Pinnacles National Park Guide (What to Know Before You Go)

Pinnacles National Park guide

Your guide to Pinnacles National Park, including what to see, which trails to hike, and what to know before you go. When I first planned a visit to Pinnacles National Park, I’m not sure what I was expecting. Mostly, I thought it would be a dry, almost desert-like landscape with spiraling red-tan pinnacles. Maybe it … Read more

Best Big Basin Hikes & Campgrounds | Big Basin Redwoods State Park

best big basin hikes and campgrounds - big basin redwoods state park

Your complete guide to Big Basin Redwoods State Park. From the best Big Basin hikes to the best campgrounds and everything you should know before you go.

Big Basin Redwoods State Park brings back fond memories from my childhood of hiking through the quiet redwood forest and being immersed in nature from a young age.

A 45-minute drive from where I grew up in Santa Cruz, Big Basin was an easy escape for family hikes on the weekends and school field trips to learn more about the local fauna in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

And at over 18,000 acres, there’s a lot to explore at Big Basin Redwoods.

Because this area was protected relatively early compared to other redwood forests in California, this is where you’ll find the largest continuous stand of ancient coast redwoods south of San Francisco.

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14 Best Hikes in San Francisco, California (From a Local)

best hikes in san francisco

The best hikes in San Francisco! These are the best hiking spots around the city for good views and getting the good kind of lost in nature. No driving necessary.  

Although there are various hiking opportunities and parks around the Bay Area and beyond, a lot of people don’t realize how many hiking opportunities there are within San Francisco as well.

If you’re not looking to go too far from the city, especially right now with shelter in place orders still in effect indefinitely, there are plenty of options to get out in nature without having to leave the city.

With its hilly nature and almost never-too-hot climate, San Francisco is truly an ideal city to go hiking around.

Yes, San Francisco can be chilly, foggy, and windy at times.

But as long as you dress appropriately, it can be an enjoyable place for urban and coastal hikes near the bay.

Plus, hiking in San Francisco means you’ll get a good calf workout AND great views pretty much anywhere you go because of the city’s famous hills.

These are my picks for the best hikes in San Francisco for those looking to get out in nature without having to drive outside of the city.

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