Vivaia Shoes Review: Are These Eco-Friendly Flats Worth it?

vivaia shoes

If you’re considering buying a pair of Vivaia flats but aren’t sure whether they’re worth it, read my in-depth Vivaia shoes review!

As concern for the environment grows, many shoe brands are trying to reduce their environmental impact. 

Some brands even take it a step further to have a positive impact through innovative new materials that recycle waste, heighten comfort, and manage foot odor.

I’ve reviewed several types of eco-friendly footwear recently. A lot of this footwear comes in the form of sneakers or athletic shoes. 

And while I love a good casual sneaker, I gravitate more toward feminine and vintage-inspired styles.

So, I was excited to discover Vivaia shoes. Vivaia is a shoe company that makes women’s flats, heels, and loafers using recycled bottles, wool, and rubber. They focus on comfort, odor reduction, and–of course–sustainability. 

But are these shoes worth the hype–and the price tag? Read my full Vivaia review to find out!

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review of vivaia shoes

What are Vivaia Shoes?

What are Vivaia Shoes

Vivaia takes plastic water bottles from the ocean and spins them into a thread that becomes the signature knit outer for their shoes. 

All of the materials they use are environmentally friendly, and they’re working towards becoming completely zero waste and carbon neutral. 

Vivaia’s manufacturing process cuts production waste by 30% and their shoes are washable, which helps them last longer and be more sustainable.

Additionally, Vivaia’s eco-friendly deodorizing insole uses a mixture of herbal Artemesia Argyi and PU foam to create a cushioned and mold-proof base for your foot.

A Quick Look at Vivaia as a Company

A Quick Look at Vivaia as a Company

Vivaia is a relatively new company. They were founded in 2020 with a mission to create fashion-forward footwear with sustainable materials and practices.

Their headquarters is located in London, while their factory is in China. 

There has been some controversy about their factory’s location in China. Still, the company asserts that they manufacture there because China has abundant raw, recyclable materials to work with. 

Vivaia addresses the controversy on their website and assures consumers that they closely oversee their factories to ensure that the employees have good working conditions and ethical treatment. 

Vivaia also reduces costs and waste with a direct-to-consumer model.

Vivaia Shoes Review: My Experience With the Pointed Toe Vienna Flats

Vivaia shoes Review My Experience With the Pointed Toe Vienna Flats

I selected the Vienna Flats with a pointed toe and a V-cut opening. 

A graceful cream-colored stripe lines the edge of the opening and extends down the sides. I chose the Teal Green shade in size 8.

My Vivaia shoes arrived in about a week. They came in elegant packaging, which is 100% recycled cardboard. Inside the box, they were wrapped in paper and secured with a sticker. 

Although the knitted upper looks like fabric, it’s a sturdier plastic material. Otherwise, they looked like the picture on the website. I slipped them on, and they fit perfectly.

I got my Vivaia’s just before spending almost two months in Italy, and they have served me very well on this trip. 

They’re super stylish shoes complementing many different outfits and fitting into Italy’s sophisticated style. They’re comfortable, and they work for both casual and dressy situations.

My Vivaia’s quickly became my beach shoes because they were so easy to slip on and off, and the sturdy knit outer feels like it can stand up to anything. 

The insole is breathable and moisture-wicking. The shoes never felt damp, even when I slipped them on straight after leaving the ocean, and they don’t make my feet sweat despite being plastic. 

I even accidentally dipped my Vivaia-clad foot into a canal in Venice. It didn’t get soggy, was able to air dry quickly, and it smells fine now–which is surprising if you’ve ever smelled a Venetian canal!

I also wore them during some days with a lot of walking. And while they don’t have much support, I felt fine afterward. These shoes have never given me a blister.

After six weeks of frequent wear, they still look pretty good. 

They’ve molded around the outline of my big toe, and the insoles feel a lot flatter and less cushioned than they initially did. The insoles also don’t stay put anymore; they sometimes pop out when I take them off.

But overall, they still look pretty clean and feel like they have excellent quality. I can’t imagine these shoes breaking or wearing out anytime soon.

Another thing to note is that with previous pointed-toe flats I’ve owned, the toe will quickly get scuffed. 

My Vivaia’s don’t have a scuff on them. The knit outer is pretty much unchanged from when I took them out of their original packaging.


Eco-friendly Sustainable Practices

vivaia shoes pros

Something that keeps me up at night is the thought of how much plastic is floating in the ocean. 

So the fact that Vivaia aims for zero waste and takes recycled plastic bottles out of the sea to repurpose them as shoes is a great plus.

That, coupled with the rest of their sustainable production process, helps me rest a little easier at night.


My Vivaia pointy flats are beautiful shoes that I’m excited to wear over and over. And Vivaia has no shortage of adorable designs. 

I had a hard time picking out my first pair–I even had to poll my friends and family to help me come to a decision.


I’ve walked several miles in myVivaia shoes without experiencing aching feet, blisters, or other pain. 

Plus, these comfortable shoes also fit well and are true to size. That’s what I call conscious comfort.

Quality Construction

Even though I’ve worn my Vivaias almost constantly over the past six weeks, they’ve hardly worn down at all, and I feel like they could keep going for miles and miles yet. 

Vivaia’s signature knit is a very durable material, and you can tell that they have quality and careful stitching.

Moisture-WIcking Odor Control

Flats are a pair of shoes that you generally wear without socks during the summer, so odor and sweat control are good qualities for flats. 

Vivaia is the first company I’ve come across that uses natural herbs to dispel unwanted odors, and the Artemisia Argyi seems to work well–they’re still smelling fine!


Vivaia shoes are machine-washable. While I haven’t felt the need to test this out just yet, I’m glad that I have the option to quickly restore them to their original glory when the time comes.


Insoles Flatten Over Time

vivaia shoes cons

When I first got my Vivaia shoes, the cushioning was noticeably plush, offering ultimate comfort. 

But after six weeks of wear, those cushy insoles have flattened down quite a lot, and now, they feel more like conventional flats comfort-wise.

Limited Arch Support

Some shoes have structured insoles that offer advanced arch support, but Vivaia flats don’t. They’re just foam insoles and the footbed is relatively flat. 

With that said, they still left me feeling free from foot pain after a lot of walking.

Customer Service Issues

I’ve found several Vivaia reviews online that complain about the customer service, saying that it was challenging to make a return or exchange and that there was no number to call. 

While this wasn’t my experience, I noticed enough complaints that it felt pertinent to mention. 

With that said, my editor, Mimi, had the exact opposite experience. When she ordered a pair of Vivaia shoes that didn’t fit, they responded to her within a day or two. 

They also let her keep the pair that didn’t fit so she could gift them to a friend, and sent the new ones that were the right size free of charge. So, she ended up with two pairs of shoes for the price of one!


Vivaia flats retail for $89, which is pretty pricey for a pair of flats.

However, that’s a pretty fair price comparable to or even lower than competing sustainable footwear brands such as Rothy’s, Tieks, Birdies, and Allbirds flats.

Other Vivaia Shoes

other vivaia shoes

There are many different shoe styles in the Vivaia collection. Apart from the Vienna Flat, Vivaia has several variations of flats with pointed toes.

The Macy, for example, comes in several colors and patterns and features a more textured, striped knit look as opposed to the finer knit pattern of the Vienna.

There are also rounded-toe ballet flats (like the Tamia) and square-toe flats (like the Margot).

And Vivaia offers square, round, and pointed-toe heels. These are low heels, or kitten heels, with less than two inches of heel. 

Some designs, like the Melody and the Julie, have thick, chunky heels, which creates a retro, 1960s vibe. The melody has a square toe, while the Julie has a round one. 

Others like the Stella and the Natasha have thin, stiletto-style heels (though still very short). The Natasha heels, along with the Tracy, Titli, and Aurora, all have bows adorning them. 

There are eight styles of Vivaia flats and eight heels. Vivaia also offers mules, sandals, and loafers in eight style variations. 

But they don’t stop there. Vivaia also has six boot styles that range from ankle boots to over-the-knee.

Vivaia boots feature the same signature knit upper using recycled materials and herb-infused odor-resistant insole.

Vivaia also has five styles of sneakers. Most are lace-up shoes, but the Jenny is a casual slip-on.

And now, Vivaia isn’t just for women. There are also two men’s sneakers, called the Bernie (a slip-on) and the Billy (a lace-up).

Vivaia Shoes Sizing Tips, Fit & How They Should Feel

How Does Sizing Work? Do Vivaia Shoes Run Big or Small?

vivaia shoes sizing tips, fit, and how they should feel

Vivaia’s shoes are in European sizes, but there’s a handy size conversion chart on the website. A US size 8 translates to a 38.5 in European sizing. 

The chart also includes recommendations based on foot shape. You should size up if you have a wide foot, bunions, a high arch, or Morton’s toe (a second toe that is significantly longer than your big toe). If you have a narrow foot, you should order a size down.

Apart from a small extra bone near my ankle, I have relatively normal feet and my 38.5’s fit perfectly.  

I read some complaints from people with wide feet who said their flats were too small, so it seems like it’s a good idea to follow their sizing recommendations.

Do Vivaia Shoes Stretch?

My Vivaia flats have stretched a little bit in that they have molded around the shape of my big toe, but they don’t get looser the longer you wear them.

Are Vivaia Shoes Comfortable?

Vivaias are very comfortable shoes, especially at first. After wearing them a lot, the foam insole flattens out a bit. 

I wouldn’t describe them as orthopedic-level comfort, but they’re still sturdy, and my feet are happy in them. 

And for context, I frequently walked five to six miles daily while wearing them without a problem.

How Long Does it Take to Break in Vivaia Shoes?

I didn’t experience a breaking-in period for my Vivaia’s. They’ve never given me blisters or rubbed uncomfortably, and they fit true-to-size straight out of the box.

How Should Vivaia Shoes Fit When I Try Them on?

Because Vivaias don’t really stretch out or require a lot of breaking-in, they should fit true to size and feel comfortable when you first try them on. If they don’t, you probably need a different size.

Do Vivaia Shoes Provide Enough Support?

Vivaia shoes provide a reasonable amount of support for flats. 

They’re not necessarily walking shoes (although I have walked a lot in them without a problem), and they can’t perform miracles, but they’re a comfortable option for flats.

Are Vivaia Shoes Good For High Arches?

If you have high arches, you’ll want to size up, and you may even add an insole that offers added support. My Vivaias have a pretty flat footbed.

Are Vivaia Shoes Good for Wide Feet?

If you have wide feet, Vivaia recommends you size up.

Can You Wear Vivaia Shoes With Plantar Fasciitis?

If you’re actively fighting plantar fasciitis, I’d recommend adding your own plantar fasciitis insoles.

That said, I’ve dealt with plantar fasciitis in the past, and it didn’t act up while wearing my Vivaias.

Can You Wear Vivaia Shoes With Bunions?

You can wear Vivaias with bunions; just be sure to size up.

Vivaia Shoes Durability

How is the Quality of Vivaia Shoes?

Vivaia shoes are stylish and beautifully crafted. The quality feels very high

vivaia shoes durability

Are Vivaia Shoes Waterproof?

Vivaias aren’t waterproof, but the recycled plastic bottles create a thick, strong material that is hard for water to penetrate. They’re also breathable and dry quickly.

How Long do Vivaia Shoes Last?

Vivaia shoes are sturdy and should last at least a year, if not more, of frequent use without showing signs of wear. 

They’re washable, so you can refresh them quickly, and I foresee myself wearing these shoes for the next several years.

Vivaia Return & Exchange Policy

vivaia return and exchange policy

Vivaia offers free returns and exchanges for online purchases within the US, UK, and Germany for 30 days. 

The items must be unused, undamaged, and in their original box with tags for the full refund. 

I’ve seen a Vivaia shoes review or two complaining about the return process, yet my editor found their customer service to be quick and responsive, so it might be hit or miss.

Vivaia Discounts & Coupons

Vivaia offers some exclusive deals. 

There’s a 20% discount for college students, teachers, medical professionals, and first responders. You’ll just need to verify your status through a third-party site called Sheer ID. 

They also offer an alternate 12% discount just for students through a verification site called Student Beans.

Where to Buy Vivaia Shoes

You can find Vivaia shoes on their website or their exclusive shop on

FAQs About Vivaia Shoes

Where are Vivaia shoes made?

FAQs about Vivaia shoes

Vivaia’s factory is in China, where many recycled plastic bottles and raw materials are available. 

Despite the reputation of manufacturing in China, Vivaia says that its facilities follow ethical working practices.

Are Vivaia shoes washable?

Some Vivaia collections, such as my Vienna flats, are machine washable, while other collections, such as the Tara Boots, are not. 

For non-washable collections, you can spot-clean with a cloth.

Are Vivaia shoes slip-resistant?

Vivaias have a rubber sole that’s not too slippery. They don’t have a super textured tread, but I have yet to slip in them (and I’m a pretty clumsy person!).

How long do Vivaia shoes take to ship?

For North America, shipping times should be between six and 13 days. I received my shoes about a week after ordering.

Do Vivaia shoes get smelly?

The PU foam insoles are odor-fighting, thanks to an herbal infusion. I’ve worn my pair of shoes very frequently over the past six weeks and they still don’t smell!

Why are Vivaia shoes so expensive?

While $100 feels like a high price for a pair of flats, Vivaias are really a fair price compared to other eco-friendly, sustainable brands. 

The extra cost comes from the high level of craftsmanship and the advanced technology it takes to turn plastic bottles into responsible footwear.

Conclusion: So, Are Vivaia Shoes Worth it?

conclusion- are vivaia shoes worth it

I can enthusiastically recommend Vivaia shoes. They’re incredibly stylish, comfortable shoes from an eco-friendly, sustainable footwear brand. 

My pair of Vienna flats are breathable, great for summertime, and don’t cause blisters or foot pain. 

I’ve worn them for walking all day over cobblestones, out to nice dinners, scrambling over boulders, and swimming at the beach. Throughout it all, they’ve never caused a problem, slipped off, or hurt me.

My Vivaias complement many outfits, keep me strolling around in style, and help remove plastic bottles from the ocean. 

Even though the price is a little steep in my book, I may purchase another new pair because I like them so much!


Elina Ansary

Elina Ansary

Elina Ansary is a writer, visual artist, and avid traveler. She grew up in San Francisco, CA, and spent her childhood camping up and down Northern California. These days, she visits artist residencies around the world and has lived in Amsterdam, Australia, and now Brooklyn, NY.

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