Postcard from Scorching Bay

When I first started researching walks and day trips around Wellington, Scorching Bay stuck out to me because, in my mind, it represented a place that was hot in a city that I’ve only experienced as freezing – it is Winter to be fair.


Of course, it’s one of the hardest bays to get to if you don’t have a car, so I hadn’t tackled it up until yesterday, when I couldn’t turn down discovering this beach on a beautiful day. I actually felt sun on my skin and a relatively perfect temperature at one point, you don’t realize how much you appreciate that feeling, until you move away from California.

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Originally, I was going to walk from Newtown to Kilbirnie and take the bus from there to get close to Scorching Bay, but when I realized I had just missed the only bus that runs every hour, I decided to walk the whole way and even a bit more. In total, I spent about 4 hours exploring, walking, taking pictures, bussing home, and enjoying the steady sunshine and blue skies.




Another factor that added on a lot of time was that I came across a “scenic route” detour before I was about to take the quick route through Miramar to get to the Bay. The scenic route was the long way around, but I’m glad I took it as there were so many more bays to see and stunning scenery to gape at.




The only downside about the scenic route is that it is not made for pedestrians. It’s a curvy road that has no sidewalk and sometimes no shoulder to walk on safely. I managed to make it out in one piece, and I don’t regret for a moment taking a little more dangerous of a route.



I came across a place called Shelly Bay, which had an old town of sorts that housed art galleries, and even a movie production studio. After going to the Weta Workshop a couple weeks ago, I can see why Wellington is becoming such a great headquarters for the movie making business. I even was able to get a close up look of the Windy Welly sign, designed after the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.





When I finally made it to Scorching Bay, it was unfortunately already after optimal sun time, but there were still rays hitting down on the beach and I ate my lunch in the fading sun. It was a sight to see, with the rugged coastline in the distance, a beautiful beach in front of me, and the little colorful town beside me.

Finally made it to Scorching Bay
Scorching Bay


After lunch, I decided to keep walking to make it to Seatoun and catch the bus back to Newtown from there. I saw some of the nicest and most expensive houses along this part of the walk, I mean I had to see what the big deal is, Peter Jackson lives in Seatoun after all. It definitely lived up to expectations, and after visiting the small seaside town at the edge of Wellington, I’d say I wouldn’t mind living there in the least.




Happy to have explored another chunk of Wellington coastline, I found my way back to Newtown in a content reverie of how beautiful New Zealand scenery is. It’s true what they say, you can’t beat Wellington on a good day.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 9.25.26 PM
My Walk

Have you ever been to Scorching Bay? What’s your favorite spot on the Wellington coastline? 

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  1. New Zealand is such a photogenic place, it’s hard to not take photos every time I walk outside my house. I was freezing in Melbourne around this time last year haha, although I have to say, Wellington is pretty brutal with the wind sometimes.

    So glad you’re a walker too, and Wellington is such a great city to walk around for your own transportation! Luckily the trams in Melbourne make the city have an easier transport system than most other places I’ve visited in Australia.

  2. I AM SO GLAD THAT SOMEONE ELSE WALKS AS MUCH AS ME (sorry for all the caps). I gave up on the bus system in Welly – I found it faster to walk everywhere! Or, bike, if you really want to get around. 😉

    You could totally walk around all the bays in one day – I think I did it in about 8 hours. Of course, I was there for the summer… I can’t imagine how freezing it is now! It’s so cold in Melbourne, too. Crazy how we’re flipped in places – if you ever come back to Cali, we may cross paths. 🙂

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