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The Ultimate Guide for Where to Stay in Singapore for Every Budget

where to stay in singapore

Where to stay in Singapore! A guide to the most diverse neighborhoods, famous attractions, and best hotels for every budget.

Singapore is a relatively small country, but what it lacks for in size it makes up for in, well, basically everything else. When it comes to where to stay in Singapore, there is no shortage of both budget-friendly and over-the-top luxurious hotels to choose from.

There are so many things about Singapore that make it an amazing destination to visit.

For starters, the cultural mix of diverse ethnicities means it has one of the best, if not the best, food scenes in the world. Not only this, but the country is super clean and there is a butterfly garden in the airport. Sign me up.

Exploring Singapore's many distinct neighborhoods is part of the fun of visiting this Asian city. So, come with a big appetite and let's dive right into what makes Singapore one of the top places to see (and taste) in Asia.

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The Complete Guide for Where to Stay in Austin for Every Budget

where to stay in austin, texas

The full guide for where to stay in Austin! Check out the top neighborhoods, most popular attractions, and best hotels for every music lover's budget.

Austin is the capital of a couple of things. Firstly, it is the capital of Texas. Secondly (and maybe more famously), it is the Live Music Capital of the World. Deciding where to stay in Austin comes down to the type of Texas vacation you're looking for and the style of accommodation you prefer.

Austin is a mix of world class entertainment surrounded by the beautiful outdoors. The University of Texas gives the city a young and vibrant feel, and the array of musical performers bring a sense of creativity and passion to the city.

Austin is a great place to visit for its focus on outdoor adventures and nonstop entertainment.

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Complete Guide for Where to Stay in Milan for Every Budget

where to stay in milan, italy

Where to stay in Milan! The ultimate guide to the best neighborhoods, top attractions, and hotels for every budget.

Milan is the kind of place you go to be seen. In the world of fashion, Milan reigns supreme as one of the most important fashion destinations in the world.

When visiting Milan, there are plenty of distinct neighborhoods to explore. Deciding where to stay in Milan is one of the best parts of booking a trip to this Northern Italian city, mainly because there are so many exciting hotels to choose from.

Whether you are searching for the ultimate vacation full of shopping high end and boutique stores, or want to experience Milan's cultural and artistic side, this city has it all.

So, make sure you're ready for the fast paced lifestyle of the Milanese as you make your way through the many different and exciting Milan neighborhoods.

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The Complete Guide for Where to Stay in Las Vegas for Every Budget

where to stay in las vegas, nevada

Where to stay in Las Vegas! Find out the best neighborhoods, hotels, and things to do in Sin City that don't only involve gambling on the Strip.

Who doesn’t want to spend a weekend in Las Vegas, a global mecca of tourism known for its never-ending parties and round-the-clock fun?

While Sin City might be known around the world because of its glittering Strip, it has a lot more to it than just endless casinos, nightclubs and pool parties.

Las Vegas is a fast-growing city that has many new restaurants, cultural venues, and outdoor destinations well beyond the main glitz and glamor.

Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Las Vegas that are worth a visit on your next trip.

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The Best Time to Visit Vietnam (and Where to go by Season)

the best time to visit vietnam

It’s always high season somewhere in Vietnam! This is the best time to visit Vietnam, depending on the region and what type of experience you're looking for.

Vietnam is split up into three different regions, each with their own climate and optimal time of the year to visit. 

There's no doubt that Vietnam has breathtaking sights to see, whether it be in the countryside, on the beach, or in the heart of a bustling city.

It's a country that is also known for having a tropical climate and the type of intense moisture in the air that makes your shirt stick to your skin.

Vietnam has heavy monsoon seasons and thick humidity leading up to it, but the country also has plenty of days where the weather is beautiful.

No matter what region of Vietnam you are traveling to, there will always be a point in the year where the weather becomes more hospitable and you can enjoy the outdoors. 

You should be well aware of the climate changes between the three regions of Vietnam and understand which time of year is best to travel depending on where you plan to base yourself.

Weather is an important factor in deciding where to go in Vietnam and when. So, let's dive into the best time to visit Vietnam! 

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My First Income Report! How I Made $135 from Travel Blogging in August 2019

first travel blogging income report - August 2019

My first income report for The Atlas Heart! This is what I did in August 2019 to start building up my income streams on this blog. 

I did a thing in mid-July. I made a promise to myself and the greater internet world that I would finally give this whole full time blogging career a proper chance.

For the next year, I’m going to work my butt off to create a full time income from travel blogging. After six years of being a part-time travel blogger who had no clue how to monetize before a couple of years ago, I’m ready to take my corner of the internet to the next level. 

I plan to write these income reports at the end of every month to keep myself accountable and to track my progress for both myself and for anyone else who has thought of getting into blogging as a profession.

And for the many people who constantly ask me how I make money from blogging – you will find out soon!

I spent the past month and a half getting my strategy in check, setting up my first passive income streams, and finalizing my new blog design (which should hopefully be ready before mid-September).

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12 Best Joshua Tree Hotels & Campsites for Every Budget

Best Joshua Tree Hotels - where to stay in Joshua Tree

A look at the best Joshua Tree hotels for any budget. These are the best hotels and campsites available in and around the Joshua Tree region for any price point.

Joshua Tree is one of Southern California’s famous national parks. Joshua Tree is the type of place you go to get away from the fast paced city life to unwind and explore the desert environment.

Although there aren’t accommodations directly inside Joshua Tree National Park, there are many Joshua Tree hotels to choose from within close proximity.

Joshua Tree is located just a few hours away from major cities. A drive from San Diego to Joshua Tree is a little less than three hours and a drive from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree takes about the same amount of time.

There are a few areas to choose from when deciding where to stay in Joshua Tree. Twentynine Palms, Yucca Valley, and Palm Springs are good jumping off points when visiting Joshua Tree National Park if you don’t want to camp.

Choosing a hotel all depends on your budget and the type of experience you are looking for. Let’s dive into the best options! 

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The Complete Guide for Where to Stay in Nashville for Every Budget

Where to Stay in Nashville, Tennessee

You don't have to love country music to fall in love with Nashville. This is the ultimate guide to the top neighborhoods, best things to do, and where to stay in Nashville for any budget!

I'll admit it, I don't know much about country music. If you ask people from my hometown of Brooklyn, New York, what kind of music they listen to, I'll bet many will say "anything but country".

But, that didn't stop me from falling in love with Nashville the first time I visited. It's a city full of passion, and whether you like country music or not, you can't deny that Nashville has one of the best live music scenes in the country.

A visit to Nashville comes along with a wide range of accommodation options too. Choosing where to stay in Nashville comes down to the type of neighborhood you'd like to experience and the type of budget you're working with.

Let's check out some of the best neighborhoods in Nashville based on budget and personality.

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The Complete Guide for Where to Stay in New Orleans for Every Budget

where to stay in new orleans, louisiana

Where to stay in New Orleans! A complete guide to the best neighborhoods, top attractions, and hotels in the Big Easy for any budget.

There's simply no other place in the USA like New Orleans.

New Orleans is the type of city that marches to the beat of its own drum. And I mean that literally since you'll probably hear some of New Orlean's jazz music at some point during your visit.

Choosing where to stay in New Orleans comes down to whether you want the comforts of familiar chain hotels or the charm of historical boutique accommodation.

New Orleans is a city that is best explored by embracing the unique local culture, and, of course, through its regional cuisine. So come to New Orleans with a big appetite and get ready to lose yourself in the ways of the Big Easy.

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A Guide to the Oregon Country Fair: Everything to Know Before You Go

A guide to the Oregon Country Fair in Veneta

A complete guide to the Oregon Country Fair so you know what to expect, what to enjoy, and where to stay during this hippie festival in Veneta, Oregon.

The Oregon Country Fair has become a staple in Oregon since its start in 1969. I heard about it enough times before I moved to Oregon – mainly from my hippie parents – and I knew I wanted to check it out for myself once I was living in the Pacific Northwest.

The Oregon Country Fair is a three-day festival in Veneta, just outside of Eugene, Oregon.

The fair usually happens at the beginning to middle of July and is something between a renaissance fair, music festival, and an acid trip from the 60s. They continue to expand the festival every year because it has become such a big deal in the community over the past 50 years.

In 2019, the fair had a record attendance with over 50,000 attendees. You could say it has kind of become a big deal in the US festival scene.

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