A Different Kind of B&B: Adobe on Green Street

A Different Kind of B&B - Adobe on Green Street - Santa Cruz, California

When I originally contacted Brion about wanting to experience a cozy accommodation in my hometown of Santa Cruz for my short trip this winter, I had no clue how much of a quiet retreat I would find when I stepped into the Adobe-made house on Green Street.

Located right in downtown Santa Cruz, about a 5 minute walk from Pacific Avenue, the Adobe on Green Street was the perfect place for a short staycation and the coziest accommodation I’ve found in Santa Cruz, a place I lived in for 18 years.

The Adobe on Green Street - The coziest accommodation in Santa Cruz, California

As soon as you walk up the steep hill on Green Street the sound of the city gently fades away. The Adobe comes into view, hidden between plants and shrubbery, as a quiet gem with the best location. When I walked up to the stoop I found all the information I would need and the key to my room without ever having to talk to anyone.

The Adobe on Green Street - Santa Cruz, California

That’s the beauty of the Adobe on Green Street and one of the aspects I loved so much about it. It’s a unique take on the traditional bed and breakfast, one where you’re not meant to hear or see the owners. In other words, besides running into the occasional fellow guest, you have a completely furnished and quiet house to yourself. You have the epitome of solitude.

The Adobe on Green Street B&B - Santa Cruz, California

Not that I’m completely anti-social, but as a writer, this place was perfect for getting work done, appreciating a good book, or even wandering around the garden in the back on a rainy day. Traditional bed & breakfasts are something I enjoy from time to time and they definitely have their place, but the Adobe was a refreshing change.

The Adobe on Green B&B - Santa Cruz, California

It was having the comforts of home while not having to constantly be “on” and outgoing to engage in long conversations with a friendly host. For introverts or simply people who like to come back to a quiet place, this was an excellent feature to the accommodation.

The Adobe on Green B&B - The Mission Room - Santa Cruz, California

Another unique facet to the Adobe on Green Street that’s different from other bed & breakfasts is that the breakfast is not home cooked in the mornings. I would describe it as a luxurious continental breakfast, with everything from the standard english muffins, orange juice, and oatmeal, to the fancier treats such as the lemon curd from Trader Joe’s (my favorite!), delicious scones, coconut milk yogurt, and fresh local coffee from Peet’s downtown. Again, the reason for this is so you can have your own space and come and go in the mornings when you please.

The Adobe on Green Breakfast

When I stepped into my warm room out of the freezing cold rain, I looked around and took in my abode for the next two days: the elegant natural lighting, the view of the courtyard, the rich redwood floors, and the little touches by the owners that make a difference in any good accommodation. The Adobe walls made my room even quieter than the rest of the property, it also gave a gentle warmth to the coloring of the room during the day and night.

The Adobe on Green Street B&B - The Mission Room

I read more about the Adobe as I got settled in my room and found a black binder with everything I would want to know about the property and my stay. One aspect that I really liked is the fact that the Adobe cares about sustainability. The house has rooftop solar panels that generate 85% of all the electricity that is used at the property. This translates to them offsetting 13 tons of CO2 each year. That is pretty amazing.

The Adobe on Green Street B&B - Sustainability

They also compost and have recycling bins everywhere you go. They even do their daily upkeep with a home-made cleaning solution of water, vinegar and spearmint oil, and the bath products they provide you (BeeKind) are all green as well. With how wasteful accommodations can be sometimes with the coming and going of so many guests, this was an impressive part of the Adobe on Green Street.

The Adobe on Green B&B - Sustainability

The only downside I found about the place was the hit or miss WiFi, especially at night. But even then, I didn’t really mind because it gave me an excuse to disconnect. And this place definitely just makes you want to relax and get away from it all. They also compensated for the slow WiFi with their abundance of outlets, which is always a huge plus.

The Adobe on Green Street B&B - Santa Cruz, California

During my two days I enjoyed walking around the property and taking everything in. The lounge had a toasty fireplace, with plush leather chairs and plenty of reading materials. The computer room, again, had the benefit of natural light and a great collection of DVDs that you could bring back and watch in your own room. The whole place was superbly decorated with the little touches that made it feel like a home-away-from-home.

The Adobe on Green Street B&B - Santa Cruz, California

If you’re looking for a unique spot to stay during a visit to Santa Cruz, I would highly recommend the Adobe on Green Street. It has the location, the comfort, and the Santa Cruz mindset of being green. It’s an ideal place to stay for the winter to cozy up by the fire, or to snuggle within the warm Adobe walls on a rainy night to watch a cult classic film. And if you just happen to be there for the summer, they even put fresh dahlia flowers in your room from their farm. Score!

The Adobe on Green Street B&B - Santa Cruz, California

The Adobe on Green Street B&B - Santa Cruz, California

The fact that this place could make me feel at home in my own hometown, just a few miles from my mom’s house, was a huge feat that I didn’t think possible. It was honestly just a reminder of why I love Santa Cruz as much as I do.

Note: The Adobe on Green Street generously hosted me for the duration of my stay, but all opinions, as always, are my own.


A Different Kind of B&B - Adobe on Green Street - Santa Cruz, California

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