Tieks Sizing Guide: How to Choose the Right Size Tieks

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TL;DR: After testing two pairs of Tieks for six years, I’ve found that Tieks are generally true to size and comfortable after breaking them in. Here are the key takeaways from my Tieks sizing guide:

  • If you’re between sizes, I suggest sizing down because you can stretch them out a little to fit you. Just be prepared to break them in if they’re too snug at first.
  • Take advantage of the generous exchange policy and try two sizes to determine the best fit.
  • Try stretching techniques like shoe stretchers, golf balls in the toes, or taking them to a shoe repair shop to have them professionally stretched.

There’s nothing more disappointing than investing in a quality pair of new shoes and then realizing you bought the wrong size.

You’ve not only spent a small fortune on these shoes (quality over quantity, right?), but you now have shoes that are basically unwearable because of how tight and uncomfortable they are. 

This is what happened to me when I bought my first pair of Tieks flats.

I went by the Tieks sizing guide and sized down to a 9 since I’m usually a women’s 9.5 and Tieks doesn’t offer half sizes.

I also figured it would be better to size down for flats and stretch them out if need be than to get a size too big and have them constantly slipping off. 

My Tieks Sizing Review

When my first pair of Tieks arrived, they felt a little tight but I figured I just needed to break in the stiff leather and they would feel perfect after a few wears.

I had read so many reviews about how comfortable Tieks shoes were right out of the box.

I assumed there wouldn’t be much of a break-in period.

With this confidence, I wore my Tieks outside and around town immediately for that first week.

I was so excited to test them out after reading about Tieks shoes for so many years!

Womp womp!

I quickly realized I could barely wear them for an hour at a time, they were just too tight and small for my feet. 

I should’ve only worn them around the house before deciding whether or not to exchange them since Tieks has a fantastic exchange policy, but I jumped the gun.

Instead, I found myself with a pair of expensive flats that I would now need to seriously break in.

I researched the best ways to stretch out Tieks and eventually moulded them to a comfortable fit, but not without a decent amount of effort on my part.

That’s why I wanted to write this post – for anyone who is interested in purchasing a pair of Tieks but is also in between sizes or simply not sure of what size Tieks to get.

In this post, you’ll get the full rundown of Tieks sizing, how to break in Tieks (and stretch them out if need be), and how they fit for different types of feet. 

rose gold tieks fit
Finding the perfect fit with my second pair of Tieks – Rose Gold Glam.

Tieks Size Chart

This is the official Tieks size chart to give you an idea of how Tieks shoes fit.

Tieks sizing chart

Do Tieks Shoes Run True to Size?

Are Tieks true to size?

Yes, for the most part.

Tieks ballet flats run true to size with a few exceptions. 

Obviously, if you wear a half size you won’t be able to order your usual size since Tieks doesn’t offer half sizes.

In this case, Tieks recommends sizing down. 

The styles of Tieks that tend to run slightly smaller and more snug are vegan Tieks and patent leather Tieks. 

Check out my full Tieks review here and if they’re really worth the cost.

Tieks Sizing for Half Sizes

Tieks half sizes are unfortunately not a thing.

If you’re in between sizes like me, your best bet is to size down unless you’re going for the vegan Tieks or patent leather-style Tieks. 

With that said, everyone has different feet.

I sized down from a 9.5 to a 9 for my Pacific Green Tieks and they were slightly too small for me. The Pacific Green color is no longer available, but there is a similar Clover Green in the same leather-style.

I got a size 10 for my Rose Gold Tieks and they fit perfectly. 

My recommendation is to either order the pair you think will fit best and ONLY wear them inside so you can exchange them if need be.

Or, order two sizes and try both on for a week and then return the one that doesn’t fit for free.

How Long do Tieks Take to Break in?

If you have the right size Tieks, your Tieks should theoretically fit right out of the box with little to no breaking in period.

Of course, everyone has different feet and sometimes it takes a little longer for your Tieks to fit like a glove.

If you need to stretch out your Tieks, give yourself a few weeks to break them in and stretch them out properly.

Anymore than that, and you probably ordered the wrong size Tieks.

If that’s the case, you can easily exchange your current pair for the next size up as long as you haven’t worn them outside and they’re still in good condition.

If your Tieks are just a tad too big, think about wearing socks with your Tieks or insoles for added support and a better fit.

If they’re so big that your heel is slipping out, you should probably exchange your pair for a size down.

best foldable flats - tieks
Breaking in my first pair of Tieks instead of exchanging them for a size up wasn’t ideal, but once I broke them in, they fit great!

So, What About That Tieks Toe Bump?

The infamous Tieks toe bump!

You may have noticed that there is a slight toe bump when you wear Tieks.

Some people don’t mind it, some people aren’t a fan. 

If your Tieks are on the tighter side, the toe bump will obviously stand out more.

If you have the right size, the toe bump isn’t as visible unless you’re really looking at your feet.

But it’s still there.

The good news is that there are ways to make the bump more subtle by using moleskin. 

All you have to do is cut a half circle of moleskin to fit into the toe area of your Tieks.

Place the sticky part of the moleskin on the inside of the toe area and *voila* the toe bump magically disappears! 

As a side note, adding moleskin to the toe area on a new pair of Tieks only helps them last longer, so it’s not a bad thing to do regardless if you care about the toe bump or not.  

most comfortable ballet flats for walking - tieks
Can you spot the Tieks toe bump? The toe bump on my Pacific Green Tieks is more visible because they’re a tighter fit than my Rose Gold Glam Tieks.

Where Can I Try on Tieks?

I feel you. I rarely buy a pair of shoes, especially with a $175+ price tag, without trying them on first.

Unfortunately, Tieks flats can’t be found in brick and mortar stores.

The only way to try on Tieks is to order a size (or two) from their online Boutiek.

Once your shoes arrive, you can try on your Tieks and decide to either keep them or use their quick and easy exchange policy to find the pair that fits best. 

If you’re really unsure of what size to get, I recommend ordering two sizes of the same Tieks color and then returning the one that doesn’t fit.

It’s completely free to return your Tieks (shipping included) as long as you’re based in the US. 

This brings me to my next point about just how quick and easy returns and exchanges are with Tieks.

Tieks Returns & Exchanges

The Tieks returns & exchanges policy says that you can return a pair of Tieks ANY time after you receive them, as long as you haven’t worn them outside. 

Unlike most return policies that say you need to return or exchange a product within 30 days, Tieks gives you all the time you need to give your shoes a whirl. 

This was the mistake I made with my first pair, I wore them outside immediately.

I learned my lesson for my second pair of Tieks I got a couple of months ago.

I ordered two pairs – a 9 and a 10 – and tried both on before deciding to go with the 10 and send back the 9.

And as a side note, Tieks shoes sizing can be slightly different depending on the materials used for each color.

So even if you’ve purchased a pair of Tieks in the past that fit well, a new pair might fit slightly different if it’s a different material (e.g. vegan vs patent leather). 

tieks returns & exchanges with my Rose Gold Glam Tieks
I took advantage of the quick and easy Tieks return policy for my Rose Gold Glam Tieks. I ordered two pairs and sent back the one that didn’t fit as well for free.

How to Stretch Tieks

I’ll eventually write up a whole post on my experience with stretching out my first pair of Tieks, but just know that your Tieks shoes will naturally stretch out over time to fit your foot.

If you want to speed up the process, this is how to stretch leather Tieks (keep in mind that this will only change the shoe by a half size or less). 

  • Put corks or golf balls in the toes – If your Tieks are especially tight around the toes, place wine corks or golf balls in the toe box area every night before you go to sleep. Do this every night and then wear the shoes as long as you can during the day until they fit comfortably to your feet. 
  • Socks and hairdryer – Blow a hairdryer on the part of the shoe that is tightest (e.g. toes) – make sure it’s not too close to avoid heat damage. The heat will help soften the material up. Next, slip on some thick socks and put on your Tieks. Blast the hairdryer at the tight section again (and maybe some Lizzo while you’re at it). Wear the shoes around the house until they’re completely cool. Repeat the process until they’re the right fit. 
  • Use a Shoe Stretcher – Use a leather stretching solution to prepare the shoe, then put the shoe stretcher inside the shoe. Twist the knob until you see pressure on the outside of the shoe. Don’t overstretch. Usually 3-4 turns is fine. Leave the stretcher on overnight and try on the shoes in the morning. Repeat the process until the shoes are the right fit. 
  • Go to a Shoe Repair Shop – If you want a professional to stretch out your shoes for you, shoe stretching usually costs between $10-$25. 
stretching Tieks shoes
Stretching Tieks shoes is possible! That’s what I did for my first pair of Tieks when I ordered a half size too small but couldn’t return them because I had already worn them outside.

Other Common Questions About Sizing for Tieks

How Should Tieks Fit?

So how are Tieks supposed to fit?

Tieks should be snug but not tight.

If you feel any kind of tightness, I recommend walking around your house in them for a week before deciding whether you want to keep them or not. 

One major thing to look out for is any kind of uncomfortable rubbing that turns your feet red.

This is what was the most painful part of ordering a half size too small – my Tieks constantly rubbed against the bone of my big toe while I was breaking them in.


You also want to make sure your new Tieks aren’t too loose.

When they’re too loose, you get the Tieks squeaking or “farting” noise sometimes from your foot moving around in them while you walk. 

If you’re in between sizes and you’re finding it hard to choose whether to size up or down, order two sizes and try them out for a week.

If worse comes to worst, you can always stretch out your Tieks, but you can’t make a pair of flats fit that constantly fall off your foot. 

Do Tieks Run Small?

For the most part, Tieks ballet flats are true to size.

The reason size 9 was slightly too small for me is that I’m usually a 9.5. 

The only styles of Tieks that are known to run a little tighter and smaller are the patent leather Tieks and vegan Tieks.

For those, you might want to order a size up or test out two sizes at once.

How Do You Know if Tieks Are Too Big?

The best way to know if your Tieks are too big is if your heel comes out at all while you’re walking in them.

Another good way to know is if you feel your feet sliding around in your Tieks, which causes them to make a squeaking or farting noise.

When you’re first breaking in your Tieks, you might hear some squeaks, but if that persists and it’s more than just a subtle squeak, you might want to try a size down.

how to know if Tieks are too big - sizing Tieks

Do You Wear Socks With Tieks?

Although I’ve always worn my Tieks without socks and I’ve never had any issues with odor, you can wear socks with Tieks.

This is especially a good idea if you’re prone to smelly feet or you feel your foot slipping around at all while you wear your Tieks.

Another thing to note is that the leather interior in Tieks can stain easily, especially if it gets wet or your feet sweat.

So if you want the aesthetic of your Tieks to last longer, it can be a good idea to wear socks to protect the interior leather sole from staining. 

If you’re interested in wearing socks with your Tieks, these are a good choice

Will Tieks Stretch Out?

Do Tieks Stretch?

Yes, Tieks stretch, but only a little.

If you’ve ordered a full size or more down from the right size, it’s going to be hard to stretch your Tieks to the right fit.

If your Tieks are a half size or less too small, it’s possible to stretch them using the different techniques I outlined above.

With that said, you have to be patient if you’re trying to stretch out Tieks. 

Expect it to take a few weeks to stretch them out to where you want them to be.

Can You Return Worn Tieks?

You can return worn Tieks as long as they haven’t been worn outside and they’re still in brand-new condition.

If you want to try on your Tieks and just wear them around the house, you can return them whenever you want as long as they’re still in like-new condition. 

Can You Wear Tieks With Wide Feet?

Yes, Tieks can be worn with wide feet.

Although Tieks by Gavrieli doesn’t sell a Tieks wide size, if you size up you’ll usually find that Tieks can work with wider feet.

And you can always stretch out your Tieks a little to make them fit your foot if they feel too narrow. 

Can You Wear Tieks With Narrow Feet?

Yes, Tieks can be worn with narrow feet.

There usually isn’t an issue with sizing for narrow feet because of how Tieks are designed – the perimeter lip of Tieks flats is meant to fit snugly around your foot.

If you have especially narrow feet, it might be worth it to try out two sizes and try a size down from your normal size to see which one fits better. 

are tieks comfortable - best ballet flats for walking

Can You Wear Tieks With Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes, you can wear Tieks with Plantar Fasciitis, but you should buy a good pair of insoles to put into your Tieks for more comfort.

These are the ones I’d recommend that work in flats and are also good for Plantar Fasciitis. 

Can You Wear Tieks With High Arches?

Yes! Although Tieks flats don’t have built-in arch support, you can use orthotic insoles for more comfort if you have high arches.  

Do Tieks Have Arch Support?

Although Tieks have a comfortable sole that’s good for walking on, they’re still flats.

If you’re looking for additional arch support for long walks, I’d recommend buying a good pair of walking shoes or purchasing a pair of insoles that are designed for flats – like these

If you need a lot of arch support, it’s probably best to size up and purchase a separate pair of insoles that you can put directly into your Tieks. 

What Size Tieks Should I Buy?

Overall, Tieks are pretty true to your normal shoe size.

If you’re unsure of which size is best for your foot or you’re in between sizes, it’s usually recommended to size down (except for vegan and patent leather styles) or to order two pairs and return the one that doesn’t fit. 

They also have a very responsive and friendly customer service team if you have any questions about your Tieks and how they should fit. 

Hopefully, this Tieks sizing guide helped you figure out the right size Tieks for your feet!

If you have any additional questions or comments, ask away in the comment section. 

tieks sizing guide


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  1. Tieks absolutely did not work for me. I have feet that one shoe fitter called “wide but not high-volume”. I call them “yoga feet”. I’m a 6C-D and bought a 6, but they were only comfortable if I stuck my little toe outside of the shoe. Stretching would not have helped, as the sole itself was too narrow. After talking with Tieks, I tried a 7- still not wide enough, but now too long. Back they went- no Tieks for me.

    • Hi Kaden,

      I’m sorry to hear this! Tieks can be a little tricky for some feet since they’re made from leather (which is nice because it’s so durable, but not as stretchy as other materials for wider feet). I’d recommend checking out Allbirds Tree Breezers (aka their flats and some of my favorite pairs of shoes these days) as a more flexible alternative. Rothy’s flats are flexible too but unfortunately have an even narrower insole than Tieks, so I wouldn’t recommend them as much for wider feet.


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