In honor of the Naked Bike Ride that went down in Portland on Saturday, and the last night of Pedalpalooza (the month long biking events around the city), I thought it was about time to give you my first installment of Pedal Bike Tours! Pedal Bike Tours is a company based in Portland and Oahu, and I’ve been […]


This week flew by in a blur of hot sticky weather. I had two guest posts published (which you can view here and here), as well as my first online paycheck from my freelance writing (I don’t have to think of myself as unemployed anymore!). All in all it was a great week to write home about. […]


The Flower Fields in Carlsbad were the last stop out of San Diego on the Pacific Coast Highway. I had been wanting to see these famous Flower Fields since I started university in La Jolla, when I would constantly see the colorful and picturesque photos on my friends’ Instagram. The Flower Fields are made up of […]


After writing my post on life in Portland last week, I came to realize how important it is to keep you guys up to date and stay relevant to what’s happening over here on my little space of the internet. So voilà. I give you the Atlas Weekly as a new series, where I’ll be filling […]


It’s no surprise that I love a little beachside town called Santa Cruz. First of all, it’s where I grew up. Secondly, it’s a super laid back, chilled out, and beautiful place to explore – could it fit my personality any better? A couple of years ago I wrote this post on 6 free things to […]


I’ve been so busy with catching up on posts from months past that I haven’t had the chance to talk to you guys in real time in a while, and I think it’s about time to fill you in. I’ve been in Portland for less than 2 weeks, and so much has happened since we […]


While I was in Waitomo, besides exploring the enchanting glowworm caves, I took the time to go hiking on my own. With so much untouched nature around me in the small Kiwi country town, I thought it was only appropriate to take the time to appreciate it. After finishing up with the caves, I wandered […]


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