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The Best Time to Visit Montreal (And What to do Based on the Season)


Whether you're more of a summer or winter person, Montreal has something for everyone no matter what season it is. This is the best time to visit Montreal depending on what you want to experience in the city.

Whether it's your first time to Montreal and you want to take in all the sights, or you're more interested in attending one of the city's popular festivals, there's something for everyone when visiting Montreal. 

It's no secret that the winter months in Canada are not the most hospitable. That's why during the summer, Canadian cities like Montreal take advantage of the longer days and comfortable weather. If you're into much more temperate weather, this time of the year becomes the best time to visit Montreal. 

Montreal summers are known as festival season in the city, and locals and visitors spend a great deal of time outdoors in urban parks around Montreal. This French-inspired city feels like a little slice of Europe, especially when summer is in full swing. 

During the winter, much of Montreal retreats to its Underground City. Local residents and tourists can often spend the majority of their time in this underground web of shops, restaurants, businesses and public transportation. It is a sight to see on its own and a unique experience.

However, once summer comes around everyone wants to be outdoors and with good reason with Montreal's long winters. Not only is it a great time to visit Montreal, but summer is also arguably the best time to visit Canada. 

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The Ultimate Guide for Where to Stay in Montreal for Every Budget

where to stay in montreal canada

Where to stay in Montreal! A guide to the best neighborhoods, things to do, and accommodation options no matter what your budget is.

It’s easy to get lost in the vast mixture of cultures in Montreal. With a a French-infused way of life, Montreal has a European flavor while remaining true to its Canadian heritage.

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec province and the second largest city in Canada. There are tons of things to do in Montreal, Canada that aren't available in other Canadian cities, especially when it comes to tasting its local flavors and restaurants.

There is no shortage of options when deciding where to stay in Montreal. From classic French hotels in Old Montreal to trendy hotels in Le Plateau, Montreal has accommodation choices to fit anyone’s vacation style and budget.

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101 Things to Do in Montreal | The Ultimate Bucket List

101 things to do in Montreal | The Atlas Heart

The best things to do in Montreal! These are the places to eat, visit, and local experiences to have around my favorite city in Canada.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Montreal? Is it poutine? Francophone culture? Maybe cold weather? The aspect that I love about Montreal is that it doesn't fit into one box.

Yes, the poutine is wonderful, but you can find authentic cuisine from all over the world throughout the city. Yes, it is very Francophone compared to other parts of Canada (outside of Quebec), but it's also a multilingual and multicultural cosmopolitan city.

Yes, the winters are freezing and the city goes into hibernation for a good part of the year, but as soon as spring and summer hit, it's one of the most vibrant cities in Canada. There's always something going on.

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The Best Christmas Vacation Ideas for 2019

christmas vacation ideas around the world

The best Christmas vacation ideas around the world! From the US to South America and Europe, these are my top picks for holiday travel destinations to explore.

If you dislike Christmas, you may want to pass on this post because it’s all kinds of gooey hot chocolate goodness and holiday fun. I’m here to tell you about the best Christmas vacation ideas around the world. No matter what type of holiday trip you’re looking for, I’ve got you covered!

I’ve always been a fan of Christmas and winter in general. There’s something about curling up with a good book by the fire, the Mariah Carey Christmas album blasting, and the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree.

The holidays may be too obnoxious and materialistic for some, but I really appreciate the family time and Christmas cookies that come about this time of the year.

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