Postcard from the Flower Fields

The Flower Fields in Carlsbad were the last stop out of San Diego on the Pacific Coast Highway. I had been wanting to see these famous Flower Fields since I started university in La Jolla, when I would constantly see the colorful and picturesque photos on my friends’ Instagram.




The Flower Fields are made up of 50 acres of every color of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers imaginable. These flowers are part of the buttercup family, but I don’t think I have seen them before in the wild, or at least not in this way.




Ranunculus flowers need very little water – a good thing for dry and desert-like Southern California, a place that has endured an endless drought.



The Flower Fields are only open from early March to early May, which makes the experience just feel all the more special.



I can’t think of a happier way to spend an afternoon than frolicking through a colorful garden with a view of the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop.

Flower Fields Writing

It was a whimsical way to say a goodbye to the place I used to live. It gave me pause to be inspired by new growth, new beginnings, and a colorful outlook.


I also want to say that today has truly been phenomenal. With the recent US Supreme Court Ruling, I can only express my most sincere congrats to all of my LGBQT friends and inspirational role models. I’m glad that I was able to witness this change in my lifetime. #lovewins

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