Recap: a year in Australia and Southeast Asia


Australia…. Where do I even begin. I apologize in advance, this is going to be one of those long-winded posts, however, I wanted to give my first travelversary the time it deserves, so here it goes. It’s funny, Australia was never … Continue reading

Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef


I woke up early the day of my dive trip, after a few relaxing days in beautiful Airlie Beach, I was ready to take on the open sea and find out exactly why the Whitsunday Islands are such a popular … Continue reading

Postcard from Surfers Paradise


The Gold Coast is popular with “schoolies” as they’re called in Australia, also known as the 18 year old high school crowd. It’s also a popular place for Kiwis, surprisingly enough, it’s one of the top destinations for Kiwis when … Continue reading

What it means to fly: skydiving in Taupo, New Zealand


3. Skydive When I came to New Zealand, I knew I wanted to test my boundaries, face my fears, and open myself to new experiences. I was originally planning on skydiving over The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, but due … Continue reading