50 Things to Do in Lake Tahoe, California (From a Regular Visitor)

things to do in lake tahoe, california

The best things to do in Lake Tahoe, no matter what season you decide to visit. Even though I grew up in California, only a few hours southwest of Tahoe, I didn’t visit Lake Tahoe for the first time until I was 27. I heard fond anecdotes about Lake Tahoe trips from other friends throughout … Read more

5 Best Lake Tahoe Beaches (And What to Know Before You Go)

best lake tahoe beaches

The best Lake Tahoe beaches – including all of the practical info you might need and why they’re where you should be on a hot day at the lake. Most people don’t think of the Sierras or high altitude lakes when they think of the beaches in California, but stunning alpine beaches are one of … Read more

North or South Lake Tahoe: What’s the Difference?

north or south lake tahoe

Should you stay in North or South Lake Tahoe? In this post, we break down the main differences and which side might be right for you. What’s the difference between North and South Lake Tahoe? This age-old question has been one that has stumped many travelers to this beautiful part of the Sierra Nevadas over … Read more