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I’ve never been big on the whole Valentine’s Day mania. There’s an unnecessary amount of pressure put on couples to one up each other with gestures that show just how much they care for each other, while more often than not undermining the day in the process. There’s also the fact that a “romantic” holiday is actually […]


A sequel, 12 things to do in San Diego: Part II is a continuation of my last post. To see my first 6 recommendations and to get an introduction to San Diego, you can view Part I here.  I originally wanted to post part II just after part I, but alas, nature took its course and I’ve […]

torrey pines 2

San Diaaago, Ron Burgandy’s place of work and considered to be the sunniest place in America – okay I made that last one up, but still it’s a pretty remarkable place…and very sunny. I spent 5 years in San Diego, going to school, working at internships and a myriad of jobs to stay afloat during my […]


Maybe I’ve changed a lot in my tastes since living abroad, but the enamored feeling I once had towards Southern California no longer seems to be there. I still enjoy visiting the sunny side of the state, and I still love many aspects of San Diego, but the attitudes in L.A. and Orange County made […]


I’ve been off the radar a bit more than usual as of late, and you may be wondering what the heck I’ve been up to! Well, I’ve been a little bit everywhere, more specifically a little bit all over the desert.  I’m currently in a busy pizzeria in North Hollywood, overpowered by the hustle and bustle […]


I’m sitting in a new cafe in a town I used to call home. Everything is the same yet different. Transitioning back to the States, and more specifically California, has been more overwhelming than I thought it would be. Little things I never used to think of now rattle me, and make me realize a […]


A look at life in New Zealand. I spent a year living in Wellington, and traveled all over the North and South Island, taking a GoPro with me for most of my travels. This is the result of that year, a year of growth, untouched and beautiful.


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