Three Americans, One Great Ocean Road

I decided to tackle the Great Ocean Road my last week in Victoria, luckily I had two friends who were willing to split the cost and share the experience with me to make it an unforgettable two days. We rented a car, booked one night in a hostel, and hit the road. The Great Ocean Road turned out to be one of the best road trips of my life, and that’s saying a lot coming from a state that’s home to the gorgeous 101 highway – yes, that’s the one in the OC theme song!

It’s probably an even prettier drive in the summer with nice weather, but since it was the down season we basically had the road and the hostel to ourselves. We stopped at the little seaside towns along the way and learned about the history of its inhabitants, of the Great Ocean Road, and we were able to see another side of Victoria besides just the city of Melbourne.

The hostel we stayed at was the charming Surfside Backpacker in Apollo Bay, I would recommend it for the home away from home feel. Other highlights of the trip included seeing our first wild Koala, driving on the opposite side of the road for the first time, and experiencing basically every type of terrain on the same road…oh, and the Twelve Apostles were pretty cool (although false advertising, there are only seven left now).

Here are some memories from our epic road trip. It was a great way to end my time in Victoria before saying goodbye and moving on to Sydney. I must say, Australia has some of the most beautiful natural scenery.















Have you ever been to the Great Ocean Road? What’s your favorite road trip memory?

Mimi McFadden
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