50 BEST White Elephant Gifts Under $20 to Fight For [2024]

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TL;DR: The best white elephant gifts under $20 are the Bob Ross Mug and the Sherpa Blanket. The mug is the perfect funny gift that is sure to get a laugh and the blanket is one that everyone will fight over, which is exactly what you want for a white elephant gift.

Have you ever unwrapped a white elephant gift so hilarious or clever that you’ll do anything to claim it as your own? Finding that perfect, affordable gift that sparks competition and laughter isn’t easy. But inside this article, you’ll discover 50 of the most outrageous, useful, and downright silly white elephant presents under $20.

Whether you want an item that everyone will fight over or a gag gift bound to leave them doubled over, you’ll find novelty presents and practical purchases alike. Arm yourself with these affordable ideas before your next holiday swap and become the most popular gifter in the room. Let the battle begin!

Bob Ross Color Change Coffee Mug

#1 Bob Ross Color-Changing Mug

Most Iconic Gift

The late great Bob Ross taught us that there are no mistakes in life, just happy accidents.

This color-changing Bob Ross mug makes an excellent office gift because the lucky recipient can keep it on their desk to remind them to calm down and enjoy the scenery.

Taco Socks

#2 Taco Socks

Best Crazy Socks

Life is best with fun socks and cheap tacos. My friends and I love receiving crazy socks for Christmas because fun socks are practical gifts with a delightful twist.

Electric Wine Opener Set

#3 Electric Wine Opener

Best Gift for Winos

In my wild youth, I perfected the skill of opening a wine bottle with a house key—this is a gift for anyone who wants to up their kitchen gadget game (or their boozy picnic game!)

Pooping Dog Calendar

#4 Pooping Dog Calendar

Best Gross Gift

Fun fact: I learned about this calendar because my friend’s labrador was featured last year, so we got a free one. It’s gross but also hilarious. Poop jokes never get old, and this calendar is a funny gift for all ages—thank goodness it’s not scratch and sniff!

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Sherpa Blanket

#5 Sherpa Blanket

Coziest Gift

Everyone will be clamoring to get their hands on this, even just to touch the velvety faux-fur.

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Dehydrated Marshmallows

#6 Dehydrated Marshmallows

Most Rediculous Food Gift

I’m sure we’re all guilty of eating all of the Lucky Charms marshmallows and leaving just bland oat cereal behind for the next person. (No, just me?)

Now partygoers can fight over a one-pound jar of these tasty morsels.

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Crystal Growing Experiment

#7 Crystal Growing Kit

Best Gift for Kids at Heart

Gifts worth fighting for don’t have to be practical. A Crystal-Growing Experiment Set will transport adults back to their childhood days of playing scientist.

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Boston Warehouse Chihuahua Cookie Jar

Best Kitschy Gift

Depending on who you ask, it might be laughably cheesy or covetable campy, but this dog is sure to liven up your gift exchange.

Holstein Housewares Mini Waffle Iron

#9 Mini Waffle Iron

Breakfast Club Gift

This envy-worthy white elephant gift is silly, yet useful. I have one and it’s perfect for whipping up a Saturday brunch at home or making waffle-shaped grilled cheese sandwhiches.

Little Live Aqua Dragons Sea Monkey Set

#10 Little Live Aqua Dragons

Out of This World Gift

Speaking of dehydrated things–sea monkeys are a pet that comes in a packet. The Little Live Aqua Sea Monkey Set is a hilarious gag gift that will bring out everybody’s inner child.

Cat Lovers Pasta

#11 Cat Lovers Pasta

Best Cat-Themed Gift

Fun pasta is always a hit, and it doesn’t get much better than cat paws and silly cat faces.

Bacon Bandages

#12 Bacon Bandages

Best Budget Gift

There’s no better medicine than laughter—except bacon. Bacon is always the best medicine.

Eyeglasses Holder

#13 Eyeglasses Holder

Best Gift for People With Glasses

This classy gift will get them laughing and anyone with glasses will want to steal it.

Sassy Adulting Pens

#14 Sassy Adulting Pens

Best Gift for Writers

Adulting is hard—end of sentence.


#15 Slinky

Best Retro Toy

There’s something special about the sound that slinkies make. Take your friends back to the good old days with a retro slinky that is just as fun as you remmeber it being.

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Gummy Candy Sushi Bento Box

#16 Gummy Sushi Candy

Best Candy Gift

They’ll want to open this and start eating immediately so that no one can steal it.

Ouija Board

#17 Ouija Board

Spookiest Gift

If you’re looking for unique gifts that will send a chill down everyone’s spine, an Ouija Board is just the ticket.

But be careful if you decide to break it out after the gift exchange because these things are no joke. I’m not kidding—I have stories!

Britney Spears Book

#18 Britney Spears Book

Hottest Book Club Gift

“Oops, I did it again. . .” just gave the most-wanted book of the season.

The Hygge Conversation Game

#19 The Hygge “Cozy Conversation” Game

Best Gift for Interoverts

The lifesaver for anyone who’s ever dreaded small talk at parties, on first dates, or after the 10th hour on a road trip.

Kabob Grilling Baskets

#20 Kabob Grilling Baskets

Best Gift for Grilling Fiends

No more weaners and beans! We’re eating steak tonight!

Butts on Stuff Puzzle

#21 Butts on Stuff Puzzle

Best Gift for Puzzlers

There’s nothing more puzzling than trying to figure out whether that’s a doughnut butt or a hamburger butt.

Bottle Stopper Garden Kit

#22 Bottle Stopper Garden Kit

Best Sustainable Gift

So that’s what we can do with all of the empty wine bottles. . .

Christmas Cookie Candle

Most Fun Gift for Candle Loves

Just make sure Santa Clause knows that this sugar cookie isn’t edible.

Cocktail Infused Ice Cubes

#24 Cocktail Infused Ice Cubes

Best Boozy Surprise

Time to get the party started.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

#25 Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Best High Speed Card Game

My family and I have been obsessed with this game since two Christmases ago, and it always ends in uncontrollable laughter. Games are some of the best gifts for white elephant parties because, after the gift exchange, you can play the new game. Bring on the chaos!

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Star Wars Cookie-Cutters

Best Baking Gift

I recently binge-watched the first through third Star Wars films and fell in love with these cookie-cutters. They make impressions where the icing should go, so it’s easy to make Pinterest wins. . . or at least easier. And gifting cookie-cutters is the best way to ensure baked goods in your future—may the force be with you.

3-D Puzzles

#27 3-D Puzzles

Best Brainteasers to Stump Your Friends

If you have super smart friends, challenge them with these brainteaser puzzles. Email us if you actually figure them out. . . we’re still trying.

Pickleball Paddle Set

#28 Pickleball Paddle Set

Best Gift for Outdoorsy Friends

Pickleball is such a fun, low-stress game. It’s much more affordable than tennis and more versatile. I like playing on camping trips and in the backyard. These lightweight paddles are the perfect gift if your friends are active and like a challenge.

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Sound Effects Machine

#29 Sound Effects Machine

Silly Gadget Gift

This little machine is one of my favorite useless toys that has a sound effect for everything. Hours after the gift exchange, someone will still be pressing the fart button (which never gets old) or playing a drum roll.

Butt Slang Poster

#30 Butt Slang Poster

Most Bootylicious Gift

This quirky gift will make their cheeks redden, but then everyone will want a turn reading the slang.

Quilted Northern Ultra Toilet Paper

#31 Quilted Northern Toilet Paper

Most Useful Gag Gift

I’ve seen people bring toilet paper to gift exchanges, and it’s always a funny gift. Wrapped up, a 24-pack of toilet paper looked like a giant, high-quality gift. We were all on edge when it was chosen and burst into laughter once it was unwrapped. Say what you will, but nice toilet paper is worth fighting for in this day and age.

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Everlasting Stained Glass Succulents

#32 Everlasting Stained Glass Succulents

Better than Gifting a Plant

Skip the dirty and watering, your friends can enjoy the beauty of a colorful, ever-lasting succulent without the responsibility. (Yes, it’s possible to kill succulents—don’t ask how I know).

DIY Kaleidoscope Kit

#33 DIY Kaleidoscope Kit

Most Creative Gift

Co-workers and family alike will fight tooth and nail for this DIY kaleidoscope. When I was a kid, we made kaleidoscopes at school, and the parent-helpers had more fun than the kids. There’s something magical about seeing everyday projects translated into complex designs.

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Classic Monkey Legos

#34 Classic Monkey Legos

Best Gift for Engineers

All I’ll say is that my sister would disown me if I gifted off-brand Legos. Don’t be that person. Go with the good stuff.

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Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillow Case

#35 Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillowcase

Best Gift for Nicolas Cage Fans

My old housemate had the Steve Buscemi version of this pillow, and it was always a hit with anyone who came over. Celebrity-themed gifts are always a hit at gift exchanges, but the sequins take this pillowcase to the next level. Note that it doesn’t come with a pillow (you can buy a separate one here).

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Happy Salmon Game

#36 Happy Salmon Game

Craziest Card Game

Happy Salmon is my favorite game because it’s so funny and simple enough to play with anyone (before or after a few beers). Think of Go Fish, but everyone’s turn is at the same time—we laughed so hard while playing it that I feared the neighbors might call the police.

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Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies

#37 Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies

Food Gift for Dark Humor Lovers

These cookies are tasty treats with attitude. They have a snarky sense of humor that will leave your friends laughing and slightly insulted. The best part is that you can tell when they’ve tried the cookies because the food dye turns their teeth temporarily black.

Rock Key Hider

#38 Key Hiding Rock

Most Unexpected Gift

The cousin of the Pet Rock gift, key hiding rocks are a slightly more useful gift, even if less personable.

Positive Potato

#39 Positive Potato

Motivational Gift

And if you’re looking for something as cute as a Pet Rock but more unique, get your friends or coworkers a positive potato to put on their desk.

All About Cock

#40 Funny Adult Cookbook

Funniest Cookbook

Now that’s a cookbook! The best part is when your unsuspecting gift recipient reads the title aloud before realizing what they’re saying. They’ll cackle with hysteria, and everyone will try to steal this gift. While most cookbooks grow dusty on a forgotten shelf, this one will get plenty of use thanks to its simple recipes and entertaining descriptions.

Handheld Body Back Muscle Massager

#41 Faux Thera Gun Massager

Best Massager

A knock off of the very popular Thera Gun, we could all use some help relaxing, especially in a 30+ group.

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Dog Slippers

#42 Dog Slippers

Best Dog-Themed Gift

What do you want to bet that someone will wear these for the rest of the party?

Foot Soak

#43 Foot Soak

Best Spa Care Gift

And if someone’s dogs are stinky, they can do a little at-home spa care with this rejuvenating foot soak.

Danny DeCheeto

#44 Danny DeCheeto

Best Gag Gift

Danny Devito meets Cheetos—the whole room will erupt with laughter and you can smile evertime you see this guy hanging out on your friends’ fridge.

Tic Tac Shooter

#45 Tic Tac Shooter

Most Unique Gift

No matter the age or gender, this unique gift is bound to be a party highlight that everyone will want to try. If you prefer to go old-school, this is our favorite marshmallows shooter.

Moon Lamp

#46 Moon Lamp

Best Gift for Spacy Friends

Your spacy or not-so-spacy friends will ooo and awe at this cute lunar lamp.

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Grinch Hat

#47 Grinch Hat

Silliest Hat Gift

Because it’s not really the holiday season unless someone’s a little Grinchy from the excess pie and lack of sleep.

Snarky Journal

#48 Snarky Journal

Best Gift for Drama Queens

This journal has a good sense of humor and isn’t afrad to tell you off. All of your hot gossipping friends will be fighting over it.

Tiny Violin

#49 Tiny Violin

Most Ironic Gift

Whoever picks this gift can play their tiny violin as they complain that there’s no use for a tiny violin.

Cocktail-Flavored Jelly Beans

#50 Cocktail-Flavored Jelly Beans

Best Gift for Your Drinking Buddies

“This is mommy’s candy,” will be your friends’ new favorite line. But if you prefer a more adventurous Jelly Belly gift, BeanBoozled is risky business.


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