12 BEST National Park Scratch-Off Maps [Top Picks for 2024]

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Short on time? Our pick for the best national parks scratch-off map is the US National Park Scratch-Off Map.

The best national park scratch-off maps to keep track of your park adventures, no matter your personal style. 

I absolutely love the US National Parks and finding ways to commemorate my national park adventures! 

I’m also something of a minimalist, so while I love a good souvenir, I can rarely justify buying a hat, t-shirt, or other “thing” they sell in the gift shops. This is why I love the idea of a national park scratch-off map. 

With a scratch-off map, you buy one item and still get to celebrate every vacation by revealing a hidden image for each national park. Even if you’re not a minimalist, scratching off a new park is dang satisfying.

Scratch-off maps come in all shapes, styles, and sizes and are highly customizable to your taste. Plus, they make great gifts for national park lovers. 

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate your love of the national parks in style, then a national park scratch-off map might be for you. 

Keep reading to see the cutest and most highly rated scratch-off maps, plus a few of my favorite maps that use push pins or stickers!

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which help run this site at no extra cost to you so I can keep providing free travel advice and tips.

Track of Your Park Adventures

 #1 Pop Chart National Park Scratch-Off Chart

Pop Chart National Park Scratch-Off Chart

Size: 12’’x16’’
Best for: Those who are new to the USA national parks.

The Pop Chart National Park Scratch-Off Map features all 63 US National Parks (including New River Gorge, which was added in January 2021) in a simple, clean, aesthetically pleasing grid. 

You can buy the scratch-off poster on its own or with a frame for an additional cost. 

The frame doesn’t come with a glass or acetate protective sheet over it so you can continue to scratch off all the national parks. 

The smallish size of this national park scratch-off poster makes it a great addition for an office (TBH, I’m eyeing this one for *my* office). 

Unlike some scratch-off maps that cover the entire image with gold or silver foil, the image is only partially obscured on this national park map and you scratch off the silver foil to reveal vibrant colors underneath. 

Because you still get to see the muted tones of the whole picture before you scratch it off, this is a good poster for those who haven’t been to many national parks. 

It can also be good for those who are going through them slowly (cuz at least you’ll be able to see the park image if not the color). 

One downside is that this scratch-off poster doesn’t come with a scratch tool, but a penny will suffice. 

#2 Enno Vatti US National Park Scratch-Off Poster

Enno Vatti US National Park Scratch-Off Poster

Size: 16’’x 20’’
Best for: National park lovers who are college students.

The Enno Vatti US National Park Scratch-Off Poster is a larger, poster-sized scratch-off map with a teal background and “window-shaped” scratch-off icons arranged in a grid format. 

And yes, this national parks poster has also been updated with the 63rd National Park, New River Gorge. 

Each US national park is symbolized with its name and a gold foil layer that obscures most of the icon details. 

The 16’’ x 20’’ size fits into standard poster frames and would be an easy way for a college student to have a nice-looking framed poster in their room. 

Enno Vatti sells hundreds of thousands of posters every year, and each poster is made of high-quality card stock and hand-wrapped in protective paper. 

If it’s not going in a college dorm room, this would also make the perfect national park gift for a loved one who loves visiting the parks. 

#3 Mappinners National Parks Scratch-Off Travel Print

Mappinners National Parks Scratch-Off Travel Print

Size: 16’’ x 20’’
Best for: Those with lots of US national parks under their belt.

The Mappinners National Parks Scratch-Off Travel Print is an attractive 16’’ x 20’’ poster with a white background and gold foil US national parks icons. 

Each gold icon has a little peek-through arrowhead-shaped window, which is cute because the arrowhead is the logo of the national parks. 

As a bonus, Mappinners scratch-off national parks maps come with a scratching tool (the lid of the poster tube). 

And Mappinners makes several different styles of national park maps (don’t worry, I include them on this list too). They also make other maps with the states, state flags, and other USA memorabilia. 

This poster is a good choice if you’ve already been to many national parks because you can’t see the image underneath without scratching off the gold foil. The poster may be boring to look at if you’re a park newbie. 

That said, the white and gold color scheme is quite classy and some people may still find it attractive even if they haven’t been to many parks yet. 

Each poster comes in a protective tube which makes mailing them or moving them very easy. This is how I move all my posters and it’s a great system. 

You can also order a travel print scratch-off map to go with the poster size, which you can take with you in the car!

#4 Mappinners National Park Scratch-Off Travel Map

Mappinners National Park Scratch-Off Travel Map

Size: 16’’ x 20’’
Best for: Those who want travel recommendations with their scratch-off maps.

The Mappinners National Park Scratch-Off Travel Map is a map of the United States with 62 (sorry, not 63) of the US national parks in their locations on the map. 

Each park on this national park poster is represented by a gold foil arrowhead with a number on it. 

At the bottom of the map, there’s a legend that shows which park goes with which number and gives you the five most iconic spots at that park (like Half Dome at Yosemite, etc). 

This is one of the few scratch-off maps to include “to-do’s” at each park, but unfortunately, Mappinners hasn’t updated their national park map to include the most recent national park addition. 

For someone who loves symmetry and completion like me, this would be a deal-breaker. 

But it’s also good to consider that no matter which product you purchase, it will eventually become outdated as new parks are added to the system every few years. 

This scratch-off poster comes with a protective poster tube and has a scratch tool right in the lid of the tube.

#5 Map Your Travels National Parks Travel Quest Poster

Map Your Travels National Parks Travel Quest Poster

Size: 19’’ x 26’’
Best for: Old-timey national park enthusiasts.

The Map Your Travels National Parks Travel Quest Poster has a retro, campy aesthetic with hand-drawn images by a Minnesota artist. 

This is not actually a scratch-off map, but rather comes printed on glossy paper with campfire stickers to mark off your national parks bucket list. 

You can commemorate your national park adventures with one of two options. They give you either red or blue campfire stickers, the blue stickers are indented to represent your favorite national parks. 

This national park tracking map features a map of the USA on a wood print background. Each park is represented by a tree icon and around the border of the USA map is a national park “stamp” that is hand-drawn by the artist. 

This national park map is proudly produced in Minnesota. In addition to the artist being a Minnesotan, the map is printed in Minnesota and laminated to make it extra durable. 

This map has not yet been updated with the 63rd national park. 

#6 Kuuly’s Personalized National Parks Poster Bucket List

Kuuly’s Personalized National Parks Poster Bucket List

Size: 8’’x10’’, 11’’x14’’, 16’’x20’’
Best for: Outdoorsy newlyweds.

The Kuuly’s Personalized National Parks Poster Bucket List is a national park scratch map that you can add your own title to at the top. 

For example, it can say “The Brown Family’s National Park Bucket List” or you can choose a standard title that just says “National Parks” at the top. You can also choose one of two font choices.

This US national parks scratchable map also comes in three sizes so you can choose the size that fits your space best. And you can choose between either silver foil or gold foil to cover the icons. 

Beneath each foil-covered icon is a lovely watercolor illustration of each park. The icons are arranged in grid format, and the map has been updated with the newest national park. 

With all the available customizable options, this is one of the most personalizable scratch-off maps. 

#7 Framed US National Parks Explorers Guide

National Parks Explorers Guide

Size: 17’’ x 24’’
Best for: Anyone who wants to support the National Forest Foundation.

Framing artwork can be shockingly expensive but with the US National Parks Explorers Guide by Epic Adventure Maps, you get a national park scratch-off map with a wooden frame included. 

The wooden frame is magnetic and made of two pieces of wood that attach to the top and bottom of the map. 

The magnetic frame locks onto either side of the map without damaging it and is easy to assemble. Plus, if you wanted to use it for other artwork down the line, you could. 

Epic Adventure Mpas really thought of everything.

This national park scratch map comes in three color schemes (dark blue, beige, and grey) and each park icon is represented by a pine tree covered in gold foil. 

One unique aspect of this national parks scratch-off chart is that for every map sold, a tree is planted in partnership with the National Forest Foundation. That’s an item I can get behind! 

One thing to note – I couldn’t find a mention on whether this map has been updated with New River Gorge National Park. 

#8 Travelization Scratch Off Map

Travelization Scratch Off Map

Size: 17’’x24’’
Best for: Anyone who wants to learn about the national parks.

The Newverest map was one of my favorite national parks scratch-off maps because it came with info cards covering every U.S. national park.

But since the Newverest U.S. National Parks scratch map is no longer available, I went hunting for something comparable.

If you’re looking for gift ideas, I recommend pairing the Travelization Scratch Off Map with the new National Parks Trivia Game that just came out.

The map is black and gold, marked with national park locations and the highest peaks. This means that I not only get to scratch off the park itself, but I can scratch off the peaks of national park hikes that I survive.

Along with the card game, it’s the perfect gift for national park enthusiasts. National park trivia is a fun way to pass the hours on a national park road trip or while huddled in a tent after a long day of hiking.

Just wait, my friends and I are becoming experts on fun facts and stats about all of the national parks. 

#9 PennyBeeArt National Park Push Pin Map

PennyBeeArt National Park Push Pin Map

Size: 16’’x20’’ or 11’’x14’’
Best for: Anyone who appreciates the outdoors and fine craftsmanship.

The PennyBeeArt National Park Push Pin Map is *not* a scratch-off poster but hear me out! I had to let you know this little beauty was out there. 

This is a beautifully crafted, handmade map of the US national parks, but instead of scratching the parks off your bucket list, it comes with adorable pine tree push pins. 

The piece is printed on 100% cotton canvas and, as the seller points out, is a great 2nd anniversary gift because the second year is meant to be cotton. 

There are a few different sizing options and frame types (including three different types of wood) with the option for a customizable title. 

This is a pricey keepsake but remember that you’re paying a small business owner and getting a high-quality item in return. 

Plus, this item has been updated to include the 63rd national park, New River Gorge. 

#10 WhakeStudios National Parks Bucket List Board

WhakeStudios National Parks Bucket List Board

Size: 11’’x18’’
Best for: National Park employees. 

The WhakeStudios National Parks Bucket List Board is another alternative to scratch-off maps. 

This is a wooden board made of either cherry, maple, or white oak wood with laser-engraved arrowhead-shaped cutouts for each of the 63 national parks (including New River Gorge). 

When you’ve checked a new park off your bucket list, you simply slot the arrowhead piece in. Each piece fits snugly in its intended compartment so you don’t have to worry about it falling out. 

The top of the board says “US National Parks” and the bottom is engraved with a quote from Theodore Roosevelt, “The joy of living is his who has the heart to demand it.”

One fun fact about employees of national parks is that when they move to a new park, they get a wooden arrowhead with their service dates inscribed on it and the name of the park. 

This board is highly reminiscent of the wooden arrowheads given to parks employees. So if you know a parkie, this would make a great gift for them!

#11 DestinationScratched 8×10 US National Parks Scratch-Off Travel Map

DestinationScratched 8x10 US National Parks Scratch-Off Travel Map

Size: 8’’x10’’
Best for: Van Lifers or decorating any small space

The DestinationScratched 8’’x10’’ US National Parks Scratch-Off Travel Map is a small, personalized national park scratch-off map that’s perfect for a camper van or any other small space. 

This national park scratch map has a unique color scheme from any of the other scratch-off maps I’ve seen – it’s a blue/green map on a white background. 

Due to the small size and reasonable price, this could also be a good national park poster for young siblings who *have* to have their own *everything.* 

Yes, they’ve probably been to all the same parks, but you know there will be crying if someone scratches off a park they weren’t supposed to. So why not get each kid their own? 

The US national parks are represented as silver pine trees. Alas, this doesn’t include all the United States national parks as it’s missing New River Gorge. 

#12 GeoJango National Park Map with Roads

 GeoJango National Park Map with Roads

Size: Multiple 24’’x16’’ all the way to 72’’x48’’
Best for: People who love to explore ALL the national park units.

The GeoJango National Park Map with Roads is a push-pin map of the national parks with a highly detailed topographic and road map overlaid. 

This map is made by a woman who’s a professional cartographer, and her love of maps shines through. 

She not only included the 63rd national park but also included *all* the national park units, including national memorials, national monuments, national historic sites, national scenic trails, national seashores, and national battlefields. 

Just because it doesn’t have the designation “national park,” doesn’t mean it’s any less spectacular and I love that she included all the park units. 

This national park map is a ton of fun to look at with all the detail on it and is a great tool to help you plan your next trip. 

To mark off a new park, you use standard push-pins, which you have to supply yourself. 

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best National Park Scratch-Off Map

Joshua Tree National Park

A national park scratch-off map is the most fun way to commemorate the national parks you’ve visited. Plus, they make great gifts for national park lovers!

Honestly, choosing the best national park scratch-off map was difficult because there are so many great options out there. 

While I loved the customizability of Kuuly’s National Parks Poster and the aesthetic of the Pop Chart Map, I ultimately chose the US National Park Scratch-Off Map because of their support to the National Forest Foundation. 

National forests and national parks are different agencies, but either way, a portion of each map sold goes to improving our outdoor environment. Isn’t that the point of celebrating the national parks anyway? 

And in addition to the lovely aesthetic of this national parks poster, it comes in three different color schemes and has a reusable, easy-to-assemble magnetic frame. 

If you’re looking for more ways to commemorate your national park adventures check out our guide to the National Park Passport.


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