The Complete Guide for Where to Stay in Santorini for Every Budget


Where to stay in Santorini! The complete guide to the best neighborhoods, top attractions, and hotels for every budget. Let’s be honest, is there any place in the world quite like Santorini? We’ve all seen it, the picturesque villages dotted with white and blue buildings overlooking a never ending view of the ocean. Santorini is […]

The Best Time to Visit Greece (And Where to Go By Season)

The Acropolis - weather in Athens Greece

The best time to visit Greece depends on what type of trip you’re looking for. In this post, I break down the best time to visit based on weather, price, and things to do! Whether you’re more interested in sightseeing, beaches, island hopping, or local experiences, there’s an optimal season for you. You might think […]

My 28th Year: On the Places I Once Called Home

Solo traveling through Sydney, Australia in 2013 - The Atlas Heart

You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place. // Miriam Adeney I’m currently on a train in Scotland, rolling through the lush green countryside. There are deep blue-grey […]

2017, A Year to Myself

2017, A Year to Myself | The Atlas Heart

I never expected 2017 to be a year to myself, but then again, I guess you never really know what life will bring you with each new year. I should know better by now. Even though I didn’t expect it to be a year to myself, I can say with full clarity now that I’m […]

If You Were Here (Part II)

Cotton candy sunsets in Langkawi, Malaysia - Asia Travel

The sun brought out the subtle green hues in the waves today. I walked to the sea and floated in the warm reflections. They reminded me of the color of your deep set eyes, the specks of marine blues and greens and how they always had a crinkle, like the lip of a curling wave. […]

12 Reasons Why I Love Crete, Greece

Crete - best time to travel to greece- high season summer

There’s plenty to love about Crete, Greece – these are a few of the things that endeared me to the island and made it my favorite place in Greece. “Some folks call her a runaway. A failure in the race. But she knows where her ticket takes her. She will find her place in the […]