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Reviewed by Mimi McFadden
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After testing every Lume scent over the past three years and the recent formula change, I still recommend Lume deodorant. These are the key takeaways from my Lume Deodorant review:

  • Lume has an initial scent that can smell bad–a baby formula or cheese smell–but it goes away quickly after application.
  • Lume works! Even on private parts! It’s made from mostly natural ingredients and is science-backed and invented by a gynecologist.
  • You have to use Lume deodorant properly by applying it straight out of the shower.
  • Because Lume works by affecting the bacteria on your body, it’s different for everybody.
  • Most reviews are positive but it doesn’t work universally, so try a sample set first.

It’s possible that I’m sadly mistaken, and no one has the heart to tell me, but I’ve never had a big problem with body odor. (I think! Hopefully!)

I shower every day (sometimes twice a day) and frequently change my clothes midday, simply because I love baths and showers, and I enjoy playing dress-up.

As a result, I’ve used previous deodorants more like perfume: a pleasant scent to add to my body rather than a means to control odor. 

A flat lay of different lume deodorant options, my Honest Lume Deodorant Review

I do, however, use deodorant in the summertime to prevent thigh-chafing and underboob sweat.

I started using Lume three years ago after impulsively ordering a set (thanks, targeted advertising!).

I had hoped for an aromatic, floral scent, but instead it reminded me of diaper cream. It smelled like a baby’s bottom!

I wondered why I had dropped $30 on deodorant that smelled terrible and cursed my impulsive spending habits.

However, even after that awful start, I’m still a fan of Lume.

That’s because I was missing a key piece of understanding about Lume during my first experience. Lume doesn’t cover up odor; it chemically prevents it. 

As of 2023, Lume has updated its formula to address the complaints about that “diaper cream” smell. I’ve painstakingly tested the new formula to determine how it stacks up against the original.

Read on for my in-depth review of Lume deodorant, the baby’s bottom smell, a list of ranked Lume deodorant scents, and find out if Lume is worth the price and the hype.

A woman in a yellow shirt holding a stick of minted cucumber Lume Deodorant out in front of her, close to the camera.

What is Lume Deodorant?

Lume is an aluminum-free, paraben-free deodorant that was invented by a gynecologist, Dr. Shannon Klingman, to help control body odor and sweat while avoiding irritation to sensitive skin. It contains natural ingredients such as:

  • aloe barbadensis leaf juice
  • tapioca starch
  • maranta arundinacea root powder AKA arrowroot powder
  • mandelic acid

These natural ingredients in Lume are scientifically shown to affect the pH of your body to decrease odor-causing bacteria, absorb perspiration, and moisturize to reduce chaffing.

In 2023, Lume reformulated its deodorant and is no longer fully natural. It also contains some synthetic ingredients, though it is still skin-safe, vegan, cruelty-free, and has top marks from the Environmental Working Group.

How You Should Use Lume Deodorant and How it Works–Important!

The most critical Lume deodorant ingredient is mandelic acid, which has an antibacterial effect. Mandelic acid stops odor-causing bacteria from building up in the first place, which means Lume needs a “clean slate” to work.

If you haven’t showered in a few days and start to smell, putting on some Lume won’t tide you over for another 24 hours. This is because the odor-causing bacteria is already there. So to use it properly, apply it right after showering to protect your pits, privates, groin, feet, or whatever other parts you treasure.

How I Tested Lume Deodorant

A purple-haired woman in a yellow shirt holding a stick of minted cucumber Lume Deodorant up to her nose for a sniff.

I’ve been using Lume for over three years. I generally use it on my armpits, but have also used it in the under-boob area, inner thighs, and private areas.

I tested Lume against my normal daily activities, which include lots of walking, working on my feet, and living through New York summers. 

I’ve based my judgments on the FOFAL criteria, which I invented just now and present to you below:

  • Fragrance (15%): As in, how good the product smells on its own, and how much the scent lives up to its name. For example, does the Peony Rose actually smell like peonies and roses?
  • Odor control (50%): How good do I smell when I use Lume? Does it give me B.O. or does it prevent it?
  • Functionality (10%): Does the packaging work well? Does the formula leave residue? 
  • Antiperspirant abilities (5%): Most drugstore deodorants tackle both odor and sweat. Does Lume prevent pit stains as well as body odors?
  • Longevity (20%): How long does the product last on my body? How often do I need to reapply? And, also, how long does each package last, relative to the cost?

Lume Deodorant Review and Results from Testing [2023]

A purple-haired woman in a yellow shirt holding three sticks of Lume Deodorant in front of her face like a bouquet of flowers.

I’ve been testing since 2021, starting with Jasmine Rose. In 2022, I tried out a whole range of scents. I tried all of the following Lume deodorants in their original formula:

  • Jasmine Rose (cream stick and cream tube)
  • Clean Tangerine (cream stick)
  • Silver Spruce (cream stick)
  • Lavender Sage (solid stick)
  • Peony Rose (cream stick)
  • Warm Vanilla (cream tube)
  • Coconut Crush (solid stick)
  • Unscented (solid stick)

My first reaction to Lume deodorant was that they were mostly pleasant; they had that faint “baby’s bottom” smell. 

I wasn’t too surprised because some of the bad Lume reviews on Reddit, Amazon, and other sites also mentioned this:

“Smells like a moldy wet hay field.”

“It’s like orange/vanilla/Lilly that’s been stuffed in someone’s musty buttcrack.”

“Smells like poo.”

Those reviews are a clear minority, though, and Lume interacts differently for different people (and based on usage… remember, apply right after showering!). So I soldiered on and continued to try out each deodorant.

For me, there were no negative Lume side effects and no terrible smell of sour milk. While some scents were more potent than others, they all smelled different when applied. Although I was initially disappointed with the ‘baby’s bottom’ fragrance, that smell went away after ten minutes.

I ended up impressed with Lume’s ability to prevent odor. I found that when I used Lume, my clothing–from shirts to undergarments–maintained a ‘fresh from the laundry’ smell, even after a full day’s wear.

When I dug a little deeper, I discovered that Lume achieves odor control by using ingredients that prevent bacterial growth. So, it’s stopping odor rather than simply masking it.

Lume doesn’t help much with chafing, though. That’s because Lume doesn’t contain aluminum like traditional antiperspirants. As such, it can’t prevent sweat (and sweat is what causes chafing). Ingredients like tapioca starch, however, help with absorbing sweat.

Lume still reduces skin irritation because it moisturizes and hydrates skin. The formula is creamy and conditioning, so it does provide a bit of a barrier that at least delays a severe chafe.

So although there are negative Lume reviews like the above, the majority (including mine) are positive. Lume really does show that the doctor knows best, which is why there are tons of reviews that say things like this:

“OMG! It Works! Not only NO BO AT ALL after 10 hrs of Sweating but I have no ODOR AT ALL!”

“I have keratosis on my arms. Nothing has worked… Decided to try this and I’m not going back to anything else. Not only are the bumps disappearing, but my elbows aren’t dry for the first time in forever.”

“I love the cream! I use the unscented. It still smells kind of weird while it’s drying, but there’s no scent once dried. It works like a charm anywhere you put it!”

In 2023, Lume made a lot of changes. They discontinued some of the scents I reviewed in 2022 and updated their formula to address those negative reviews about its smell.

For my third bundle of Lume’s up-to-date 2023 fragrances in their new formula, I tried the following scents: 

  • Lavender Sage (cream tube)
  • Clean Tangerine (solid stick)
  • Toasted Coconut (cream stick)
  • Peony Rose (cream stick)
  • Minted Cucumber (solid stick)
  • Fresh Alpine (solid stick)
  • Soft Powder (solid stick)
  • Unscented (solid stick)
  • Cool Cucumber (deodorizing wipes)

Based on my FOFAL criteria, this is my conclusion of how the new Lume formula stacks up:

  • Fragrance (15%): The new formula no longer has that diaper cream smell! Huzzah! The new Lume deodorants smell much more similar to standard drug store deodorants. I still think the fragrances could be slightly better. Check out the table below for my rankings, brief thoughts on each scent, or my in-depth article on Lume scents for even more information.
  • Odor control (50%): While many natural deodorants I’ve tried are essentially just scented lotions with baking soda, Lume achieves excellent odor control at a chemical level. In the past, Lume worked so well at preventing BO! Their marketing says the new formula is clinically tested to control odor for up to 72 hours. I found that it still works reasonably well but is perhaps slightly less effective than the previous formula.
  • Functionality (10%): The solid stick deodorant is great for applying directly onto my skin. The cream stick may dry up and crust, so then you have to deal with that. Mixed score for this one.
  • Antiperspirant abilities (5%): Lume contains tapioca starch which helps absorb sweat, but Lume doesn’t really act as an antiperspirant nor advertise itself to do so. So it doesn’t get many points here, but I only weighted this at 5% because that’s not what it’s for.
  • Longevity (20%): The price is steep, but Lume works for a long time. In terms of how much product is in each package, I’d say Lume is a little on the stingy side. I used my Tangerine solid stick daily for about two months, which pretty much obliterated it. Based on my research, you should expect a solid stick of standard deodorant to last about 3-4 months with daily use.

Overall, I’d recommend that you try Lume if you’re looking for a solution that your current deodorant doesn’t solve.

I also want to add here, given my recommendation, a little about why you can trust me and this review. 

I’m a person, not AI, and Lume did not send me anything or offer any incentives. I don’t even know if they’re aware of me. I bought their products to test out on my own, and a positive review was not guaranteed. 

That said, we do get a small commission if you click through our links (at no added cost to you!), so please don’t be shy about using any of the buttons below if you’ve appreciated this review.

Pros & Cons of Lume Deodorant Products: What to Consider


A solid stick of Lavender Sage Lume Deodorant on a white background.
  • Effectively prevents odor –  Lume does what it claims to do. If you apply it straight out of the shower, this stuff kills BO and keeps you odor-free all day. Yes, the new formula isn’t quite as effective, but it still does the job, and it smells better.
  • Naturally derived ingredients – Lume contains no aluminum, baking soda, phthalates, sulfates, parabens, or talc. As of the latest formulation in 2023, the fragrances are no longer all-natural, but they are still skin-safe, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly.
  • Lume prevents chafing better than natural deodorants – While Lume isn’t as long-lasting as an antiperspirant in this regard, it does a meaningful job of preventing stinging, chafed skin on hot summer days.
  • It lasts a long time – I’m not referring to how long Lume lasts on your body, although it should prevent odor for up to 72 hours. The product itself lasts quite a while.


A hand wiping away cream deodorant from a cream stick of Lume Deodorant on a white background.
  • The fragrances are underwhelming – While most of Lume’s fragrances are pleasant enough and no longer have that baby’s bottom scent, there still isn’t a fragrance that I truly adore. The fragrance choices remain a little lacking as well.
  • Although the formula no longer has an off-putting initial odor, it’s also a little less effective. In practice, that means that sometimes– on especially sweaty days– I’ve noticed I smell a little–well–sweaty. So, with the improved fragrance, there is a trade-off.
  • It’s expensive – One stick of Lume–cream or solid–is $15. The previous deodorants I’ve used run between $5 and $8 from the drugstore, so this seems a bit steep for deodorant.

Lume Scents Ranked: My Picks for the Best Lume Deodorant Scents

A full line-up of Lume deodorant in solid stick, cream stick, and cream tube varieties on a white background.
ScentRatingMy Thoughts
Peony Rose9/10I always gravitate towards floral scents first. With the previous formula, I was always disappointed with the Peony Rose.

The new formula vastly improved this fragrance; it’s now the flowery smell I was looking for. My only complaint is that the fragrance is fairly mild and faint.
Cool Cucumber (wipes)9/10The Cool Cucumber fragrance is very fresh and mild– it smells like a real cucumber just after you slice it!

This scent only comes in wipes rather than in deodorant stick or tube form. I’m a fan, though, it’s an awesome and very convenient product! (More on this later in the FAQ.)
Minted Cucumber8/10Minted Cucumber has a pleasant and fruity smell that reminds me of the cucumber-melon body sprays of my youth.
Fresh Alpine
(formerly Silver Spruce)
8/10Fresh Alpine’s pine aroma is Christmas-y and long-lasting. 

At first, it didn’t feel feminine to me, but I’ve grown to really enjoy it. 

FYI, it’s significantly different from Silver Spruce in case you’re looking for the same scent.
Toasted Coconut
(formerly Coconut Crush)
7/10The new coconut scent is much more toasty and edible-smelling than the previous one, which smelled more like sunscreen. I enjoy it, but it’s not my first pick.
Clean Tangerine6/10The old version of Clean Tangerine was a little more herbal-smelling, and it was my top pick amongst the original scents. 

The updated scent is more purely citrus. My big complaint is that I found myself smelling a little sweaty sometimes after a long and busy day when I wore this scent.
Lavender Sage6/10I expected to like Lavender Sage more than I do. Theoretically, this scent is right up my alley. But in practice, it has a certain sourness that the new formula didn’t particularly improve upon.
Soft Powder5/10Lume’s Soft Powder is a very decent iteration of the classic, drugstore deodorant scent. I’m just really not a fan of powder scents in general!
Unscented5/10There’s nothing wrong with the unscented version, especially now that they’ve updated the formula. I’m just a big fan of fun fragrances, and so I never find myself reaching for Unscented.

But if you’re interested solely in functionality, then the fragrance-free version could be perfect for you!

Lume Return & Exchange Policy

Lume offers returns for up to 60 days. You’ll need to send in a request with your order number and email address, and it could take up to 10 days to process the request. 

Refunds don’t include shipping and they’ll issue it to your original payment method. They don’t offer exchanges.

Lume Discounts & Coupons

A hand taking a dollop from a Lume warm vanilla cream tube on a white background.

There are a lot of discount codes out there. We’ve tried a bunch and the best one we found was COMEBACK15 as of October 16, 2023. That took the price of their deodorant down from $14.99 to $12.74.

Some bundles on their site are currently marked down by up to 33%, but it’s unclear if these are temporary sales or permanent prices made to look like discounts. Either way, those are good deals for this product.

Lume also always offers free shipping on orders over $25.

Where to Buy Lume Deodorant

Lume is available on the Lume website for $14.99. You can also buy Lume on Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Lume Deodorant Subscription

If you subscribe to Lume, you can have the deodorant delivered every one, two, or three months and save 15% off the cost. 

Be aware though that discount codes don’t appear to work on subscription orders, so that essentially cancels out the savings. Personally, I’d recommend ordering individually and coming back to this article and clicking through our links each and every time 😉

FAQs About Lume Deodorant

A hand holding an uncapped Lume Deodorant cream stick on a white background.

Does Lume really work for body odor?

Yes, Lume works well for preventing body odor. According to Dr. Andrea Suarez, a dermatologist with twelve years of experience and a skincare expert, the mandelic acid in Lume helps prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. 

Suarez, who also has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, explains, “by lowering the pH of your skin… it may help facilitate the colonization of skin micro-flora that is less likely to lead to body odor.”

I’ll note that, anecdotally, I found the new formula slightly less effective than the old one. I noticed this, especially with the Tangerine scent, so it may just be how the fragrance mingles with my body’s chemistry.

For more details on the science behind it, check out Dr. Suarez’s (aka Dr. Dray) very helpful video below.

Does Lume Prevent Sweat?

Lume does not prevent sweat. It provides excellent body odor control and can absorb some sweat, but Lume is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant.

Is Lume Deodorant okay to use? Is it safe?

Lume is safe to use thanks to an aluminum-free formula full of gentle, naturally derived ingredients. Lume contains some synthetic ingredients, but those have been shown to be skin-safe.

Lume should be gentle even for sensitive skin, although it’s always a good idea to test products out on a small patch of your skin first.

Why Does Lume Smell So Bad for Some People? Where does that stinky smell come from?

The most vital ingredient in Lume deodorant is mandelic acid, which helps lower your body’s pH to control odor-causing bacteria. 

Some people find the scent of mandelic acid to be especially pungent, even saying that it smells like “urea” or a “stinky butt.” Still, it’s not an issue for most people and (based on personal experience and others’ reviews) it goes away quickly.

The new formula has toned down the smell of mandelic acid, so it’s less noticeable now.

Should you use Lume every day?

Lume promises to last for up to 72 hours. I shower daily, so I apply it after I shower. 

I can’t find any evidence of Lume deodorant side effects, either in my research or firsthand experience, so using it every day shouldn’t hurt.

How much Lume Deodorant should I use?

A little goes a long way! A pea-sized amount for each armpit or one swipe of a solid stick should have you covered.

How long does the same Lume Deodorant stick last? How about the cream?

According to Lume, a stick should last 110 applications, while a tube should last 150 applications. Depending on how often you use it, that could be pretty long!

In my own experience, the solid stick ran out after about two months, so I’m a little skeptical that it lasted 110 applications.

Does Lume Deodorant stain your clothes?

Lume doesn’t have a white residue (if you use the right amount and rub it in all the way), and it doesn’t stain your clothes at all.

Lume is unique in two ways. The first thing that sets it apart from other natural deodorants is that it doesn’t use baking soda, and, well– it actually works.

Second, most deodorants market themselves for armpits and don’t discuss the other body parts you might want to deodorize.

It turns out deodorant for private parts is something a lot of people want but perhaps are afraid to ask for.

Does Lume actually work for private parts?

Yes, Lume deodorant works well for private parts and was even invented by a gynecologist, Dr. Shannon Klingman.

With that said, it’s not for internal use, and it isn’t like a douche that will strip away your body’s natural microbiome. 

You should also be aware that many dermatologists recommend only using water to clean private parts.

That’s because “the skin there is very delicate” and “sensitive to product,” according to Dr. Suarez, whose video analysis we mentioned above.

How do you apply Lume to lady parts?

The cream formula is what you should use for “full-body” application, while the solid stick is primarily for underarms.

Working from front to back, you can apply the cream formula to all external privates (including your butt crack!).

Don’t apply from the back to the front (UTIs are hell on earth), and there’s no need to “reach deep inside yourself.”

Can Lume Wipes be used on private parts?

Yes – Lume deodorant wipes contain the same formula as their deodorant so you can use them on your pits, privates, feet, or anywhere in between to freshen up when you’re on the go. 

The Lume body wipe is $15.99 and only available in a scent called “Cool Cucumber,” a fragrance not available for the cream and stick deodorants.

And while we’re talking about them, I’d like to take a moment and sing praises for the new Cool Cucumber deodorizing wipes. 

In the past, I’d buy facial cleansing wipes for travel and sometimes use them on my armpits as a way to freshen up– for example, after a long flight. The only problem was, however, that those wipes weren’t really meant for that purpose.

Lume’s wipes contain the same acidified formula as the deodorant, so they’ll actually freshen you up. What an awesome invention!

On top of that, the Cool Cucumber fragrance is one of the most subtle and natural-smelling scents that Lume offers. It smells like pure cucumber juice, which gives them a luxurious, spa-like feeling.

Can I use Lume under my breasts?


Does Lume Deodorant work for feet?

Yes! Lume works to control odor anywhere it might arise, including your feet. 

However, due to the specific glands in the feet, foot odor is better dealt with by aluminum-based antiperpirants or moisture removal. An absorbent powder like Zeasol is ideal if you’re looking to target that issue.

But for everyday foot odor, using Lume should still help.

Who can use Lume?

Anyone! Lume works for women and men, kids, teens going through puberty, old people who might be dealing with “old people” smell, and anyone else. Just humans, though!

Though—they’re cruelty-free and didn’t test it on animals, so I can’t say for sure.

So, Does Lume Deodorant Actually Work? Is it Worth it to Try Lume?

A woman in soft focus holds up a stick of toasted coconut Lume Deodorant close to the camera.

Overall Rating: 7/10

The time has come to make the ultimate verdict for this Lume review. Is Lume deodorant worth it? Should you buy it? 

Does it actually work? The short answer is yes–this is, overall, a positive review.

Lume does what it claims to do. It stops body odor at the source without artificial or harmful ingredients.

Plus, it’s safe for delicate areas and sensitive skin. 

Lume is a bit expensive when you compare it to regular deodorant. But when you look at the price compared to natural deodorants, it’s pretty comparable. 

And considering how long it lasts, the price is relatively reasonable at $14.99 (or $12.74 with the coupon code listed above). That’s better than most natural deodorants, which cost between $10 and 20 dollars per package.

Previously, the formula itself was a bit unpleasant even though it worked great to prevent BO, and none of the fragrances were anything to write home about. 

Now, the formula’s off-putting smell is gone, but the product seems to work slightly less effectively in its latest iteration. So there’s a bit of a trade-off.

If you’re like me and love a fragrant aroma, you can supplement Lume with your favorite perfume. Or, opt for the unscented version.

I’m also a big fan of the deodorizing wipes– they’re a great solution for travelers who want to freshen up on the go (or those days when you simply don’t have time to shower.)

While the fragrance issue keeps me from saying that I absolutely love Lume, I believe it works wonders for odor control, so I’ll continue using it.


Elina Ansary

Elina Ansary

Elina Ansary is a writer, visual artist, and avid traveler. She grew up in San Francisco, CA, and spent her childhood camping up and down Northern California.

Beyond being a travel enthusiast, she’s had a lifelong passion for natural beauty products. As a kid, her idea of fun was making her own face masks from ingredients in her kitchen and backyard.

These days, she considers bubble baths a crucial part of her mental healthcare. Elina visits artist residencies around the world and has lived in Amsterdam, Australia, Brooklyn, and Ithaca, NY.

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A hand takes a dollop of a Lume cream deodorant from a brown tube against a white background, with the text overlay, "Lume Deodorant Review."
A hand takes a dollop of a Lume cream deodorant from a brown tube against a white background, with the text overlay, "Lume Deodorant Review."

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34 thoughts on “HONEST Lume Deodorant Review + 7 Lume Scents Ranked”

  1. I didn’t want to buy a large bottle or have it delivered if it didn’t work and because of the cost. I found a little sample to try at the store in Lavender. Under boob stink even after washing and it wasn’t red. Meds from the Doctor wasn’t doing anything. I needed help. I washed the areas and used a fingertip of medicine on each side just like the TV ad. Immediate relief. No smell and 48 hours later still no stink smell. I couldn’t smell the lavender but that was okay. I had to shower. Lume worked and I will buy more and tell my family. It really does work.

  2. I purchased Lume a few years back and was amazed at the odor control in the lady part region. It worked so well. The product’s smell didn’t bother me since it almost vanished after application and the odor control would last for 2 days. The new formula does not work as well. I feel it lasts less than 12 hours. It is hard to explain but somehow it feels less concentrated. I appreciate the business was trying to placate some customers and trying to gain new ones but that only works if the product can deliver and sadly the new formula doesn’t. I’ve started shopping for something comparable to the original Lume.

    • Hi Liz, thank you for weighing in on this! I’ve been trying out the new formula and while I do like the way it smells straight out of the tube (and vastly prefer it to the smell of the old formula), I have been noticing that it doesn’t seem to control odor that well over the course of long summery days. Thank you for pointing that out! I wasn’t sure if it was just me.

  3. I have been wearing the Lume Deodorant for a few months now. Works fine if I’m not really sweaty. But doing yard work or wearing sleeveless tops it does the same as all the others. It simply does not hold up. Disappointed but not surprised. Keep trying Lume.

    • Hi Melissa, sorry to hear this was your experience. I’ve been trying out their newer formula (it sounds like you are too if you purchased in the past few months) and I’ve been happier with it than the previous formula. In my experience, Lume certainly doesn’t block sweat and moisture, but it does improve body odor. But everyone’s individual body chemistry is different!

  4. I just recently went out and bought it. The only fragrance that was left was the lavender sage. When I first smelled it I did not like it. But I am a little bit on the heavier side and going through menopause. so needless to say I have started to sweat down between my legs and at times I could just smell the stench. I used Lume for the first time when going to a softball game where we were out in the sun for over 2 hours. And I could not smell a thing!!! You don’t even smell the sent of the Lume that I did not like. I can’t explain it but the fragrance must work with the ph or something cause it kept everything down below sent free and as bad as I was sweating that day. But Also I thought it worked well keeping me dry too. Yes it doesn’t keep you completely dry but I don’t think there is anything out there that would. I mean you still sweat under your armpits too when you wear deodorant. I absolutely love this product and was telling everyone about it. My brother in law now uses it for his feet and he even agreed he loves it as well. So now I can not live with out it!! You just have to go out and try it for yourself! But I truly recommend it.

  5. I purchased a Lume variety pack last week and was so excited that a product finally arrived that you could use everywhere on your body that secretes odor. I had seen the commercial many times and thought it was time to try it. I ordered the sample pack and tried the lavender and then the coconut. I was very disappointed that I didn’t like any of them. The smell was horrible and I couldn’t put that on my body. I won’t be purchasing it again. I found something else that is a bit more pleasing to the olfactory appartus and it works just fine. I applaud the people in the reviews I read who said they liked it, but Lume is just not for me.

  6. I am so very glad to have found this site and read your very thorough reviews about all of the Lume products. I have seen the TV ads and have been considering a purchase. I feel so much more well-informed now as a result of having read your comprehensive reviews. Thank you so much for doing that.

  7. Hi Christina! Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I’m glad the review was helpful, and I hope Lume works for you!

  8. Stops odor, but doesn’t do anything for sweat. Went to another state, came back dripping wet, unsatisfied. If you don’ sweet a lot it’s fine. Get unscented, scented smells and mixes with odor and doesn’t do anything for sweat.

  9. I got the tube of the coconut one and it smells TERRIBLE and I couldn’t return it. Won’t waste my money ever again!

  10. I bought 2 starter packs with a variety of all different scents, the solid, the cream, the wash, the wipes everything over a year ago! I used the wipes, I still have half the wash left in the shower, I opened 3 or 4 different scented deodorants to try. I only used each one 1 time they are still all full & all of the other products that came with the order remain brand new still unopened! I will not use them! Everyone is different. I was so excited when I saw the commercial & I placed the order but when I got it I was so disappointed! I have a great sense of smell I can smell everything & way more than others usually! But, OMG it has the most horrible sour, nasty, raunchy, disgusting smell! It’s so bad that it’s even hard to put on! I couldn’t even bring myself to rub it in it was so bad! It smells like a mixture of sour milk, cheese curls, throw- up, rotten booty, & city gutters! It is that bad! My question is did they honestly change the formula? Only because I don’t want to purchase another starter pack & be stuck with “new” scents when in reality it’s just garbage! I’m sorry. But, I ask bc I’m the one spending the money. I heard & see they changed the formula & came out with new scents! So I am trying to distinguish between “new formula” or just same formula BUT new scents???

    • Hi! I feel you about the smell, although I didn’t experience it as quite as abhorrent as you did, I might not have as sensitive of a nose. Lume announced a new formula in late 2022 in response to all the complaints about the smell. I got my starter pack about 8 months before that, so I can’t vouch for how the new one smells firsthand. But it might be worth a try!

  11. I just want to say, I am a very detailed person.
    That was the absolute BEST review I have ever read!! Actually, on anything!
    I am specifically referring to Elina Ansary’s review. (On Lume deodorant)
    Kudos to Elina for literally answering any question I may have had!
    Worth noting, I never comment on anything!
    Thank you!
    I will be visiting your site again!

    • Thank you so much, Diane! I appreciate your feedback so much, and I’m glad you’ll be checking out the rest of our articles!

  12. My box of samples arrived yesterday and I tried the peony rose which I liked but there is an ingredient that I am allergic to because wherever I applied it it caused itching. I liked the other smells except the cucumber; don’t like smelling like a vegetable!

  13. The thing about Lume sented products, is that None of them smell that good, They weren’t designed to smell good,
    And thats EXACTLY What
    It Does ! IT’S Not Perfume,
    It’s Deoderant. With that said, the funky Little smell
    TO SMELL Like NOTHING USE LUME. ( you Can do both, just not in the same location) Really. Joan

    • Thanks, Joan! I totally agree that deodorant doesn’t have to smell “good” to work properly and from our experience with Lume, we agree that the smell usually goes away after the initial application (at least for some of the scents). With that said, smell is important for a lot of people who choose deodorant, and the fresh smell of deodorant that a lot of people like is very different from a perfume smell. Everyone has a different sense of smell and is more sensitive to different smells than others, so we wanted to take in all perspectives in terms of what people might be looking for when deciding whether or not to try out Lume.

  14. while you seem to be completely opposite to me in your deodorant goals (i always buy unscented because i DO NOT want my deodorant smell being noticeable like a cheap car air freshener–my only goal is odor prevention) and your scent preferences (i LOATHE rose or anything flowery), this post was super helpful in helping me decide which scent i’d like! alpine it is, for me.

  15. I am a new user to Lume. I ordered 2 starter paks, Clean Tangerine and Rosemary. I received 2 of the Tangerine which I like very much. Gave some to my Daughter and grand daughter. Received a tiny tube of Lavender Sage which I found to be disgusting. The males in my family will not use the Tangerine and did not like the Lavender Sage. Any other fragrances.

  16. I haven’t been using Lume for long, but I really love it so far. I use the unscented stick and tube, and I haven’t detected any odor or scent from the unscented version. Getting ready to buy unscented soap bars. And I guarantee you that I will not waste my time reading a such a long review of deodorant products ever again.

    • Hi Fran, thanks for your feedback on your experience with Lume! And ha! It’s definitely a lengthy review but a thorough one. We wanted to dedicate a full write-up to Lume after trying almost every scent and type of their deodorant to make it as helpful as possible for anyone who’s thinking of trying them out. You can always use the clickable Table of Contents at the top of all of our articles if you want to skip ahead to the information that’s most relevant to you in the future. 🙂

  17. I just started using the unscented cream. It smells disgusting to me. To be blunt it smells like a smelly butt, like someone needs to wash their butt. That is not a problem that I have. I apply it after showering before going to bed. By morning I do not notice the cream odor. After it dries it’s ok. I will not buy this scent again. Overall Lume seems to be working well.

      • Thanks for ur review. I use unseated now for about 2 years. My last purchases must be a new formula and I’m not happy. It doesn’t last aa the original formula did. I’m a breast cancer survivor and I only have odor under one arm due to loss of lymph nodes in the other arm pit. Lume’s (new) formula is not lasting as well. I just saw why. They have a new formula. It it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  18. I purchased my first shipment of lume 3 months ago. It does work! However.. I just opened the cucumber melon stick deodorant & my left under arm broke out in a rash! It’s very sore & blotchy. Only my left armpit though?? I think I may be allergic to that scent. I had no problem with the clean tangerine scent.

    • What do you think of the scents? I realize that not all of us have the same “nose” so we all might have a different opinion. Thank you.


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