California Road Trip Guide E-Book

California Road Trip E-Book

California Road Trip Guide E-Book

Your full guide to planning the perfect California road trip.

Written for those who want to see the best hidden parts of California, as well as a good dose of the main highlights. This guide has everything you need to explore that unique California magic.

Custom Maps
Colorful Images
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What’s in the Guide?

Your personal guide to California from a California native.

  • Best things to do in each destination
  • Helpful tips for traveling in California
  • Accommodation recommendations
  • How long to spend at each place
  • Entrance fees and additional costs
  • Printable checklists for your trip
  • Practical info you should know before visiting

What Makes Me an Expert on California?

  • I grew up in California and I’ve lived in multiple regions throughout the last 24+ years, including Central California, Southern California, and Northern California – I lived in Santa Cruz for 18 years, San Diego for five years, and I moved to San Francisco in 2018 and I’ve been living here ever since.

  • I love road trips! And California is one of the best states to road trip through because there’s so much to see and do. As an avid road tripper, I know what you need to plan a kick-ass road trip in California and how to mix up it up with a variety of different types of sights.

  • I spent five years away from California, living abroad. This allowed me to come back with fresh eyes and see the state as a traveler for the first time. Because of this, I’ve learned how to write from both perspectives – as a local and as a tourist.

  • I spent two months living in a van, traveling up the length of California from San Diego to the Oregon Coast. During my short stint of #vanlife, I discovered a ton of off-the radar destinations that you don’t usually find in the average California guide book.
california road trip guide

“Whenever I hear that California is overrated from another traveler it’s usually because they spent most of their time in Hollywood and Disneyland. Nothing against either of those places, but the most impressive parts of California are outside the city centers. When you see the Sierras, drive the Big Sur coastline, and go hiking through a redwood forest, that’s when you really start to see the variety the Golden State has to offer and just how beautiful it can be.”

The Atlas Heart Mimi McFadden

Mimi McFadden


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The Deets

This is what you can expect to find once you purchase the guide.

  • 8 highlighted regions – Far North, North Coast, Bay Area, Central Valley/Sierra Foothills, Sierras, Central Coast, South Coast/Inland Empire, and Desert Region
  • 200+ destinations and 350+ colorful images
  • 9 custom maps to help you plan your itinerary
  • Immediate download in PDF format after purchase
  • Handpicked locations and local advice from a California native


This guide is concise, yet overflowing with useful information. It’s visually as stunning as the contrasting fractured topography of the state. Every tourist board and travel center needs to tout this well researched resource.

Cheryl B.

Even though I’m a California native, this book included so many spots that I have never explored. I can’t wait to use this valuable resource to plan my next road trip or weekend getaway!

Caroline M.

Who is This E-Book For?

  • For locals and travelers alike who want to visit the more off-the-beaten path destinations! I include all the main must-see sights to visit in California, but the biggest focus is on lesser known destinations that are uniquely beautiful.

  • Anyone who is a fan of outdoor travel. Although major cities are included, most of the destinations in this guide are focused on being outside, going on hikes, and finding scenic spots in nature. This is because, in my opinion, California’s most winning feature is its natural beauty.

  • History buffs. I include a good amount of sights that are historically significant to California’s history, especially its Gold Rush history.

  • Anyone who wants to get to know California on another level. The locations in this guide were handpicked to show you the best parts of the state. This isn’t your basic California guidebook. I tell you exactly where to go, what to do, and what to see to give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Golden State.
California road trip guide ebook

California Road Trip Guide E-Book

Save time planning, spend more time exploring.

  • Digital Download ONLY. No paperback or hardcover version available.
  • No refunds. Because this is a digital product I’m unable to give refunds once you purchase the product.
  • As soon as you purchase, you’ll get instant access to your personal road trip guide to California.
California Road Trip E-Book

“This book cuts through the fluff and provides the information we really need”

As someone who’s lived in California my whole life, I have a genuine appreciation for discovering new areas and destinations that I haven’t seen yet…This book is well researched, thorough, and has given me ideas for both brand new adventures while also inspiring me to rediscover familiar places. Within the first week of owning the book, I shared it with my cousin who is planning a visit from Connecticut and was at a total loss for where to start researching for her road trip. This book cuts through the fluff and provides the information we really need — where to stay, what we should really see, and how to get out of the major cities and appreciate the seemingly endless beauty California has to offer outside of SF and LA.

Carrie K.


California native and al pastor burrito enthusiast, Mimi has dedicated her time to exploring the hidden gems and popular sights all over California. 

After 24+ years of living in the state, she felt she was somewhat expert enough to write a detailed road trip guide to her favorite place in the world – California! 

After spending five years abroad after college, she moved back to California in 2018 because she couldn’t stay away.

She has been a travel blogger for over seven years, mainly focusing on California travel these days since there is a never ending list of things to see and write about in the Golden State.

When she’s not writing, you’ll probably find her hiking a new California trail, spending time near the ocean, or being a puppy au pair in the East Bay.

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