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2018, A Year of Finding Home

Arizona hiking Monument Valley

After spending so much of 2017 on my own, I made it a plan in 2018 to build up more of a community in my life again.

I did this in two ways:

  1. Finding a home base so I didn’t have to live out of a backpack anymore.
  2. Planning my trips based on which friends I wanted to see and catch up with the most, above seeing as many new countries as possible.

Because I made community such a big focus of 2018, I felt constantly loved, supported, and surrounded by good energy this year.

It was a wonderful year in so many ways. Another year of growth, of nurturing my oldest and newest friendships, and leaning even more into my independence.

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A Complete Morocco Travel Guide: What to Know Before You Go

Morocco guide - What to Know Before You Go | The Atlas Heart

A complete Morocco Travel Guide – from booking buses and tipping, to Moroccan time and aggressive men. This is what you should know before arriving in Morocco. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first touched down in Morocco. 

Even though it has become a popular place for millennial travelers in recent years, I knew there were probably still a lot of misconceptions about the country that I had unwillingly internalized through the media and one-off negative travel stories. 

I mean, the only time I’d ever even tried Moroccan food was on a date with a very attractive Moroccan guy, and I was too distracted by who I was dining with to truly appreciate what I was eating. Sorry not sorry. 

I probably knew less about Morocco than any other country I’ve traveled to for the first time, but it was refreshing to learn about a local culture with a relatively clean slate (read: unpreparedness) – minus the subtle internalized misconceptions of what I imagined the country might be like. 

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