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TL;DR: After testing one pair of Tieks for six years, and a second pair for three years, we prefer to purchase Tieks straight from the official Tieks store (the “Tieks Boutiek“) because they allow returns and exchanges if you need to try another size. Here are our top tips for where to purchase Tieks shoes:

  • Go to the Tieks Boutiek online store, or search secondhand sites like Poshmark, eBay, and Facebook groups. No physical stores sell Tieks.
  • Deals and discounts from the Tieks website are very rare. There are occasional limited promotions like Black Friday sales.
  • In our experience, Tieks are long-lasting and worth the full price.

If I have one material weakness, it’s shoes.

I’m not usually one to get wrapped up in fashion trends or designer labels, I’d much prefer to spend that money on my next trip.

But I get very excited when I find a good pair of shoes.  

This was the case with Allbirds and it has definitely been the case with Tieks, which is why those two brands are my go-to everyday shoes, as well as my go-to travel shoes. 

Tieks are the perfect combination of style, comfort, and versatility. 

I’ve written a couple of posts about Tieks on this blog, but one question that comes up time and again is where to purchase Tieks shoes. 

Can you really only purchase them from the Tieks Boutiek or are there other options?

Where can you try on Tieks?

Where can you find used or like-new Tieks? 

In this post, I’m going to share a few different places where you can buy Tieks, as well as whether I really think they’re worth the cost and if Tieks ever go on sale. 

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Where Can I Purchase Tieks?

Wondering where to buy Tieks shoes?

These are your options when it comes to purchasing a pair of Tieks for yourself.

Tieks Boutiek

The most obvious option is to buy directly from the Tieks store

This is where you’ll find every current style and color that Tieks offers and where you can shop Tieks to your heart’s desire. 

The Tieks website is also a good resource for learning more about Tieks shoes, including the different styles, sizing, and how to take care of them, so I recommend still perusing it even if you plan to buy your Tieks elsewhere. 

The only time you might not want to purchase from the online Tieks Boutiek is if you’re looking for cheap Tieks or you’re after a color and style that has been discontinued. 

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If you’re okay with the idea of slightly used Tieks (or sometimes very used), Poshmark can be a good option. 

Poshmark is an online marketplace in the US where people can buy and sell new or used clothing, shoes, and accessories.

It’s especially big in the Bay Area since the company is headquartered in Redwood City, but Poshmark can be used from anywhere in the US since sellers ship you what you buy. 

One aspect I love about Poshmark is that you can search by brand, so you can see all the Tieks for sale in one place. 

And you can filter by color, size, and material to quickly figure out if the Tieks you’re interested in are being sold in the marketplace. 

You can find the Tieks page on Poshmark here.


The age-old online marketplace that has been around since I was a kid, eBay can be another good option if you don’t mind purchasing used Tieks. 

Whereas Poshmark sellers set a specific price for the product they’re selling, eBay products are generally auctioned off. 

There might be a “suggested” price that the seller puts on their product (and sometimes there’s a mandatory minimum offer), but you can bid on a product with whatever price you think is fair. 

If the seller doesn’t get their desired price, they’ll sell the product to the best offer. 

Because of its more fluid pricing, eBay can be one of the best places to find discounted Tieks.  

Just make sure to research sellers ahead of time to make sure they have good reviews and are reputable. 

You can find the Tieks currently being sold on eBay here.

Facebook Groups

If you’re wondering not only where to find Tieks but where to tap into the Tieks community, another popular place to find Tieks on sale is in Facebook groups. 

On the Tieks Facebook groups, Tieks owners buy, sell, and trade their Tieks with an engaged community. 

This is an especially good option if you’re looking for discounted Tieks or you want to trade in your Tieks for another color. 

A few of the best Tieks Facebook groups include:

Tieks BST 

Tieks Uncensored BST

Tieks BST Under $100

You can also shop for Tieks on Facebook Marketplace here

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Do Any Stores Carry Tieks?

Can you buy Tieks in a store?

If you’re wondering what physical stores carry Tieks, the answer is none

The only way to purchase Tieks is to buy Tieks online

There aren’t any Tieks in stores or Tieks retailers, so if you were hoping to find Tieks shoes at Nordstrom or Macy’s, you’re out of luck. 

And brand new Tieks are generally only found on the Tieks Boutiek, so other online shoe stores like Zappos don’t carry them.   

You might luck out and find a brand new pair of Tieks on one of the online marketplaces or Facebook groups mentioned in this post, but they’re usually marked up higher than the official Tieks online store.

How to Use the Tieks Waitlist

If your favorite color of Tieks is out of stock on the Tieks website (like Lovestruck Tieks usually are), they usually offer a waitlist for popular styles that will come back in stock. 

Simply go to the Tieks Boutiek and look for the style you’re interested in purchasing. 

There will be a button on the image that says “Join Waitlist.”

Click that button and you’ll be brought to the product page where you can choose your size and put in your email address.

Once that style is available again, you’ll get an email to let you know they’re back in stock. 

It’s that easy! 

Do Tieks Go On Sale?

Do Tieks ever have a sale?

Tieks sales are very rare and there is no such thing as a ‘Tieks clearance sale’ for inventory they’re trying to move since most Tieks styles sell like hotcakes. 

With that said, sales do happen once in a blue moon (just don’t count on them).

For instance, Tieks recently ran a Tieks discount for healthcare workers this past summer called “Tieks for Heres” – although it’s no longer running. 

There is also a Tieks Black Friday promotion each year, where a new Tieks style is revealed for a limited time. 

However, these limited-time Black Friday Tieks aren’t discounted, just a new style they’re offering. 

If you’re looking for Tieks shoes on sale, your best bet is to peruse the online marketplaces or Facebook groups mentioned here to see if you can find brand new or like-new Tieks at a discounted price. 

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Why Doesn’t Tieks Offer Discounts?

Tieks doesn’t offer discounts because, frankly, they’re such a popular brand they don’t need discounts to sell their product. 

Tieks shoes are also made from quality materials and there’s a lot of work and time that goes into designing and crafting Tieks shoes, so they keep their shoes at full price. 

Personally, I’d prefer spending a little more on a really high-quality shoe that’s crafted intelligently than looking for the cheapest pair of flats that will probably only last for a year or two. 

Are Tieks Worth the Money?

I own two pairs of Tieks, one of which I got in 2017 and another pair I got in early 2020.

Both are still going strong and have held up through many trips around the world, different climates, and miles upon miles of walking in them. 

Because of how well Tieks last and how often I use them as my daily flat and go-to travel flat, I think Tieks are worth the money. 

If you want my full take on Tieks and why I think they’re a worthwhile investment, you can find my full Tieks review here

Where are Tieks made?

Tieks are handcrafted using fine Italian leather. They’re designed, assembled, and packaged across Brazil, China, and the US.

The Tieks headquarters is in California, USA.

Where Can I Try on Tieks?

Wondering where to try on Tieks?

The best place to try on Tieks is from the comfort of your own home! 

This is where purchasing directly from the Tieks online store is beneficial because they have such a good return and exchange policy. 

And free shipping (including for returns and exchanges) if you live in the US. 

If you’re usually a half size, or you simply want to try on a few different styles, I usually recommend purchasing whichever Tieks you want to try out from the Boutiek

Once you get them, you can see which one fits and looks the best for what you’re looking for. 

After you decide on a pair, you can send back the Tieks you don’t want using their free return label and get that money refunded. 

Tieks shipping is also super quick, usually only taking a few days if you’re in the US. 

If you want to learn more about Tieks sizing, I wrote a whole post about how to find the right size Tieks for your feet

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Tieks Returns & Exchanges

Besides offering FREE shipping to those based in the US, Tieks has a great return and exchange policy that is streamlined and simple.

You’re able to return or exchange your Tieks at any time as long as you haven’t worn them outside. 

That’s right, there’s no 30-day return limit with Tieks.

As long as you don’t wear them outside, you can take however much time you need to figure out which pair of Tieks is perfect for you. 

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What Shoes are Comparable to Tieks?

Although there’s nothing exactly like Tieks out there on the market right now, these are the closest shoes that are comparable to Tieks.

Rothy’s Flats

Rothy’s is one of the main competitors of Tieks when it comes to quality flats. 

I haven’t tried out Rothy’s flats myself yet so I don’t have any personal thoughts on their comfort, but I do know they’re a sustainably-focused company that uses eco-friendly materials in their shoes.  

Their flats are priced at $125 so slightly less than Tieks and they come in 15 different colors.

That’s nowhere near the amount of choice you get at the Tieks Boutiek, but if you’re looking for a slightly cheaper flat that’s sustainably made, Rothy’s can be a good option. 

However, you won’t get the same flexibility as what you’ll find in Tieks since Rothy’s doesn’t offer foldable flats.  

With that said, they do offer half sizes which Tieks doesn’t do. 

Read my full review of Rothy’s here.

Allbirds Tree Breezers

I’m a huge fan of Allbirds so I was excited when they came out with their Tree Breezers a while back. 

The Allbirds Tree Breezers are the only flats style that the company offers but you can expect them to be just as cozy and comfortable as the rest of their shoes. 

The Tree Breezers are priced at $95 and made from sustainable materials (e.g. eucalyptus trees). 

The main features of the Tree Breezers are breathability, eco-friendly materials that reduce odor, and the fact that they’re machine washable.  

They’re also offered in half sizes if you’re between sizes. 

Read my full review of the Tree Breezers.

Amazon Knock-Off Tieks

There aren’t any official Tieks shoes on Amazon but if you’re looking for Tieks knock-offs (or really any type of knock-offs), Amazon is the place to go. 

These are a few of the most popular Tieks knock-off shoes on Amazon right now:

Looking for more options? Read my full guide to the best Tieks Alternatives.


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