Postcard from the Manly Scenic Walk

One aspect I’ve grown to love about Sydney is the amount of coastal and scenic walks at your disposal in various neighborhoods. The Bondi to Coogee walk is still a favorite activity of mine. Even though I’ve been here for three months, I still love going out there to write or just enjoy the views. The Manly Scenic Walk, also known as the Manly to Spit walk, is the lesser known but still popular walk to do if you happen to be on the northern side of the city. 

Although it doesn’t have as many breathtaking views as the Bondi to Coogee walk, it has a lot more variety in terms of the terrain and trail itself, and one of the best views of the Sydney skyline. From patches of walking through forests, to walking on a couple different beaches, to even walking through small parks and towns, it was a nice way to see a part of Sydney I haven’t spent much time in. It took me a few hours to complete, I chose to start on the Spit side, so I could have some more time to explore Manly at the other end. The few hours included basically checking out every lookout point and stopping multiple times to take in my surroundings and take a picture or two. 

Here are my memories from a lovely afternoon, just me exploring the natural beauty around Sydney, and the song to go with it. It was a great day, and made me realize even more how content and happy I am with my life here. 



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