Off the Beaten Track: The Ashland Hills Hotel

As I left the Ashland Commons and the town behind, I wound through a couple of bends and suddenly felt like I was in the country again. There were golden hills on my left and farms on my right, before I knew it, I saw the large Ashland Hills Hotel sign beckoning me from the distance.


I was lucky enough to try out a couple of different accommodations in Ashland. The Ashland Commons was my first stop, but The Ashland Hills Hotel was the next on my list of finding the best accommodation in town – or just outside it.


Although the Ashland Hills Hotel is a short drive outside of town (about 12 minutes), they have a sister hotel right in Ashland as well called the Ashland Springs Hotel. It’s up to your preference, personally, it was nice being a little outside of town with a view of the hills, but still close to the I-5 if I wanted to go anywhere.


I didn’t even realize I was a block from the freeway entrance until I left. I came from the other direction and the grounds of the hotel were so quiet I never would’ve guessed.

Ashland-Hills Hotel-Southern-Oregon Ashland-Hills-Hotel-Southern-Oregon

As soon as I walked into the front office, the 70s decor gleamed back at me. Everything was white and orange, I’m pretty sure I even spotted a shag pillow and cowhide rug. Being that I’ve always related the 70s to bad architecture and gawdy interior design, I was surprised that it actually worked really well in this case.

Ashland-Hills-Hotel-Southern-Oregon The Ashland Hills Hotel - Southern Oregon

The hotel somehow possessed a chic 70s design and style.

Ashland-Hills-Hotel-Southern-Oregon The Ashland Hills Hotel - Southern Oregon

The aspect that stood out to me about this accommodation was the staff. From checking in on my arrival to my last day check out, everyone I talked to was incredibly personable and genuinely cared to know more about my travels. Include that with the emails I received from a couple of staff members on local recommendations of things to do and places to eat around Ashland, and I was highly impressed.

Ashland-Hills-Hotel-Southern-Oregon Ashland-Hills-Hotel-Southern-Oregon

The other aspect I really enjoyed about the hotel was how spacious the rooms are. There was enough space in my single balcony room to stretch out and do yoga, have a dance, or probably do a continuous set of lunges if I was so inclined.

Ashland-Hills-Hotel-Southern-Oregon Ashland-Hills-Hotel-Southern-Oregon

My balcony looked out over the heated pool, and although a tad echoey with the balcony door open, as soon as I closed it I had peace and quiet to work, read, or sleep during my stay.

Ashland-Hills-Hotel-Southern-Oregon The-Ashland-Hotel-Southern-Oregon


In the spirit of the rest of the hotel, my room came off with the same chic 70s decor, with the orange touches, light fixtures, and interesting modern art on the walls that kind of looked like psychedelic pizza.


The additional amenities were much appreciated as well, including the super fast free wi-fi, free coffee in my room (yes, late night work sessions!), and the complimentary breakfast in the Mezzanine, just up the stairs form the main check-in area.


And a couple of other features that I didn’t get to experience myself but which I would take advantage of next time I make a longer visit were the fitness center and the bicycles for guests to use.

The breakfast was fairly standard fare but I did appreciate the amount of choices and the fact that they had their own pancake making station. Again, the limitless coffee did wonders, and if I had been staying there for a week I probably could’ve put together a different breakfast each morning.



Ashland-Hills-Hotel-Southern-OregonMaybe a minuscule detail, but the water near the coffee at breakfast tasted like the famous Lithia Water known to Ashland – it was super refreshing! You’ll see the name Lithia around Ashland a lot, the reason being the natural Lithia mineral springs that were found in the area. Lithia water is named as such due to the presence of lithium salts, producing a very unique mineral flavor.


My favorite part of the hotel had to be the main check-in area, I wish I had spent more time working down there in the plush 70s decor and great lighting. It looked like something out of a shiny retro catalog, whoever designed that space deserves some serious kudos.

Food and Coffee Recommendations

I’ll be writing a post about what to do around Ashland in the near future, but I wanted to pass along a few of the recommendations the staff gave me that I personally checked out and highly appreciated.

Noble Coffee – The best coffee in town with the best atmosphere. This was my go-to place to work on freelance gigs while I was in town, and I never would’ve found it without the staff’s recommendation as it’s not right in the city center.


Brickroom – Also another place that had a great ambiance and decor, I had the cubano sandwich and that was enough to sell me on this place.

Caldera Brewing Co. & Standing Stone Brewing – The highlights to the craft beer scene in Ashland, these places are a must-drink if you love craft beer and you’re in town.


And a couple others I didn’t have a chance to see, but which I would add to the list for my next visit:

Larks – Farm to table concept and meant to have some of the freshest food in town.

Ashland Food Co-op – Another fresh foodie place to eat in town that’s meant to be delicious and affordable.

Morning GloryThe place to go for brunch in town.

These WineriesValley View WineryRoxyAnn WineryDancing Vineyard, and Belle Fiore Winery.

Swing Tree Brewing Co. – I was bummed I missed out on this brewery, I think it was the only one I didn’t visit while I was in town! It’s small and a local favorite a little off the beaten path.

I stayed for two nights at the Ashland Hills Hotel, and it was the perfect spot for a bit of relaxation before hitting the road again. Every time I looked out at those hills I had to give a little sigh at the beautiful surroundings I found myself in.



The Ashland Hills Hotel kindly offered me a discount on my stay, but all opinions, as always, are my own. 

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