The Best Christmas Vacation Ideas for 2020

christmas vacation ideas around the world

The best Christmas vacation ideas around the world! From the US to South America and Europe, these are my top picks for holiday travel destinations to explore. If you dislike Christmas, you may want to pass on this post because it’s all kinds of gooey hot chocolate goodness and holiday fun. I’m here to tell […]

Christmas in Colombia: Why You Should Visit Medellín this Holiday Season

Christmas in Colombia - Why Medellin is a Destination to Visit this Holiday Season

Ready to have a unique holiday season this year? This is why spending Christmas in Colombia is a glittering choice for a holiday abroad. South America is a region I’m looking forward to exploring in the not-so-distant future. The only time I’ve really experienced Latin America was with a quick three-week trip to the green […]

Travel Misconceptions: Bogota

Travel Misconceptions - Bogota, Colombia

One of my goals on The Atlas Heart is to break down travel misconceptions or judgments about places and ideas. Perhaps it could be that destination that everyone warns you not to visit because of how dangerous it is, or maybe you yourself had preconceived notions that were proven wrong once you arrived to where […]