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    • Meredith Johnson (she/her) spends her days navigating the great outdoors, making her an expert in outdoor gear.
    • She's a whiz on all things Sierra Nevada Region and loves sharing her inside scoop with adventure-seekers.
    • In addition to The Atlas Heart, she's featured in prominent publications for her insights into wildlife biology and environmental conservation.


Meredith Johnson's journey from geologist to wildlife biologist and now seasoned environmental writer is as diverse as the ecosystems she studies. With a background in environmental science, Meredith has delved into the heart of wildlife management as a wildlife biologist.   She has incredible stories, working with critters ranging from tiny bats to lumbering black bears. She's an advocate for getting outdoors, and you can learn about the benefits of green spaces on her website.  


Meredith's academic journey began at the University of Michigan, where she explored her passion for ecology and environmental science. She furthered her expertise by completing a master's program in paleoecology, studying fossilized soils to unravel ancient vegetation communities.   Complementing her fieldwork, Meredith pursued additional wildlife education through Oregon State University, solidifying her status as a qualified wildlife biologist.  

Upcoming Projects & Goals

Meredith's nontraditional career path has instilled a deep sense of purpose—to bridge the gap between scientific research and public understanding. As she continues her journey, Meredith aims to leverage her expertise to communicate crucial environmental topics effectively.