Postcard From the Banks of Geelong

A trip from Melbourne to Geelong – a perfect way to take a break from the city for a day.

Feeling the urge to explore more of Victoria besides Melbourne, I took a day trip via train to Geelong on one of my rare days off last week. It was well worth the trip. I found Geelong to be a gorgeous seaside town, perfect for an escape from the big city for a day.

One of my favorite parts of Geelong was walking the waterfront, where I spent a little over an hour strolling alongside the sea from Rippleside to Limeburners point. I stayed just long enough for a perfect view of the sunset.

The waterfront is lined with 104 of the most random bollards along the pathway, each one representing a different part of Geelong history. It was fun exploring and taking pictures of as many as I could find.











My day trip to Geelong was just what I needed. With life getting busier lately in Melbourne, it was the ideal place to wind down and gain some perspective.

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  1. Great shots. You also increased my vocabulary: I now know what a bollard is! Love you much – Nana

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