spot on my list. The decor is modern and minimal but doesn’t feel cold. 

Both bedrooms open up to a backyard with a lap pool, awning, and BBQ area. Plus, the fact that it’s in the town of Joshua Tree means you’re very close to the park.  

#17 Desert Bubble

Location: Joshua Tree, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 13 miles; 20-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: It’s in a glamping BUBBLE. 
Sleeps: 3 people
Price: $$$

The Desert Bubble is a memorable dome camping getaway, and there’s no doubt about that. 

This off-grid, Joshua Tree glamping space is made of two clear domes with a queen memory foam mattress perched on a wooden deck. 

The main, bigger dome acts as a private room and has the option of 360-degree curtains for privacy and sun protection during the day. The smaller dome is a side room with a dresser. 

The outdoor patio features a fire pit and lounge chairs as well as a grill. There’s also an outdoor shower with hot water, plus bathroom facilities.  

Even in a place like Joshua Tree, which boasts lots of eclectic living spaces, you won’t find too many glamping tents like this one. 

#18 JT High Desert Hideout

Location: North Joshua Tree, CA”
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 13 miles; 20-minute drive 
Why it’s worth staying at: Classic glamping yurt experience close to the national park entrance. 
Sleeps: 3 people
Price: $

The High Desert Hideout offers classic tent glamping in Joshua Tree. This cozy canvas glamping tent sleeps up to three people and offers both mountain and desert views. 

The tent is equipped with a comfy bed and linens and is situated on a raised platform on a fenced-in piece of property. 

The facility offers an outdoor shower, dining area, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, and a few communal amenities like a shared outdoor pool. 

The yurt has air conditioning and a space heater and is super close to the west Joshua Tree park entrance.

This spot is a fun place to meet others too. There’s a piano, a shared pool table, and a little stage with a projector movie screen.

#19 Pioneertown Cabin

Location: Pioneertown
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 14 miles; 20-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: It’s within walking distance of Pappy & Harriet’s restaurant. 
Sleeps: 4 people
Price: $$$

The Pioneertown Cabin is an entire vacation home rental with two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the outer edge of Joshua Tree. 

The Pioneertown Cabin has strong “mountain lodge” vibes with lots of wood paneling and rustic decor. Despite the rustic feel, there are all the modern amenities you would expect in a whole-home rental. 

The space has a hot tub and wifi and is within walking distance of the famous Pappy and Harriet’s restaurant. 

Another thing I like about this space is that it looks out onto the Pioneertown Mountain Preserve, which is stunning. However, one note about this spot is that it’s not pet-friendly. 

#20 Sunset Road Trailer

Location: Landers, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 19 miles; 25-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: Wilderness vibes but close to town. 
Sleeps: 2 people
Price: $

One of the unique things about RV glamping in the Sunset Road Trailer is that it’s on the outskirts of Joshua Tree, CA. 

So, it feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere, yet you still have access to all the amenities of a normal Airbnb. 

The Sunset Road Trailer is a renovated 1986 Holiday Rambler trailer and includes a wooden patio and a hot tub. It’s also outfitted with a kitchen, cooking gear, coffee maker, hot water, and wifi. 

This Joshua Tree glamping trailer sits on five acres of land so there’s lots of space for you to explore, or you can chill in the air-conditioned trailer and watch Netflix. 

Lastly, it’s close to the Integratron, which you can read more about in our guide to the best things to do in Joshua Tree, and is just a few minutes from downtown Joshua Tree. 

#21 California Dreamin’ 1970 Silverstreak

Location: Desert Hot Springs, CA
Distance from Joshua Tree National Park: 31 miles; 50-minute drive
Why it’s worth staying at: Close to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree if you want to hit both in one trip.
Sleeps: 2 people
Price: $

The California Dreamin’ 1970 Silverstreak is a fully remodeled 1970 RV in Desert Hot Springs, CA. 

This charming trailer has brand-new everything. There’s a mini-kitchen with all the essentials, plus a bathroom with a shower. This Joshua Tree glamping space also comes with a queen-sized bed, air conditioner, and heater. 

Outside, you’ll find a picnic table and chairs. Plus, Karen, who owns California Dreamin’, has the facility professionally cleaned between guests. 

The town of Desert Hot Springs is a great location if you want to experience solitude but still be close to modern amenities. The trailer is about 20 minutes from Palm Springs and 50 minutes to Joshua Tree. 

Read our guide on how to road trip from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree

Best Time to Glamp in Joshua Tree

Keys Ranch house Joshua Tree National Park

For the ultimate glamping experience near Joshua Tree National Park, I would strongly suggest visiting between October and May. 

The summer is unbearably hot in Joshua Tree (and that’s coming from a summer person) and some glamping facilities, particularly tents and trailers, can get very hot inside.

Looking for places to glamp in the summer? Read our guide to the best glamping spots in California.

Tips for Glamping in the Joshua Tree Area

Camp site at Joshua Tree National Park with rocky landscape and sandy dunes

Read Details Ahead of Time

Don’t wait until the last minute to read the check-in instructions on your Joshua Tree camping reservations. 

Cell service is notoriously bad in the Joshua Tree area so be sure you understand all the details of your accommodation beforehand. 

Make Sure it’s OK to do a Photoshoot

Some property owners now require guests to sign an agreement if any type of photoshoot is going to take place, especially if you’re shooting sponsored content. 

Learn Where the Joshua Trees are

If you’re intent on glamping in J-Tree and you want Joshua Trees in your shots, be sure you’re visiting the right part of the park. 

The Mojave Desert (northwestern) part of the park is where you’ll find the iconic plants, and some areas have more Joshua Trees than others. 

FAQs about Glamping in Joshua Tree

RV parked at Hidden Valley Campground Joshua Tree National Park

Is glamping allowed in Joshua Tree?

Yes, in a sense. You can bring almost anything you want to spruce up your campsite in Joshua Tree National Park. 

Things like air mattresses, space heaters, carpets, and lighting are fine as long as you aren’t damaging any of the plants on your site or hanging anything on the Joshua Trees. 

Are there yurts in Joshua Tree National Park?

No. There are no yurts in Joshua Tree National Park, but there are plenty of yurts for glamping near Joshua Tree right outside the park. 

What’s the difference between camping and glamping?

While glamping is generally thought of as “camping with creature comforts,” there are no hard and fast rules about what is and isn’t “glamping.” 

My friends tease me about being a glamper when I bring an inflatable pillow on a backpacking trip (shrug emoji). 

While camping is usually somewhat of a minimalist activity, glamping setups often include large tent setups with furniture and electrical outlets inside. 

Glamping can also involve a renovated trailer (hopefully with a hot tub IMO). 


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