Best 6 Person Tent for Camping (2021 Buying Guide)

best 6 person tent for camping

My picks for the best 6 person tent on the market, whether you’re car camping with friends or the whole family. 

Whether it’s a long hiking trip with the whole crew or a simple family camping trip, there’s nothing like getting everyone outdoors. 

If you’re planning to be outside with such a large group, however, not just any camping tent will do.

There are several considerations and key features to look for when shopping for 6 person tents. 

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11 Best Large Camping Tents for the Whole Family (2021 Buying Guide)

best large camping tents

My picks for the best large camping tents on the market right now, whether you’re camping with a group of friends or the whole family. 

Short on time? Our pick for the best large family camping tent is the Eureka Copper Canyon or the Coleman Instant Camping Tent.

With the current travel climate, domestic and outdoor travel is only going to get more popular in the coming years. 

Whether you’ve been camping for a long time or it’s a relatively new hobby you’ve picked up, it pays to have the right gear. 

And your tent is arguably the most important piece of gear to invest in if you plan to go camping.  

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably looking for a roomy family camping tent or a tent for a group of friends for a fun weekend away. 

This post is designed to make it as easy as possible to choose the right camping tent for you and your group based on several factors – from cost to ease of set up, durability, and more. 

As someone who has camped all over the world in various terrains and weather, you can rest assured that I’ve done the heavy lifting in terms of research so you don’t have to. 

These are my picks for the best large camping tents on the market right now that are all a worthwhile investment, depending on what you’re looking for.  

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Best 4 Person Tent for Camping and Backpacking in 2021

best 4 person tent

My picks for the best 4 person tent on the market, whether you’re going on a multi-day backpacking adventure or car camping with friends or the whole family. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout the years of spending a lot of time in nature, it’s worth it to be prepared and to have the right gear.

This is especially the case with camping.

Having the right camping set-up can be the difference between a great trip and a very uncomfortable trip full of cold, restless nights that leave you sleep-deprived. 

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