My (Almost) First Impressions of Seattle

International Fountain - Seattle, Washington

It wasn’t exactly my first impression of Seattle, since I had been to the city 8 years previously to look at colleges – wow, I feel old! However, it truly felt like I was seeing it for the first time when I went for a visit this month. I looked at travel so much differently back then, and at that time I had only spent one day in the city, en route to Puget Sound University for an overnight dorm stay.

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Experiencing The Blind Cafe in Portland

The Blind Cafe - Portland, Oregon

As in true Portland fashion, my bus was running over 30 minutes late to get over to the Northeast. I quickly walked a few blocks over to catch another bus that was leaving soon, and managed to get to The Blind Cafe about 15 minutes late. I apologized profusely and they graciously let me come in with one of the last groups going into the darkened room. The night was just getting started and everyone was still getting to know each other.

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Atlas Weekly: October 4th

Seattle Skyline - Washington

This week started off with a bang, heading to Seattle for a couple of days and having an amazing time up north. Seattle is so much more of a vibrant city than I ever remembered it to be from that quick trip 8 years ago when I was looking at colleges. We LOVED Seattle and I was even able to meet up with fellow blogger, Marissa from Postcards to Seattle, while I was there.

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Atlas Weekly: September 20th

Downtown Portland, Oregon

There was so much more going out in Portland this week, and I think it made me realize how much I want to make that a habit from now on – maybe just without spending so much! Part of it was due to our couchsurfer’s last few nights in Portland, so we had more than enough reasons to go out and enjoy the city. We mainly stayed in downtown this week, with a skip or two over to the NE and SE for random events.

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