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My (Almost) First Impressions of Seattle

International Fountain - Seattle, Washington

It wasn’t exactly my first impression of Seattle, since I had been to the city 8 years previously to look at colleges – wow, I feel old! However, it truly felt like I was seeing it for the first time when I went for a visit this month. I looked at travel so much differently back then, and at that time I had only spent one day in the city, en route to Puget Sound University for an overnight dorm stay.

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Atlas Weekly: October 4th

Seattle Skyline - Washington

This week started off with a bang, heading to Seattle for a couple of days and having an amazing time up north. Seattle is so much more of a vibrant city than I ever remembered it to be from that quick trip 8 years ago when I was looking at colleges. We LOVED Seattle and I was even able to meet up with fellow blogger, Marissa from Postcards to Seattle, while I was there.

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