Sarah McDonald

California Foodie Writer & Bay Area Expert
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  • Sarah McDonald (she/her) specializes in family travel in California, and her perspective as a parent of two children brings fresh content to her readers.
  • Based out of the Bay Area, Sarah loves exploring California and runs Tiny Trailblazers, a blog for parents who want to travel with small children.
  • Her goal as a writer is to create helpful content that resonates with readers.


As a travel writer in the Bay Area, Sarah McDonald uses her passion for exploration and storytelling to offer advice to fellow Californians and anyone looking to visit the Golden State. In addition to sharing her expertise on The Atlas Heart, she contributes to Red Tricycle's national parenting website and curates content for her family travel blog, Tiny Trailblazers.   Through her writing, Sarah inspires parents to embark on exciting adventures with their young families, fostering a sense of curiosity and wonder.  


Sarah's Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy from the University of Manchester provided a solid foundation for her career as a freelance writer, content writer, and journalist.   

Upcoming Projects & Goals

Sarah looks forward to expanding her reach and impact in the travel writing sphere. She aims to delve deeper into California's diverse landscapes, uncovering hidden gems and sharing them with her audience.