My 3 Year Blogiversary + Giveaway!

The Atlas Heart 3 Year Blogiversary + Giveaway

Can you believe that this little ol’ blog turned 3 years old this January?! What once started as a way to keep in contact with family and friends for my time living abroad (which I thought would only be for 6 months – HAHA little did I know) has turned into my full-blown business and passion.

There have been plenty of times I’ve felt lost throughout my travels, floundering through my early to mid-twenties, figuring out what I was doing in my life. This blog has been there time and time again as a platform to write and consolidate everything down in one place.

I’ve made countless blogger and traveler friends in the process and have found a community that inspires me and keeps me tapping away at the keys – no matter how lost I may feel sometimes.

To show my appreciation, I wanted to take you through a few of my favorite memories and posts from the last 3 years and to announce my first ever giveaway!

For this giveaway, I picked out everything by hand and paid for it out of pocket – no sponsored companies involved to show my appreciation to you guys. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sticking around and reading my take on the world. I hope you’re as excited for 2016 as I am!


Here's to Year 4!! - The Atlas Heart


It’s crazy looking back and realizing how much my writing style has changed throughout the years.

Year 1

Most popular posts:

6 Free Things to Do in Santa Cruz, CA

6 Free Things to Do in Santa Cruz, California

Considerations When Moving Abroad

Considerations When Moving Abroad - The Atlas Heart

Think of All the Beauty Still Left Around You and Be Happy

Think of All the Beauty Left Around You and Be Happy

My personal favorite:

On Leaving Everything Behind to Follow Your Dreams

I remember writing this post on the train, leaving San Diego, the place that had been my home for the last 5 years. I was torn between excitement and a deep sadness to be leaving so much behind. This train ride and the words that popped into my head along the way solidified my gut feeling that I was doing exactly what was right for me.

On Leaving Everything Behind to Follow Your Dreams - The Atlas Heart

Year 2

Most popular posts:

Drinking Snake Blood in Hanoi

Eating Snake Blood in Hanoi, Vietnam

Travel Budgeting for Vietnam

Travel Budgeting for Vietnam - Southeast Asia

Craft Beer 101

Craft Beer 101 - The Atlas Heart

My personal favorite:

Take a Moment to Enjoy it

Going through my favorite sunsets and sunrises from the year had a way of humbling me. It made me appreciate the days that stood out to me in my travels, and reminded me to take the time for little moments such as these on my future journeys.

Take a Moment to Enjoy It - Melbourne Sunset

Year 3

Most popular posts:

The 30 Best Breweries to Visit in California

Lagunitas Brewing - Petaluma, California

The Gift of Nature: A 3-Day Hike through Abel Tasman

The Gift of Nature - A 3-Day Hike through Abel Tasman - New Zealand

A Photo Essay through Northern California

Santa Cruz - Northern California

My personal favorite:

On Saying Goodbye

I heard about my grandma’s passing the day before I left New Zealand to come back to the States. After having a couple of days to come to terms with the fact that I was never going to see my grandma again, I sat down on the balcony of my hotel in Waikiki and wrote this post in the darkness. It was a calm night, the humid and wet air surrounded me, the vibrant sounds of the island were heard intermittently as I wrote. It was one of the hardest posts I’ve written, but I was glad I was able to at least honor the memory of my grandma through my blog.

On Saying Goodbye - The Atlas Heart


The Giveaway

I’ll be offering up a few products I thought you readers might enjoy. Because I want to appreciate every one of you, the giveaway is open to EVERYONE – not just U.S. based readers. In addition to the grand prize package, I’ll also be sending off a few postcards to runner-up winners to show some extra love.

Giveaway Package - The Atlas Heart

Here is what’s up for grabs:

  • Pendleton Notebook Collection (3 notebooks)
  • The Mindfulness Coloring Book – Volume Two
  • Pentel Arts Color Pencils – 12 colors
  • Bigfoot Air Freshener (the best gift in the package, obviously)
  • Zinester’s Guide to Portland – Fifth Edition
  • “Be Bold Or Italic Never Regular” case
  • Camamu Stress Less Soap (smells sooo good!)

The giveaway will be ending in 10 days, so make sure to get your entries in below! I would love to hear from you guys what you’ve enjoyed the most from this blog in the last 3 years, and what type of posts you’d like more of from The Atlas Heart in 2016. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You guys are amazing. <3

The Atlas Heart Giveaway Package
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The Atlas Heart 3 Year Blogiversary + Giveaway!

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